How to Meet and Date Rich Men in Madrid, Spain


Apart from being the capital city of Spain, Madrid is also the third largest city in the European Union after London and Berlin. First built as a second century B.C Roman settlement on the Mascarenes River, from which probably the name Madrid evolved, the city is today  a thriving center of finance, politics and culture not only of the country but of the southern part of the European continent as well. And so if you find yourself in this beautiful city, you can use the following tips to find yourself a rich man to give you some cozy company.

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Look up the movers and shakers of finance

Madrid is the financial hub of the country and in fact one of the most important centers of business and finance in southern Europe. It is believed to attract the largest volume of foreign investment in the entire Iberian Peninsula and major financial institutions, both national and international, have their headquarters or regional offices in the city. Bankers, investment consultants, wealth managers and insurers thus make up one of the most successful sections of Madrid’s population, often taking back six-figure paychecks together with great perks. Many of the country’s top ten richest people like Alicia Koplowitz who owes her two billion dollar plus worth to investment business as well as steel magnate Jose Maria Aristrain belong to Madrid. If you want to find a rich man to date in Madrid, check out the upscale hangouts in downtown city which is the financial center as well as other business districts like the Cuatro Torres Business Area and the AZCA Business Park. In case you are well upto conversing with the movers and shakers of finance on their own ground, you stand a greater chance of making their acquaintance in places of business like banks, convention centers and trade conferences.

Get to know the successes of the service sector

While traditionally Madrid has relied on finance and manufacturing for its economic strength, in the recent decades, the service sector has emerged as one of the biggest driving force of the city economy. Tourism, leisure, health, financial and information technology-enabled services have made a significant impact on the economic landscape of the city, bringing in new jobs and pushing up salaries. The service sector is in fact one of the best-paid in Madrid today and by extension in the whole country; this is evident from the fact that despite minimum wage being just 600 Euros in Spain, the average salary in Madrid during 2007 was 2004 Euros, clearly above the Spanish average of 1686 Euros. Thus as you take in the beautiful sights of Madrid and experience its famed hospitality, don’t forget to keep an eye out for the managers and executives of the service sector. Apart from making the acquaintance of a guy who is single, you might also find yourself a wealthy personal guide to make the rounds of this romantic city.

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Go on a culture trail

While taking in the museums and musical performances of the city might seem a very touristy thing to do and least likely to throw you in touch with the wealthy denizens of the city, keep in mind that high art is most often patronized by those who have the leisure and resources to indulge in such expensive tastes. So on a sunny morning, make a round of the famous Golden Triangle of Art, which comprises three of the most famous museums of the city. The first is the Prado Museum best known for such highlights as Diego Velázquez's Las Meninas,  Francisco de Goya's La maja vestida and La maja desnuda while the second is Thyssen Bornemisza Museum established from a mixed private collection and the third is the Reina Sofia Museum where Pablo Picasso's Guernica is the chief attraction. As the sun sets, make it a point to catch an opera at the Auditorio Nacional de Musica or the Teatro Real which between themselves regularly host performances by the Spanish National Orchestra, the Chamartin Symphony Orchestra, the Madrid Symphony Orchestra as well as reputed international orchestras. However while taking in the cultural offerings at these exclusive venues, be sure to brush up you knowledge of the high arts if you intend to make conversation with the refined and rich patrons.

Play the field with the sporting barons

Apart from its large variety of cultural attractions Madrid is well known for an active sporting culture which is evident from the way soccer, basketball and tennis are zealously played and followed. The city in fact is home to Real Madrid, one of the richest football clubs in the world. Little wonder then that Madrid is also where Florentino Perez, the president of Real Madrid FC, and one of the top ten richest people in Spain with personal worth almost two billion dollars lives. However while Perez is 63 years and very much married with three children, in Madrid you can look out for other singles who may be associated with sports in a lucrative capacity like the players, managers, team professionals and even sports journalists who make up in influence what they might lack in paychecks. So book a seat in either the Santiago Bernabue or the Vicente Calderon – which are the principal stadiums of Real Madrid and their chief competitor at home the Atletico Madrid respectively – and wait to make the acquaintance of a wealth fan who is out to watch a great game like you. On the other hand if you would like something with a strong local flavor, catch the matadors in action at the most popular bullfighting venue of Madrid, the La Vedra – only make sure you have premium seats since you want to be able to chat up a successful and single spectator and not one of the hoi polloi.

Frequent the wealthy neighborhoods

However if you want a surer chance of meeting wealthy singles, it would be a better idea to frequent places where they live. In Madrid neighborhoods like the Salamenca as well as the Paseo del Prado are among the richest neighborhoods. And even if you cannot afford a pad here, try to become familiar with its coffee shops, specialty stores or parks where many of the local singles are bound to visit sometime or other.