How to Meet and Date Rich Men in Romania


Located in southeast Europe, Romania is widely known as the home of legendary figures like Count Dracula as well as scenic vistas like the Danube Valley. Though the country has been slow to reap the benefits of post-communism liberalization, its economy has nevertheless been the path of growth. In the last 20 years, Romania has made considerable progress developing institutions compatible with a market economy and joining the European Union (EU) in 2007 was a driving force for reform and modernization. Thus if you find yourself in this part of Europe and are keen to be dated by generous singles, here are few tips on meeting rich men in Romania.

Get to the Industrial Barons

From 1948 until 1989, Romania had a Soviet-style command economy in which nearly all agricultural and industrial enterprises were state controlled. During those years, it built an economy based largely on heavy industry. Industry contributes about a third of the country's GDP and accounts for one third of the labor force. In 2009 the manufacturing industry represented for the main component of the Romanian industry, covering approximately 77% of the industrial activity volume1. Auto assembly is a significant industry in Romania while other major manufactures include textiles, footwear, light machinery, construction materials, and chemicals. After the markets were opened in post-communist era, private industrialists rose in stature who either the owned new industries or took over the earlier ones. Today the thriving economy of Romania is driven to a large extent by these emerging industrialists who are some of the richest citizens of the country. TRomanian-based companies such as Dacia, Petrom, Rompetrol, Bitdefender, Romstal and Mobexpert have expanded operations throughout the region though small- to medium-sized manufacturing firms continue to form the bulk of Romania's industrial sector. Among the best ways to run into rich singles from the industrial sector are frequenting semi-professional venues like convention centers and trade conferences in business hotels, most of which are concentrated in downtown Bucharest. other than this you can run into the biggest industrialists as well as highly paid professionals of the manufacturing sector in the country's main industrial centers like Arad, Braşov, Hunedoara, Iaşi, Oradea, Reşiţa, and Timişoara.

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Chat up the wealthy Farmers

Once upon a time, known as the Bread Basket of Europe, Romania has traditionally had agriculture for its main economic activity. The country is a large producer of many agricultural products and is currently expanding its forestry and fishery industries too. It continues to employ around one-third of the labor population and remains a major driver of the country’s economy. In fact according to a November 2013 report2, Romania’s economy grew at the fastest pace in two years in the third quarter, probably spurred by a bumper harvest and export growth.

The Bărăgan is characterized by large wheat farms. Dairy products, pork, poultry, and apple production are concentrated in the western region. Beef production is located in central Romania, while the production of fruits, vegetables, and wine ranges from the central to southern regions of the country. So make sure you include all these regions in your travels through Portugal and if lucky, you might come across singles belonging to rich landowning or farming families.

Meet the Top Honchos of Shipping Sector

Romania’s geographical location on the border of the Black Sea and the presence of Danube means that its ports and harbours have always played a significant role in the economy. Owners and professionals engaged in the shipping business as well as the port sector are thus bound to be some of the most successful in Romania, from whom you can meet eligible singles too. Braila, Galaţi, and Giurgiu are the main Danubian ports; Constanţa is the chief Black Sea port. Passenger terminals are available in Tulcea, Giurgiu and Bechet. The Romanian sector of the Danube is divided into a maritime sector and an inland sector. The maritime sector of the Danube starts from Sulina crossing Sulina Channel and reaching Galati port – the biggest maritime port located on the Danube. Apart from its location, Romania’s ports enjoy other advantages in the field of international transport like its connection to the wide gauge railway lines of Moldova, Ukraine and Russia and the accessibility by seagoing vessels which pass directly from the Black Sea through Sulina channel via the maritime Danube. For recreational purposes Tulcea port is important as it forms the gate to Danube Delta – the famous natural reserve. A new and modern passenger terminal was finished in 2005 for maritime and inland passengers vessels. There are also MARINA facilities available, hotels and connections to touristic sites inside reserve.

Explore Tourist Attractions

The largest of the Balkan countries, Romania has dramatic mountain scenery, attractions all along the Danube and a coastline on the Black Sea. Destinations such as Mangalia, Olimp, Constanța and Mamaia - sometimes called the Romanian Riviera - are among the most popular attractions during summer. For their medieval atmosphere and castles, Transylvanian cities such as Sibiu, Brașov, Sighișoara and Cluj-Napoca, have become major tourist attractions for foreigners. Rural tourism, focusing on folklore and traditions, has become an important alternative in recent years and is centered on such sites as Bran and its Dracula's Castle and the Painted churches of Northern Moldavia. However in order to meet the wealthiest of vacationers you need to be careful where you are headed. The beach resorts of Galaţi and Constanţa, the skiing resorts along the Valea Prahovei and Poiana Brașov as well as the luxury cruises down the mighty Danube River are some circuits which can help you meet the well-off tourists.

Swanky Hangouts

Bucharest has one of the liveliest nightlife in this part of Europe with lots of music, dancing and spirits to keep you awake till the wee hours of the morning. However if you are looking to meet the well-heeled guests, popping in an out of all the bars in the town would do no good. Rather make it a point to select a couple of upscale bars and nightclubs which are frequented by the rich and beautiful of the city. in Bucharest many 18th and 19th century palaces and mansions now house elegant beaux-arts casinos, where well-heeled guests play blackjack, poker, craps, roulette, baccarat and other games of chance, dine on sumptuous buffets and dance all night to live music. Bucharest Casino at the Inter-Continental Hotel and Grand Casino at the Marriott Grand Hotel are some of the places where you can mingle with the rich gamers. other hangouts in the city that are popular with the swish set are the Kiseleff Boulevard, once a famous spot for promenading, Green Hours a pleasant café in the middle of the city which hosts live outdoor jazz at weekends as well as Ceai La Metoc a tea garden that attracts only the most discriminating guests with its 'tea-beer' or 'tea-shake' in one of its leafy corners. The trendy crowd in the capital city can be found living it up in clubs like Embryo where parties go on all night.

The city of Cluj too has a vibrant night life. Some swanky hangouts are the club Bricks and Vertigo Espresso Social Bar which is famous for visionary design and futuristic lighting. Hubertus is one of the oldest and most select restaurants in the city, with a wide selection of traditional Romanian dishes while Topaz boasts of a refined menu of international selections in an elegant atmosphere.

The historical monuments, ancient ruins, grand Casino, museums and shops, and proximity to beach resorts make Constant the focal point of Black Sea coast tourism. Open-air restaurants, nightclubs and cabarets offer a wide variety of entertainment here, especially attracting wealthy tourists from all over Europe and the Americas. While Morgana club is hip and trendy, Mindfluid Breeze is a lounge bar where guests can relax while sipping their favorite drink, cocktail, tea or espresso. The Casino is one of the most stylish hangouts here - Originally erected as a pavilion for Queen Elisabeta, it is now a restaurant with a large terrace overlooking the beach and is much favored by the wealthy clients.


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