How to Meet and Date Rich Men in Illinois, USA


Often noted as the microcosm of the country, Illinois is as rich in economic as in cultural opportunities – thus drawing the most successful singles from all over Midwest America. If you too are keen to be dated by a wealthy single in the Prairie State, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Meet the Wealth Farmers

Though the finance and service industries in the Chicago Metropolitan Area are the most high-profile economic activities in Illinois, the state is largely agricultural in rest of the parts. So if you are keen on making the acquaintance of wealthy singles here, it may be a good idea to venture deep in the countryside. Most of Illinois falls within the inside the North American Corn Belt. Corn, soybeans, and other large-field crops are grown extensively. These crops and their products account for much of the state's economic output outside of Chicago some Illinois farmers grow specialty crops such as popcorn and pumpkins. The state is the largest producer of pumpkins among the U.S. states.[9] There is a large watermelon growing area centered on Lincoln, Illinois. Illinois wine is a growing industry. In December 2006, the Shawnee Hills were named Illinois's first American Viticultural Area. All this implies that there are large swathes of agricultural land in Illinois and you stand a great chance of mingling with successful farmers or wealthy landowners if you care to venture outside urban limits.

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Get to know the Industrial Barons

The centralized location of Illinois has made it a key manufacturing hub, especially for farm machinery and specialty motor vehicles. Smaller Cities like Aurora, Peoria, Decatur, Rockford and other cities became major manufacturing centers in the 20th century. In Chicago meanwhile the manufacturing industry and the city has been a base of commercial operations for such renowned industrialists as John Crerar, John Whitfield Bunn, Marshall Field and Julius Rosenwald. Chicago in fact has the third largest scientific and engineering workforce among all other metropolitan centers of the country. So if you are looking forward to meeting wealthy men in Chicago, the city offers a substantial pool of men who are successful industrialists, well-paid CEOs and engineers in sectors as wide ranging as automobiles, transport, pharmaceutical and food processing. Apart from the usual pubs and coffee shops located in the vicinity of the major manufacturing districts, yet another likely venue to run into successful professionals are the various convention centers dotting the city. McCormick Place with its four interconnected complexes is the largest convention center in the country and the third largest in the entire world.

At the Heart of it all

Both in terms of economy and infrastructure, Chicago is the most important city of Midwestern United States Among the main pillars of Chicago’s economy are financial and business services. The city in fact figures among the top ten Global Financial Centers Index which is compiled bi-annually by the Z/Yen Group and published by the City of London Corporation. Besides this, Chicago is the hub of financial and business activities in the whole of Midwestern United States and is home to several major financial and futures exchanges. At least 32 Fortune 500 companies have their global headquarters in the Chicago metropolitan limits the city has even its own distinct school of thought in economics known as the Chicago School of Economics. So if you are partial towards socializing with bankers, financiers, wealth consultants and hedge fund managers, Chicago is the city to be in, at least in Midwestern America. The central business district in downtown Chicago is where you will find most of the firms, convention centers and consultants’ offices of the city’s finance sector. Chicago’s CBD is in fact the second largest in the whole of United States and incorporates one of the busiest and most significant destinations of the city variously known as the Loop or the Chicago Loop with its skyscrapers, shopping malls and recreational centers. The exclusive pubs and cafes across the Loop as well as on important locations like the Richmond Road, the Lakefront as well as along the Chicago River are some places where the
movers and shakers of Chicago’s finance and business world can be found relaxing during lunch-hours or late in the evenings.

Along with being the economic and financial hub of Midwestern America, Chicago is also the cultural center of this part of the country. All through the year, the city hosts performances in theater, music, dance and films. However not all cultural events would make for the right opportunities to come across the wealthy guys. Browse through newspapers and classifieds to see which theaters would host premiere shows or performances for select audience and then manage to gain an entry to any of these but don’t forget the after-show parties which is where the real action takes place. Among the theaters which can be found hosting exclusive performances are the Ford Center for Performing Arts, Oriental Theater, Bank of America Theater and the Palace Theater. The Symphony Center usually offers many high classical offerings from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra which can prove to be ideal places for meeting rich patrons of art and culture. Also look for movie theaters in Chicago like the one at South Barrington and Muvico Rosemont which are known for offering a luxury experience and thus attracting a wealthy crowd, especially for movie premieres and special show with the stars.

Explore the city nightscene

Most of the bars, lounges and nightclubs in Chicago are again concentrated on the lakefront, especially in the northern side of the Loop as well as along South of the North Avenue. However if you are looking to chat up with only the richest patrons it would not make sense to frequent the most popular places but rather the upscale ones like Reserve, Neo, Crescendo, the Hunt Club, Krem and Vision which straddles eight levels of dance floors. And yet Chicago is not the only mainstay of Illinois nightlife. Aptly named the City of Lights, Aurora is the second largest city in the state and has a rocking entertainment scene, most of which revolves around the historic downtown located on the Fox River, and centered on Stolp Island. A special draw for wealthy singles here is The Hollywood Casino Aurora, a dockside gaming facility with 53,000 square feet and 1,200 gaming positions that is located on the river in downtown Aurora. Though Springfield does not have the kind of jet-setting crowd as Chicago, here too you are likely to come upon a few upscale spots like JW’s Lounge and Somewhere Else while to mingle with a more exclusive crowd you can head to private clubs like Sangamo Club and Panther Creek Country Club.

Explore affluent neighborhoods

If you want to meet wealthy men, you need to be seen where they live. Chicago, especially its suburbs has consistently figured among the richest neighborhoods in the country. In a list of American’s 25 Wealthiest Towns compiled by BusinessWeek in 2009, the Chicago suburb of Kenilworth ranked fourth and turned out to be the richest town in Midwest. The small suburb of Winnetka with a population of a mere 12,200 is yet another such locality the median home price the same year was well above a million dollars. Most of the other places in Chicago with million dollar plus households are on the North Side and these include the Gold Coast, Lincoln Park, Barrington Hills, Glencoe, Edgebrook, Sauganash and most properties facing the lakes. Aurora is another city in Illinois where you can find exclusive neighborhoods like Normantown, Eola and Frontenac. in fact The Aurora area is home to an impressive collection of architecture, including structures by Frank Lloyd Wright, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Bruce Goff and George Grant Elmslie. And while Springfield, is not a huge city, there is a relatively high proportion of people living here who are young, single, and upwardly-mobile professionals. Here, these young singles will find many others like themselves, with opportunities for friendships, socializing, romance, and fun. But if you are especially interested in meeting only the wealthiest of the lot, mingle with the denizens of neighborhoods like Curran, Bradforton, Wabash Avenue and Woodsie. Even if you cannot afford an apartment in any of these localities, frequenting them while sipping a latte in an upscale coffee shop or looking for exotic ingredients in a gourmet food store might throw you in delicious proximity to the rich residents of these Illinois cities and if you are lucky you may even get talking to something single and available.