How to Appear Confident When Dating a Rich Man


Relationship experts believe that confidence is only second to beauty as the most attractive trait in a woman. And when you are dating a rich guy who is used to being surrounded by smart and successful people, it becomes even more important to display self-assurance and poise. Here are a few tips on appearing confident before men especially when dating a rich one among them.

Take care of your appearance

The first thing that a man will notice on meeting you is your appearance. If you are slovenly dressed or looking untidy and unkempt, he is bound to pass a critical eye over you. This will make you feel inferior subconsciously and automatically translate into outward nervousness. So, if you wish to appear confident, make sure that you are neatly dressed and in accordance with the occasion. Take care to be well-groomed since nothing turns off a man as quickly as unkempt hair, chipped nails, dull skin and body odor. This is especially true of successful guys since most of them are used to the company of good looking people. If on the other hand, you smartly turned out, half the battle is won and you can take care of other aspects of your personality without worrying how you are looking. However you don’t have to break a bank in order to buy expensive clothes but do ensure that whatever you wear is classy, plays up your best features and in keeping with your personal style. Rich people know all about labels and brands and so are not going to be impressed by the price tag of your jacket if it does not suit you at all.  

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Mind your body language

One of the easiest ways a person’s nervousness is apparent is through certain aspects of her body language. Slouching, shaking a leg continuously, drumming fingers on the table and touching the ear, nose or hair repeatedly are all signs of nervousness. If you wish to appear confident, adopt a straight but relaxed posture. People can tell from your posture if you are fearful, tired, unhappy, excited - feeling like a winner or moping like a loser. People will believe what your posture tells them you are, sometimes more than what your clothes tell them about you. Maintain a steady gaze when talking to your date since eye contact helps you establish a position of confidence in the minds of others. Keep your hands on the table or comfortably on your sides. Make sure your gestures and mannerisms are easy and natural but don’t dwell too much on your actions. If you do find yourself getting obsessive or erratic with your gestures, breathe in deeply and play down your mannerisms. A truly confident person remains collected on the outside which is a reflection of the calm self-assurance within.

Use your voice well

Many times a woman is well on her way to impressing a potential mate but blows everything as soon as she opens her mouth. Your voice and manner of conversation can make or break a deal here. When you speak, let your words be clear and your voice, pleasant. If you sound unsure and hesitant, you will inevitably appear to lack confidence and appeal. Adopt just a note of anticipation in your voice so that you sound as if you are expecting a wonderful interaction with each person you talk to. However be careful to express enthusiasm and a sense of humor in a gentle way since being loud and over-hearty can indicate lack of breeding and refinement - qualities which are essential to attract a successful mate.

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Keep to the center

A little-known trait of confident people is that they tend to gravitate to the center of a gathering or a crowd. It also appears that confident people enter buildings through the centermost doors and walk centrally in hallways and on side-walks whereas less confident people tend to enter buildings through the doors closest to the walls and likewise walk closer to walls in hallways and on sidewalks. Though this doesn’t imply that you have to barge into the center of a group, you should certainly avoid sticking to the shadows and the walls if you wish to be taken notice of by a rich single. 

Avoid artificial aids

Many people mistakenly believe that smoking calms the nerves when in fact cigarette smoke can act as a stimulant. So if you smoke before you are meeting a date, you might start displaying signs like flushed face, increased blood pressure, dry mouth and constricted pupils which are all associated with heightened nervousness. However if you are a regular smoker, the ebbing nicotine in your bloodstream may lead to minor  withdrawal symptoms like trembling of fingers. In fact you should avoid alcohol too, despite its reputation for relaxing the nerves and loosening inhibitions. This is because too many pegs can lead you to lose focus so that instead of remembering to appear confident, you will begin to display behavior that is out-of-control.

Build a positive attitude

Finally your best bet in appearing confident while dating a rich man is to program your mind for positive thinking. Confidence is quite difficult to fake since there are hundred small things that can give you away. But once you start building up confidence from within, it is bound to evident on the outside. Start by giving yourself a pep-talk as you leave to meet your date or someone important. Look in the mirror and tell yourself, “I look great today” or “I feel good about myself”. Of course it will help hugely if you are actually neatly turned out. Once your subconscious self absorbs these positive feelings, they are bound to be manifest in your outward behavior. And once you genuinely feel good about yourself, you are sure to appear confident to others. In fact you should practice looking happy even though you may not always feel so thrilled from within. Happiness attracts - the world is so hungry and starved for happiness that if you have it, people want to be near you, to let you shine on them. So go out with a smile on your face and have an energetic walk. People will feel that you must be special to have such a happy life. Yet another way to evoke positive thoughts is to find a quiet place and take your mind back to previous occasions of success and happiness. Remembering them will recreate feelings of calmness and assurance in your mind and help you to move ahead with confidence.