How to Meet and Date Rich Men in Warsaw, Poland


Located on the charming Vistula River, Warsaw is the largest and capital city of Poland. Having recovered from near-complete destruction during the Second World War and survived the negative consequences of socialism, today Warsaw is a booming economy and thus a great place to look for single wealthy men interested in taking you out.

Meet single rich men in Warsaw, Poland

Get to know rich businessmen

In 2008, MasterCard’s Emerging Markets Index ranked Warsaw at the eighth place among a survey of 65 cities. Warsaw’s current economic scenario is driven by private and global enterprise and in fact the city is one of the highest recipients of foreign investment in Central Europe. Thus businessmen and entrepreneurs in Warsaw are a good bet if you are looking to be entertained by single men of resources. You can explore the cafes and pubs in the main business district of the city which is also known as the Srodmiescie or the central borough of the city. Here the two main neighborhoods are the Old Town or Stare Miasto and New Town or Nowe Miasto. Since the city center is also where the most tourist attractions in Warsaw are to be found, you can keep a lookout for men in expensive suits while taking in the sights and scenes of the city. The street named Nowy Swiat is lined with upscale cafes, restaurants and shops where you might have a good chance of running into someone suitable.

Industrial Barons

After the Second World War, Poland came under Soviet control and this period saw the establishment of several heavy industries around Warsaw. However since the end of the socialism and the liberalization of the Polish economy, these state-owned industries started to decrease in importance. At the same time, private industrialists rose in stature who either the owned new industries or took over the earlier ones. Today the thriving economy of Poland is driven to a large extent by these emerging industrialists who are some of the richest citizens of the country. Some of the biggest plants in the country located around Warsaw are the Arcelor Steel Mill and the FSO Car Factory from the earlier times while foreign companies like Daewoo, Metro AG and Coca Cola Amantis make up the newer presence in Warsaw’s industrial scene. Among the best ways to run into rich singles from the industrial sector are frequenting semi-professional venues like convention centers and trade conferences in business hotels, most of which are concentrated in downtown Warsaw. Yet another effective way to come into their notice would be to take up a job in their companies. And even though this option might be difficult for foreign travelers, picking up the Polish language and gaining entry into their workplace could in the end, reap far larger dividends.

Attend charity events

Fund raising dinners and charity galas are one of the best places to meet singles who are wealthy as well. Since most of these events have high-priced tickets and all guests are expected to contribute heartily to a cause, only those who can afford it can be found to gather here. Among the most famous charity events held in Warsaw is the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity which has been raising funds for medical treatment of the underprivileged since nineteen years. However if you don’t want to wait till January when this event takes place, scour through local newspapers and business journals to keep track of when and where more charity galas are to be held. And even if you cannot afford the expensive dinner tickets, you can always try your hand at volunteering for the event which will also put you in touch with many rich guests.

Hang out at the Upscale Bars

Warsaw has one of the liveliest nightlife in central Europe with lots of music, dancing and spirits to keep you awake till the wee hours of the morning. However if you are looking to meet the well-heeled guests, popping in an out of all the bars in the town would do no good. Rather make it a point to select a couple of upscale bars and nightclubs which are frequented by the rich and beautiful of the city. The streets and structures surrounding Plac Pilsudskiego particularly house some of Warsaw's snazziest restaurants and nighttime locales. One venue where the city's money managers and seasoned scenesters can be found frequenting is Eve’s, a new lounge bar designed with lavish couches and a gleaming square bar as the centerpiece. However those guests with a taste for finer spirits can be found heading for the best wine bars in Warsaw like the Korkociag. On the other hand if you are in the mood for some pulsating African music, check out the Tam Tam – one of the trendiest dance clubs in town. Gander’s Tea Room and Biosfeera are other chic places which are patronized by where the wealthy customers.

Attend cultural performances

Warsaw has a rich classical music tradition and its many theaters and opera houses regularly host some of the best talents in the continent. Some of the most notable venues for classical performances in Warsaw are the Teatr Wielki, the Polish National Opera, the Chamber Opera, the National Philharmonic Hall, the National Theatre, the Roma and Buffo music theatres and the Congress Hall in the Palace of Culture and Science. Such venues are the regular gathering places for the wealthy and fashionable of the society who come here as much to watch a performance as to be seen. Try to frequent the theaters around the time that some of the most famous musical events are taking place in the city like the International Frederick Chopin Piano Competition, the Warsaw Autumn, the Jazz Jamboree, the International Stanislaw Moniuszko Vocal Competition, the Mozart Festival and the Festival of Old Music. You will not only be taking in the delights of the rich artistic tradition of Poland but if lucky you may even find yourself a suitable date to keep you company through this enriching journey of music and culture.