How to Meet and Date Rich men in Budapest, Hungary


Composed of two banks on either side of the River Danube, Budapest is one of the loveliest cities of Europe. As the largest and capital city of Hungary, Budapest is also the cultural and financial center of the country – reasons enough why you should visit this city if you are keen to meet successful and interesting single men.

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Check out the Finance Fat Cats

Budapest was ranked third out of sixty-five cities in a survey conducted by MasterCard on the Emerging Markets in the year 2008. A thriving industrial and business climate in the city indicates ample scope for financiers, bankers, investment consultants and wealth managers. Even as all these finance professionals help to increase the assets of their super-wealthy clients, they themselves take home pretty handsome salaries. Among the most reputed banks and financial institutions headquartered or with their regional offices in Budapest are Erste Bank, CIB Bank, K&H Bank & Insurance, UniCredit, Budapest Bank, Generali Providencia Insurance, ING, Aegon Insurance and Allianz. The best places to run into the finance fat cats of Budapest are professional areas like convention centers and conference hotels besides recreational destinations like swanky bars and cafes in the business districts of the city like the Leopold Town. Such hangouts are where finance executives in suits are likely to be found chilling out with a drink after a hard day’s work at the stock exchange or their own consultancy firms.

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Get to know the Industrial Barons

Budapest is one of the most important centers of high-tech industry in Central and Eastern Europe. In fact the city is Budapest is home to the headquarters of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. Among major multinational companies which have their manufacturing plants or facilities in Budapest are Hungarian Telekom, General Electric, Vodafone, Volvo, Saab, Ford and Telenor. However in order to get to know the real movers and shakers of the industrial sector you may need to explore the suburbs since this is where the major industrial plants are located. The owners of multinational companies and senior management executives when not planning to increase the turnover can be found relaxing in luxury country clubs and recreational centers, also in the suburbs like the Margaret Island. If you can acquire membership to these exclusive clubs, you can not only get to meet the richest patrons but also have a great time yourself – playing golf, luxuriating in the spa or helping yourself to exquisite cocktails. However if you find regular memberships at these recreational centers beyond your reach, try to avail day-tours or volunteer on busy social occasions and functions. Such options also help you to come across rich guests, and who knows you might even catch the eye of someone who is available.

Explore the expat scene

As the political capital of Hungary, Budapest is home to several international consulates and offices. The staff at such places is usually paid exceedingly well and if you are lucky enough to find a single from among them, you could be in for a luxurious dating experience. Also the senior-level employees at multinational companies located in Budapest comprise of an affluent section of the expatriate population. Among the bars and pubs most frequented by expats are Beckett, Caledonia, Champs, The Ring Café as well as Wine and Toffee. Some of them can also be found in health clubs and gyms like Gold’s Gym or World Class Fitness. If you are at all unable to find successful single men in the expat population in Budapest, perhaps an easier option would be to take Hungarian language classes which will make it much easier to have an active social life as a single in Budapest.

Check out the hippest clubs and bars

Nightlife in Budapest is great fun and best of all exceedingly varied to suit pockets of all sizes and tastes in all kinds of music and spirits. Most of the happening nightspots are located on the Pest side of the capital city. The Piaf Pub is where the late night revelers head to dance till the wee hours of the morning even as they are sometimes required to bring a lady in order to gain entrance. The Moulin Rouge with its exotic interiors and a whole range of dance and musical performances is another place where the hip and trendy hang out. The Bar at the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace is where you might find the wealthy expats or international visitors enjoying its rich blue interiors as well as a large selection of the finest spirits. For an even posher address, you can head to the White Heaven for its elegant and cool all-white décor as well as for its excellent stock of the finest wines. On the other hand, Club Dokk located near the erstwhile shipyard on the Buda side of the city, is the destination for all those who like to party hard and party late.

Frequent the wealthy neighborhoods

Present day Budapest is actually the result of unification of three distinct areas – the flat Pest lying on the eastern part of the River Danube and the hilly Buda and Obuda regions in the west. Water Town in Buda is where the wealthiest residents of Budapest are to be found. Even if you cannot own a home here, frequent the world-famous Rudas and Kiraly Baths and if lucky, you may come across a rich and single guest, open to give you a luxury tour of the city. Other recreational places in this neighborhood include the Millennium Center and House of Future Center. Yet another area where you are likely to find breathtaking mansions with its wealthy residents is the Castle Hill, also in Buda. So as you explore the Buda Castle and the various museums and historical buildings, keep a lookout for a wealthy single who may be taking in the sights on his day out. Obuda and Theresa Town in Pest are other residential areas of Budapest where you are likely to run into well-heeled residents. However if you wish to stick to foreign visitors, check out the luxury hotels in Belvaros or the City Center in Pest.