How to Date a Wealthy Man and Not Come Across as a Gold Digger


Single rich men are the stuff of many female fantasies. Who wouldn’t like a life of luxury and resources which can make your most extravagant desires come true? And yet it is only to be expected that men who have made their way in the world can spot a gold digger from miles away and are unlikely to be tempted to a relationship where the only attraction is the size of their bank account. So here are a few tips on dating wealthy men but not come across as a gold digger.

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Get to know him at the workplace

The best way to catch the eye of a rich single man without raising suspicion is to come across as a professional yourself. the workplace has been known to succeed in case of many women like Melinda Gates and Diana Taylor who went on to marry or have a steady relationship with some of the richest guys on the planet. This is probably because successful men are interested in the qualities you possess beneath that charming smile and well-toned body. Intelligence, commitment and dedication are some of the attributes which every rich partner is bound to appreciate and one of the best places where you can give evidence of these qualities in yourself is at the workplace. So try to get a job in a company or firm which is reeling in profits every year and then try to find out the singles among the movers and shakers there. Don’t fret if you are not hugely qualified or don’t have a resume which runs into hundreds of pages; even a summer job or a trainee position at the company will put you in touch with the really successful professionals there. Apart from the fact that appearing as a professional will prevent you from coming across as a gold digger, it is a much more effective way of landing a rich date;  most of them are workaholics and what better way to meet them than to take the search where the rich guys spend most of their time – the workplace.

Dress the part

Appearance is an extremely important part of attracting men and the richer they are, the more particular their preferences. Apart from signifying your own desirability, dressing well also makes you immediately identifiable by the wealthy and successful. So even if you are not rich yourself, if you are appropriate to a wealthy guy’s taste, you have the potential to be his partner. Before you begin your shopping spree, make sure that the basics of grooming like clean breath, nails, teeth and hair are in place. Take care of your skin and fingers as well. If you cannot afford regular manicures and facials at the salon, do them yourself but with care. Adopt a style that suits you by highlighting your plus points and minimizing your negative features. Thus you may not have a size-zero figure or be able to afford the most expensive labels and yet have an impressive sense of style or dressing sense. As far as your budget would allow, buy new clothing or have your dresses tailored Also stick to pure fabrics as far as possible since they present a more luxurious appearance. These would mostly be Linens, wools, cottons, and silks even though, knits, cashmere, suedes and various leathers can also be rich looking. There are some man-made fabrics like fine quality crepe and chiffon that you can use for certain kinds of dresses even though it is usually better to have the purer fabrics. Use jewelry with care since overloading on trinkets will make you come off as tawdry and lacking in taste. When dressing to attract rich men, try and have at least one piece of really good, unusual jewelry which can in fact act as a conversation starter. Wear bright gold jewelry near your face and on your wrists so that they lend a rich glow to your appearance. Finally while dressing, try to achieve a classy sophisticated look instead of an overtly sexual one. Even if you have a killer figure, don’t squeeze yourself into tight dresses and costumes which barely cover your body. Showing too much skin will make you come off as desperate and conform to all the stereotypes of a gold digger. When dressing to attract a rich mate keep in mind that the successful usually prefer to keep to conventions in matters of appearance and some can even be rather conservative.

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Converse carefully

Many times a woman is well on her way to impressing a rich, potential mate but blows everything as soon as she opens her mouth. Your voice and manner of conversation can make or break a deal here. When you speak, let your words be clear and your voice, pleasant. Adopt just a note of anticipation in your voice so that you sound as if you are expecting a wonderful interaction with each person you talk to. However be careful to express enthusiasm and a sense of humor in a gentle way since being loud and over-hearty can mark you out as one lacking in breeding and refinement and only out to hook a rich guy. Most importantly steer your conversation away from money matters. Don’t ask your date about the size of this paycheck or how much his new car cost. This is the most obvious way of coming off as a gold-digger; there are far more subtle ways of finding out his net worth like seeking financial details of his company or the value of his house from a real estate assessor. Instead keep the focus on pleasant matters and mutual interests.  You need to come off as a woman with whom a man can have an enjoyable time while also satisfying his desire for good conversation and company.

Don’t expect him to pay up all the time

At least at the initial stages of dating. If you don’t wish your date to feel like a human debit card, ensure that you don’t make him pay for anything beyond movie tickets, a dinner or perhaps a bunch of flowers. Once you start hinting that he should cough up your rent as well as bill for cell phone, gym membership, highlights, clothes and so on, you will probably be seeing the last of him. While you may wish to date a rich man for the very purpose of leading a cushy life, you need to first create a bond and make yourself deserving enough for his affections, in order to convince him to spend on you later.