How to Find, Meet and Date Millionaire Women


There are several ways to live the good life. If you cannot do it on your own professional or entrepreneurial merit, you can always find a partner who can introduce you to it. However millionaires can have exclusive choices in everything, including partners. So you need to make use of few specific strategies on finding, meeting and dating millionaire women.

Do your research

If you are planning to date the rich, it is crucial that you do your homework first. Millionaire women are hardly the kind you can come across at your local deli or neighborhood park. You can start by finding out women millionaires in your area who are available for dating. This could include young heiresses or recent divorcees who have come into a lot of money. Also you can explore very high-paying jobs like law and finance where the top women executives may be making millions in a year. Then again there is the entertainment industry and media where the popular models, actresses, producers, writers and socialites are well-off and often looking for male arm candy. You can also check out charities, cultural societies, fine art galleries and even your local church to find out which women are the major sponsors and make the biggest financial contributions. Explore country clubs and other such exclusive groups which have exorbitant membership fees or long waiting lists; women members of these clubs are most likely to be millionaires and if single, you may find them open to dating as well.

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Know more about her

Once you zero in on the wealthy woman you would like to date, you can proceed by gathering all kinds of information about her. Read everything you can about the woman - her love lives, her former spouses and her source of money. The more you find out about her, the better you will be able to gauge about her likes and dislikes. See if there is a type of man, this millionaire has a history of falling for. For instance it could be that a rich actress is always seen dating young, handsome male models but all the men she has married have from outside the showbiz. Also take out a few days to follow your target to see where she goes to lunch, works out, shop and do her nails. Many times the media comes up with names of bars or restaurants where a celebrity was spotted lunching or shopping. If possible, try to find out where she lives so that later it is easier for you to put yourself in her way more than once. The whole idea of finding about her movements is to study her from afar. Once you know where the person goes, you are better placed to observe the person from a distance to see what type of person the rich woman responds to – the physical, cultural and lifestyle traits of the person she appears to be interested in. There may be accounts in the media about a single, female millionaire proclaiming her ideal of a mate, but you would be wise not to believe what such a person says in public. People usually say what they think is expected of them. So believe only your own eyes and what your target responds to.

Put in some hard work

Once you know the kind of partner the rich woman is partial to, you can alter your image accordingly. This may not only involve modifying your physical appearance and personal style, but making substantial changes to your personality and lifestyle. For instance one rich woman may have a fondness of sporty young men while another may be more partial towards the arty type. Then again you may have to acquire the basics of sailing, horse-back riding or French fine wines, depending on where your target’s interests lie. On the whole though, dress to attract the type of person you’re aiming for: classy, sophisticated, and elegant. You don’t need an entire wardrobe of expensive clothes, but a few designer items would go a long way in making a good impression. Wear understated colors and natural fabrics like wool and silk for a richer look. However keep in mind that whatever you do or learn, it should be a genuine attempt on your part. These women have reached where they are on account of their astute brains and can thus spot a fake from miles away. So no matter what interests you pick up and what makeover you get, let it be the real thing. You will not only be more comfortable in the process but you also stand a better chance of attracting her notice.

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Put yourself in her way

Once you know about your potential partner’s favorite hangouts, find ways to make yourself visible. You can become a member of the gym she goes to or go to her neighborhood park for your morning run. You can frequent the upscale bars and restaurants she is a regular at. Also keep an eye out for the parties, charity dinners, fundraising galas or page-three events she is most likely to attend. Once there, position yourself in clear view of the target and bring the energy of your face, body and personality to play. Find a way to approach your millionaire and strike up an interesting conversation. Keep it upbeat and light and if she seems in a hurry, give her your card and ask if you can call her. When you can speak to her again, confidently and gracefully ask for a date. Suggest something simple like an afternoon lunch or a coffee and have a favorite restaurant in mind. It will also help if you know a special place or a special treat beforehand.

Be at your best but natural

When dating a wealthy woman, it is extremely important to follow millionaire dating etiquette. On your date, be friendly and down to earth, but practice good manners. For instance offer your hand to help your partner alight from the car and pull out her chair at a restaurant. Posture is also important, so sit up straight and maintain good eye contact. Above all don’t talk about money on the early dates. Millionaires have a sixth sense almost for gold-diggers and wealthy women are especially conscious. Make sure your partner has a good time with you; show that you have something special to give to the relationship and in return you could be rewarded with all the benefits of dating a rich woman.