How to Meet Rich Men in Houston, Texas, USA


The largest city in the US state of Texas, Houston is also the fourth biggest city in the entire country. The fact that the city is also the economic hub of the Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown Metropolitan area, the sixth largest such metropolitan area in United States, is an indication of the financial prosperity that many of its residents enjoy. Thus if you are looking to meet and date rich successful guys from the Lone Star state, Houston is one of the best places to begin your search.

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Look for the Oil Barons

The discovery of oil in Houston in 1901 was one of the driving forces behind the city’s phenomenal rise as an industrial hub. As such it is hardly surprising that today one of the major pillars of Houston’s economy is the energy industry which has led to the creation of numerous millionaires in this city. The two main segments of the energy industry here are oil and natural gas even though renewable energy resources like wind and solar power now have growing economic bases in the city. Multinational energy giants like Shell Oil, BP, and Exxon Mobil have their US headquarters in Houston while ConocoPhillips has its international headquarters located in this city. Marathon Oil Corporation, Schlumberger, Halliburton, Apache Corporation and CITGO are among the other bigger energy companies which have set up base in Houston, also known as the Energy Capital of the world. Thus if you are eager to meet the oil barons or millionaires who have made their money in the lucrative energy sector, Houston offers ample opportunities to do so, especially in the many upscale cafes and pubs along the Energy Corridor .

Space City Beckons

Apart from an industrial nerve center, Houston is also well known for its large number of scientific and research facilities. Among the most famous of these is NASA’s Johnson Space Center where the Mission Control Center is located. Houston is again the base for the Texas Medical Center which is believed to the world’s largest concentration of medical and research institutions. All these make Houston home to a vast pool of skilled professionals like engineers, scientists, doctors and research fellows who are paid handsomely by their government or private-sector employers. The Johnson Space Center alone employs 110 astronauts, 3200 civil servants besides 15000 personal on lucrative government contracts. So if fancy a potential partner with intellectual and professional skills besides earning a fat paycheck, explore the social hotspots in Houston where the scientists, doctors and engineers hang out. Pick up some technical jargon along the way and when you do hear a conversation liberally quoted with terms like Exploration Science and Astromaterials Research, you’d know that it’s time to turn on your charms.

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Real Estate Paradise

The broad industrial base of Houston and its status as the financial hub of Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown Metropolitan area means that land in the city is highly prized for both residential and commercial purposes. Exclusive residential neighborhoods in Houston are home to some of the most successful industrialists and entrepreneurs of the country. In fact a 2009 report in Bizjournals website reveals that despite the economic downturn, Texas has the second highest aggregate number of millionaires among all the states of the country and considering Houston’s prime position in the Texan economy, Houston is bound to be among the top cities with millionaire households. Some of the areas in the city where you can browse to rub shoulders with the rich and successful are River Oaks, Stablewood, Sherwood Forest, Rivercrest, Bayou Woods, Longwoods, HUnterwoods, Willowick, Pine Shadows and the like. Among all these River Oaks is the poshest residential area and is often compared to Beverly Hills of California because of its collection of luxury houses and mansions in a sea of apartments and high-rises. Surrounding River Oaks are the localities of Highland Village and Upper Kirby which are also home to fashionable shopping arcades and fine dinging destinations. Even if you cannot afford a pad in these exclusive neighborhoods, frequenting its shopping malls, restaurants and parks will offer you valuable opportunities to mingle with the rich and if lucky even come across a wealthy single.

Keep in touch with city events

Besides being an economic power-house, Houston is also known for its colorful cultural life. The city in fact is a good example of corporate involvement in culture where the energy companies in particular spend funds so as to make Houston a more attractive community for their employees to live in. as such members of Houston’s oil and gas companies are present on boards of most of the city’s charities, museums and art bodies. Houston has its own sprawling Museum District as well as a Theater District which is only second to New York City’s in the country on the basis of the largest number of theater seats in a concentrated downtown area. Besides having permanent professional companies for all performing arts disciplines, Houston is also home to a rich visual arts culture. The city thus offers enough opportunities for the culture lovers among its richest to enjoy exclusive movie screenings, theatrical premieres or select performances of classical music and opera. These make ideal occasions to come across the wealthy patrons of art and culture and if possible make it a point to attend the after-performance parties where the real socializing takes place. Apart from high art, the city also hosts many events which are unique to the Houstonian culture. Events like the Art Car Parade which showcases mind-boggling variety in car designs and makes are often attended by the city’s wealthy car aficionados. Yet another Houston event which draws both the popular and elite crowds is the annual Livestock Show and Rodeo which is held over twenty days and also includes carnival rides, concert performances along with typical rodeo events. So even if such events seem part of the city’s popular culture, don’t discount their power in attracting the millionaires who have a soft corner for all things typically Houstonian in their hearts.