How to Meet and Date Rich Men in North Dakota, USA


Located in the Upper Midwestern region of the United States, North Dakota is a state of rolling plains, wide grasslands, green river valleys and sparkling lakes. At the same time, it is a state with expanding economic opportunities, particularly based on its massive natural resources. So if you are looking to strike it rich in your dating life, North Dakota can be a good place to look for wealthy singles.

Meet the Successful Farmers

If you don’t mind stirring out of city limits, exploring the countryside in North Dakota might not only be a lovely experience but highly profitable too. This is because although less than 10% of the population is employed in the agricultural sector, it remains a major part of the state's economy, The state is the largest producer in the U.S. of many cereal grains including barley, durum wheat, hard red spring wheat, oats and combined wheat of all types. The state is the leading producer of many oilseeds including canola, flax seed, sunflower seeds, safflower seeds as well as mustard seed. North Dakota is the second leading producer of sugarbeets, grown in the Red River Valley. The state is also the largest producer of honey, dry edible peas and beans, lentils, and the third largest producer of potatoes. North Dakota's economy is aided by nearly $1 billion in federal agricultural subsidies annually. All this is evident of the lucrative nature of the agricultural sector of North Dakota. Many of the farms are owned by rich land-owning families as well as budding ranchers which may have a successful farmer or two among its single men. Towns like Hillsboro and So make it a point to visit country clubs, fashionable resorts and social dos where the elite of the country gather since these may afford useful occasions to rub shoulders with wealthy single men.

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Befriend the Oil Barons

The energy industry is a major contributor to the economy. North Dakota has both coal and oil reserves. Shale gas is also produced. Lignite coal reserves in Western North Dakota are used to generate about 90% of the electricity consumed, and electricity is also exported to nearby states. However it is the discovery of vast oil reserves which has propelled the state to the position of title of the nation's hottest economy, with a growth rate five times the national average. North Dakota's economy posted a 13.4% growth rate in 2012, according to a report released Thursday by the Bureau of Economic Analysis1. The surge in oil production from the Bakken Shale, an underground rock formation in the northwestern part of the state, has attracted workers from all over the country and rippled out to incorporate not only the oil and gas drilling sectors but also other industries that supply them, including wholesale goods and transportation. Thus if you are eager to meet the oil barons or millionaires who have made their money in the lucrative energy sector, North Dakota offers ample opportunities to do so, especially in cities like Williston and Dickinson, which lie in the heart of North Dakota Oil Boom country.

Frequent Upscale Hangouts

Though North Dakota has largely the reputation of a rural state, larger cities like Fargo, Minot and the capital city have ample nightlife to keep its wealthy residents as well as visitors entertained. In Minot, a favorite haunt of the well-heeled set is 10 North Main where the food is very classy as they serve everything from pheasant to lobster. Sevens Restaurant and Bar is also a great destination restaurant for those who are ready to splurge on their night out on the town. Located in the Vegas Motel across from the Minot International Airport, Sevens boasts of a well-stocked bar and ambient lighting which makes it very inviting and warm when you walk in. The food is great from entrée to dessert while the sophisticated setting adds a touch of elegance to the whole picture. Michael's Italian Restaurant is another exclusive place boasting of fine Italian menu. With good service, cozy ambience and delicious food, it is one of those places where any patron that you meet is likely to have deep pockets.

Though Fargo was the setting for the 1996 dark comedy “Fargo” made by Coen brothers, the city can make for a great place for socializing. The Fargo-Moorhead Community Theatre typically puts on around 10 productions a season at the Stage at Island Park while the Fargo-Moorhead Opera Company features two professional productions a year, including famed operas such as “The Barber of Seville.” Shows take place at the Festival Concert Hall on the North Dakota State University campus. However if you are keen to meet men with more exclusive tastes, it may make more sense to take in a show of the Fargo-Moorhead Symphony Orchestra which produces a chamber music series. On the other hand the city has several upscale bars and restaurants where the swish set like to hang out. One of these is Maxwell’s which claims to offer the the perfect marriage of casual fine dining and wine. The Beefsteak Club focuses on steak while offering an upscale and quality dining experience for both food and service. The Hub is a popular entertainment destination in the Fargo Moorhead area while more established single men are likely to be found at JT Cigarro and Skky Bar Ultra Lounge which boasts of three distinct areas - main floor bar, cigar shop and lounge. State of the art live music stage, ten foot big screen TV and casino attract well-heeled patrons with its Great service and unique ambiance.

Frequent the wealthy neighborhoods

One of the most effective ways to strike an acquaintance with a wealthy single is to become a familiar face in their neighborhood. Ideally you should do this by getting a place to stay in a posh residential area but even if you cannot afford that, make it a point to frequent its cafes, boutiques and parks so that its rich denizens begin to recognize you. In North Dakota such areas are to be found in cities like Fargo which is the biggest in the state, the capital city Bismarck as well as parts of cities like Horace and Jamestown. In Fargo some of the most expensive residential real estate is found in Elm Street, North River, S University Drive and the general vicinity of Osgood. In Bismarck you are likely to find the most affluent residents in areas like River Road, Double Ditch Indian Village, Arnold, Burnt Boat Drive and Riverwood Drive among others.


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