How to Meet Rich Men in San Francisco


Located on the Pacific shore, the city of San Francisco is one of the most important centers of commerce, entrepreneurship and culture on the western coast of United States. All  these factors make San Francisco a top draw for both long-time as well as budding millionaires in this part of the country and thus an ideal place to start if you are looking for a rich single to take care of your romantic as well as lifestyle needs.

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Denizens of the Silicon Valley

A large part of San Francisco’s contemporary financial prowess is due to the presence of the Silicon Valley in the south of the San Francisco Bay Area. The Silicon Valley is so named because of the dense concentration of internationally renowned high-tech companies in the area, the best known among which are Google, Apple, Facebook, HP, Yahoo, Oracel, Cisco, eBay, Adobe and many others. Due to the dense concentration of software experts in the Silicon Valley, San Francisco today boasts of a large number of skilled and high-tech professionals who easily make more than a million in a year, either as salaried employees or from their own enterprises. Most millionaires among these techies began with start-ups of their own which then went on to earn billions of dollars. Among the best known of these ventures which have their headquarters in San Francisco are as, Twitter,, and the Wikimedia Foundation. The best part about looking to date these wealthy techies is that most of them are likely to be the youngest millionaires in the world, like Mark Zuckerberg, founder of popular social networking site Facebook who at just twenty-six years of age is worth at least US $6.9 billion according to the latest Forbes estimates1.

Haven for wealthy vacationers

Tourism is a mainstay of San Francisco’s economy and several of its landmarks are now internationally recognizable because of their frequent portrayal in films, music and popular culture. The city is believed to draw the third highest number of international tourists among all US cities according to 2009 statistics provided by the US Office of Travel and Tourism Industries, US Department of Commerce 2. Yet another news report 3 estimates that more than 16 million visitors arrived in San Francisco in 2007, pumping around $8.2 billion into the economy. While attractions like the Pier 39 and Alcatraz Island remain perennial favorites for the general run of tourists, if you are looking to meet a wealthy single guy on vacation, you would have to extend your search to the most expensive of hotels and luxurious of resorts in San Francisco like the Hilton, Four Seasons, Fairmont, Argonaut, Clift Hotel San Francisco, Argonaut and the like. Focus especially on the peninsula and south bay which has some of the most exclusive of vacation retreats built by the elite of San Francisco’s society who routinely escape from the fog of the city for sun and recreation. On the other hand surfing aficionados among the rich singles might be found trying their skill on the Ocean Beach while more reclusive among them may head for the quieter China beach tucked below the wealthy Seacliff neighborhood. Nature lovers among the affluent guests might take an evening out exploring the Golden Gate Park or watching birds along the Rodeo Beach located in the Marin Headlands, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Hub of Finance professionals

Thanks to the California Gold Rush of the early twentieth century, San Francisco emerged as the most important center of finance, enterprise and commerce on the Pacific Coast in United States. Today the city continues to retain much of that significance which is evident from the fact that a large number of multinational banks, financial institutions and venture capital firms have their regional headquarters or are based in the city. In fact Montgomery Street in the Financial District of San Francisco is known as the ‘Wall Street of the West’ owing to the fact that it houses significant financial institutions like the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and the Wells Fargo headquarters. All these indicate the presence of a large concentration of finance professionals in the city including bankers, investment consultants, hedge fund managers, CPAs and others. However in order to meet the affluence singles of this professional class, you must frequent the places where they are likely to work and relax. This could range from waiting with a drink at the upscale bars along California Street and Downtown areas to teeing off at some of the most exclusive golf clubs in the city like the Presidio, the Lincoln Park or the Silverado Resort.

Swanky Nightspots

The best place to come across rich single men looking to meet attractive young women are naturally the hot nightspots of the town. San Francisco owing to its varied cultural and artistic scene has quite a mind-boggling range of lounge bars, pubs, cocktail bars, sports bars and dance clubs to choose from. Union Street in Cow Hollow and 24th Street in Noe Valley are famous for their colorful mix of nightclubs, boutiques and cafes but for the more exclusive destinations you would need to head to places like Club 525 with its VIP rooms, private cabanas, three bars and multi-level lounge,  26 MIX for a younger crowd of hip and successful professionals who are determined to have a blast or perhaps Apartment 24 for its translucent interiors, sleek furnishings and a long glass-topped bar, all of which highlight the element of sophistication.

Affluent Neighborhoods

One of the surest ways to come across wealthy singles on a fairly regular basis is to live near them. In San Francisco some of the richest neighborhoods have traditionally been located in the northeast quadrant of the city and include Nob Hill, Pacific Heights, Presidio Heights, Seacliff and Russian Hill. Even if affording a pad in these locations may be beyond your budget, there are still ways you to mingle with the well-heeled residents like while going out for a morning jog or relaxing with a latte at an upscale coffee shop.


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