How to Meet and Date Rich Men in Connecticut, USA


Who doesn’t like to be taken out in style? While dating regular guys is alright, if you actually dream of being lavished with exotic vacations and expensive gifts, one of the best places in US where you can begin your search is the state of Connecticut. Here are then a few ways to meet wealthy single men in the Constitution State.

Get to know the Finance professionals

While finance is an important economic sector in Connecticut, the most important aspect is insurance; the Hartford metropolitan area is one of the industry's world centers, with the home offices of many insurance companies. Nicknamed the "Insurance Capital of the World", Hartford houses many insurance company headquarters, and insurance remains the region's major industry companies such as Travelers, Aetna, The Hartford, The Phoenix Companies, Uniprise and Hartford Steam Boiler based in the city, and companies such as Lincoln National Corporation having major operations in the city. Financial, real estate, and service industries are also of major importance  So if you are partial towards socializing with bankers, financiers, wealth consultants and hedge fund managers, Hartford is the city to be in, at least in Connecticut. The central business district in downtown Hartford is where you will find most of the firms, convention centers and consultants’ offices of the city’s finance sector like CityPlace, Connecticut's largest office building. Another place where you can head to mingle with budding financiers is Asylum Hill, a mixed residential and commercial area, which houses the headquarters of several insurance companies as well as the historic homes of Mark Twain and Harriet Beecher Stowe. The exclusive pubs and cafes in the downtown area as well as in other business districts in Hartford are some places where the movers and shakers of Connecticut’s finance and insurance business world can be found relaxing during lunch-hours or late in the evenings.

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Go for the big guns

Connecticut was an historical center of gun manufacturing and a lot of people have got rich here in the business. Colt, based in Connecticut since the 1800s, employs roughly 900 people in the state. Two other major gun companies, Sturm, Ruger & Company and Mossberg & Sons, are also based in the state. In all, the industry employs about 2,000 people in Connecticut1. Thus if you are looking for a rich date in Connecticut, it may make sense to look among guys who are associated with the gun industry – whether it’s manufacturing, retail or marketing. Hartford is again the most likely place to start as it is home to the corporate headquarters of U.S. Fire Arms and United Technologies...Much of Connecticut's manufacturing is for the military. Firearms and ammunition, first produced here at the time of the American Revolution, are still made. Other than this you can also keep a look out for events like shooting competitions promoted by gun manufacturing companies which are sure to throw you in touch with the successful guys of the industry.

Mingle with the Honchos of Airlines Industry

Though famed for its rural loveliness, Connecticut derives most of its wealth from industry. Its industrial output includes transportation equipment, especially helicopters and aircraft parts. Due to the prominence of the aircraft industry in the state, Connecticut has an official state aircraft, the F4U Corsair, and an official Connecticut Aviation Pioneer, Igor Sikorsky. The state officially recognizes aviation pioneer Gustave Whitehead as the "Father of Connecticut Aviation" for his powered flight in Bridgeport in 1901. Groton is still a center for submarine building and while aircraft manufacturer Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation is based in Stratford, aerospace manufacturer Pratt & Whitney is headquartered in East Hartford. Even though today much of the earlier focus on industries has declined, Connecticut’s manufacturing and engineering plants remain an important part of its economy and its executives among the best paid professionals of the city. So in your search for rich single Nutmeggers, look out for the industrial barons or the high-flying CEOs of the aircraft manufacturing sector.

Head for the casinos

One of the prime attractions of Connecticut’s nightlife is its casinos. So after you have done your share of sightseeing, head to two of the state’s mega-casinos, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun, which are located fairly close to one another. The Foxwoods gambling casino and resort on the Mashantucket Pequot reservation has since its opening in 1992 become one of the largest employers in the state, and the nearby Mohegan Sun casino has joined it in attracting visitors to SE you are sure to find wealthy singles trying out their luck at the gaming tables, and if lucky you may be able to chat them up and get yourself a date too. While Foxwoods has far more extensive offerings, being the second largest casino in the country, it is Mohegan Sun with its phantasmagoric decor that you are sure to find one of Connecticut's most fun and spirited environment.

Wealthy Patrons of Culture

It is no secret that wealthy men are some of the most generous patrons of arts and culture. Hence, frequenting high profile events in the state’s cultural calendar may throw you in the way of a rich single looking for similar interests in the arts. Apart from the capital city of Hartford, New Haven is well known for its cultural scene. High-quality theater, opera, and ballet performances abound throughout the year. The Green is a National Historic Landmark surrounded by magnificent churches built during the early 1800s. Here weekend summer jazz concerts attract thousands of music lovers. Along the Connecticut city's Theater Row, the renovated halls put up musicals and Broadway shows. On the other hand to meet guys interested in experimental productions, you can head to the Yale Repertory Theater. Yet another respected university institution is the Yale University Art Gallery, designed by Louis Kahn. It displays American and European work and has a sculpture garden with amazing exhibits.

Frequent Affluent Neighborhoods

One of the most effective ways of coming across rich singles is to frequent neighborhoods where they live. New Canaan is the wealthiest town in Connecticut and one of the richest in the entire country even, with a Median family income of $236,758 and Median home price of $1,133,0002.  Darien, Greenwich, Weston, Westport and Wilton are other suburbs of the state that have per capita incomes over $65,000. In Hartford, the West End is one of the poshest places as home to the Governor's residence, Elizabeth Park, and the University of Connecticut School of Law, which also abuts the Hartford Golf Club. Elizabeth Park in the West End was created in 1895, when Charles N. Pond gave his estate to the Hartford Parks Commission which created the park and named it in honor of his wife. The park features the oldest, and one of the largest, municipal rose gardens in the United States. Sheldon Charter Oak is renowned as the location of the Charter Oak and its successor monument as well as the home of the one of the wealthiest families of Connecticut, Samuel Colt’s family estate – Armsmear. The North East neighborhood in Hartford again is home to Keney Park and a number of the city's oldest and ornate homes. The easiest way to mingle with rich singles would be to buy a place at any of these neighborhoods but if you find that way beyond your resources, make it a point to frequent places where they are likely to hang out like coffee shops, supermarkets or even the local park.

Finding a rich single man to date is as much a matter of hard work as good luck. However once you know where to look and how to spot them, you may be well on your way to getting the guy of your gilded dreams.


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