10 Richest Counties in USA for Singles


Dating for love is all very well. But if one could have a little bit of luxury thrown in too, who would complain. So if you secretly wish to find a partner from the ranks of the rich and bountiful, here is a list of the richest counties in USA where you might try your dating luck.

  1. Loudon County, Virginia

    Leading the list of America’s richest counties is Loudon County in Virginia which according to the Forbes magazine enjoys a median household income of $110,643. Most of the residents of this affluent suburb depend for their six-figure income on Washington D.C which is the hub of federal government jobs and political nerve-center of the country. Here, the adult female population is marginally higher than the male with around 95 males for every 100 females over the age of eighteen. The percentage of households with married couple living together was 64.3% according to the last US Census which offers a fair chance for single men looking to impress a rich lady from Loudon County.

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  2. Fairfax County, Virginia

    The most populous jurisdiction in the Washington Metropolitan Area, Fairfax County in northern Virginia is also one of its richest. In fact Fairfax County was the first in the country to reach a six figure median household income which at presents stands at $106,785. The county is home to several national intelligence agencies as well as to almost half of all Fortune 500 companies in the metropolitan area. So if you want to attract the attention of a rich single from Fairfax County, hang out at the recreational places in the business district or make yourself a regular invitee to the social dos hosted by the security establishments.
  3. Howard County, Maryland

    Located in the central part of Maryland, Howard County is widely recognized for its affluence, exclusive schools and a high quality of life. Here the median household income $101,710 which makes it one of the highest in the country and most certainly in Maryland. The proximity of Howard County to both Washington D.C and Baltimore enables it to access the professional advantages of both these metropolitan centers. Howard County is one of the few richest counties which have a comparatively larger African-American population at 14.42% of all the households which makes it an ideal place to search for a partner in the particular community.

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  4. Hunterdon County, New Jersey

    With a median household income of $100,947, Hunterdon County is the wealthiest in the state of New Jersey. Much of the fat paycheck however goes towards maintaining the good life since the county also has the highest property tax rate in the state and the third highest in the country. As part of the New York Metropolitan Area, Hunterdon County depends on the finance industry and the businesses of New York City for its wealth. So if you are fond of living the razzmatazz of NYC together with the lavish spaces of a suburb, Hunterdon County might be the right place to look for a partner.
  5. Somerset County, New Jersey

    Somerset County in New Jersey is perhaps the second richest county of the state with a median household income of $100,207. Almost 80% of the residents of this tony suburb are whites with Asians, Hispanics and Blacks comprising of other sizeable minorities. Even though around six in ten households comprise of married couples living together, Somerset County might be a good choice for single men looking to date since for every hundred females over eighteen, there are only around 92 males.
  6. Morris County, New Jersey

    With a median household income $97,565, Morris County is the richest in the state of New Jersey. As part of the New York Metropolitan Area, Morris County depends on the financial industry and other employment opportunities of the Big Apple. Even though the county has an above average percentage at 62.7 of households with married couples living together, still dating singles need not be discouraged, especially those who are looking for long term relationships in this affluent suburb. This is because Morris County is believed to be one of the best places to raise a family in the country and was actually voted sixth in this regard by the Forbes magazine last year.
  7. Douglas County, Colorado

    One of the fastest growing counties in USA, Douglas County in the state of Colorado registered a whopping 59.7% increase in population from the figures compiled during the 2000 Census to the ones from 2008. The county enjoys a median household income is $97,480, the highest among all those in Colorado.  Even though in recent years the ranching economy of the county is giving way to a suburban character, a single would stand a better chance of finding a partner from here on account of their equestrian skills rather than intellectual accomplishments.
  8. Arlington County, Virginia

    Located directly across Washington D.C on the river Potomac, Arlington County is home to several high profile federal government offices as well as defense departments. The residents of this affluent county enjoy a median household income of $96,390. This county appears to be especially ideal for dating singles since according to figures from the latest Census, only 35% of its households comprised of married couples living together. In fact in 2009 Arlington County was estimated to have one of the highest percentages of singles population, almost 71%, in the Washington DC Metropolitan area.
  9. Montgomery County, Maryland

    Apart from being one of the richest counties in the country with a median household income is $93,999, Montgomery County in the state of Maryland is also one of the best educated. It has the highest percentage at 29.2% of residents above 25 years of age who hold a post-graduate degree. So if you are interested in a partner who has the brains as well as the greenbacks, this would be an ideal place to start your search.
  10. Nassau County, New York

    Part of the famous Long Island area to the east of New York City, Nassau County is one of the wealthiest counties of the state of New York with a median household income of $ 93,579. The county has benefited from its proximity to NYC which with its financial industry and varied job opportunities has contributed to the wealth of the suburb. Nassau Country has a large Jewish population, representing 15.5% of the entire county which makes it an apt place to search for a partner in the community. At the same time Nassau is also believed to be one of the most racially segregated among the affluent counties in America.