How to Meet and Date a Powerful Man


Power is the new aphrodisiac. While in earlier times, physical attributes and material resources may have acted as magnet for attracting mates, nowadays men with power and the ability to determine large-scale social processes are seen as the most coveted partners. If you too are attracted to powerful men, here are a few tips on how you can meet and date them.

Explore the right professions

Though power and money often go hand in hand and in modern society, yet the really powerful people need not always be the ones with the heftiest bank balance. So instead of frequenting posh restaurants and luxury resorts, a better way of meeting powerful men would be to explore professional places where they are most likely to be found. Politicians for instance hold a great deal of sway in modern society. In order to meet them, you may have to attend community initiatives in your town or city, like the inauguration of a new children’s part or a clean-up drive on the beach. Other than these, getting involved in fund-raising activities is a good way to meet the rising stars of local or regional politics. Other professions where you can come upon single men with a good deal of say are law, especially those who are part of the DA office or hold public posts. Even law enforcement officials like cops and detectives wield substantial influence in society since no one wishes to be caught on the wrong side of law. Yet another profession where you are likely to meet influential people is the media – editors of large circulation newspapers, of popular programs, senior journalists and owners of media houses are today among the people who hold a great deal of sway over the public mind.

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Tap into financial power

While in traditional societies, birth and caste were markers of status, in modern market-driven economy, financial power is usually the most effective kind of power. Thus while businessmen and corporate may not be making the laws of a country or state, more often than not, they have the policymakers and legislators in their pockets. So if you are interested in meeting the real movers and shakers of society, try and frequent important places of business in your city like banks, conventions centers and conference venues. Better still, get a job with a company where you are likely to come in touch with successful industrialists and entrepreneurs since this will give your more opportunity to get acquainted with them. If all this seems too difficult, look for other ways you can be put in touch with them – like joining a non-profit for instance, this will not only help you make a difference to society but also enable you to meet those powerful people who are eager to support a good cause.

Look for offbeat professions

Most powerful men, whether rich or not, are recognizable faces in the media. And yet there may be some guys who are content to be in the background but are the ones who are actually pulling the strings. Advisers to public figures, policy makers, publicists to movie stars and celebrities are only some of the guys who wield real power without making themselves visible. The advantage of seeking them out is that unlike celebrities, they will be more accessible and easier to get acquainted with. In fact when looking for powerful men in unusual professions, do not discount the scientist working away in a high-tech lab or an economist poring over papers in the library for who knows they may be the people behind the next big thing in science or economics.

Attend relevant events

Even if you know which professions to explore, the really powerful people are not easily accessible. Thus it is extremely unlikely that if you hang about the waiting lounge of a multinational company, you would get to chat with the CEO. Instead look for events where the rich and powerful are likely to gather – these could range from high-profile occasions like fancy weekends at resorts and invite-only conferences to more accessible ones like inauguration of community initiatives and product launches. Also keep in mind that every profession with powerful people has its own association – the bar association for lawyers, the medical association for doctors and so on. If you want to meet the movers and shakers directly, it is best you join one of these or at least are seen at such do's on a frequent basis. You will be amazed at how accessible people are when you meet them at events that speak to their interests.

Do your homework

If you are interested in dating, it is not enough simply to meet powerful men – they meet people all the time. You need to leave a mark on their minds so that they will seek out your company. For this to happen, you need to enhance your own personality – expand your awareness of current affairs, history and politics, cultivate fine arts and brush up your looks. It particularly helps to go through a biography or the person you are eager to meet and go out with for then you will come across as a person who knows what she is saying and this will increase your appeal as a potential partner.

Adopting the right attitude is extremely important if you wish to meet and date powerful people.  You have to be confident and positive. Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with looking for ways to spend time with people who have accomplished more and have more wisdom than you. Once you put yourself in position to connect with the famous and powerful, the key is not to feel as if you're undeserving or an impostor. Believe in yourself – that you are attractive in your own right, with your own accomplishments, and you have a whole lot to give to the world.

Be realistic too

Dating powerful people will open a whole new life to you. They are usually avidly followed by the media and it may give you the thrilling sensation of dating a celebrity. Apart from finding yourself on the newspaper and magazine covers, you may also be traveling a great deal as your jet-setting partner flies all over on account of his work.  Then there will be parties and events galore where you can rub shoulders with the rich and famous as you mingle around with your date. In fact dating a powerful guy will help you in your own career by making useful contacts and getting to know other influential people. And yet there are certain restrictions when you are dating a person in the limelight. Your personal life and past may come under scrutiny and over time you may get the feeling of living in a fish-bowl. That your partner will be extremely busy goes without saying, whether he is in a high-publicity or low-profile profession. In fact sometimes you may feel the public persona and interests of your date, getting larger priority over your romantic life. But if you can accommodate all these demands, dating a powerful man can bring huge dividends in your personal and social life.