How to Meet and Date Rich Men in Bradford, UK


Bradford lies at the heart of West Yorkshire region in the UK and forms part of the West Yorkshire Urban Area conurbation which is the fourth largest urban area in the United Kingdom. Though the city gained economic significance as one of the earliest drivers of the Industrial Revolution in UK, now its economy is diversified. So if you find yourself in this part of the country, Bradford can be a good place to get to know rich single men.

Connect with the textile barons

Bradford rose to prominence during the 19th century as an international centre of textile manufacture, particularly wool. It was a boomtown of the Industrial Revolution, and amongst the earliest industrialized settlements, rapidly becoming the "wool capital of the world". The area's access to a supply of coal, iron ore and soft water facilitated the growth of Bradford's textile manufacturing base. And even though wool manufacturing no longer enjoys the kind of prominence in Bradford’s economy that it once did, many important textile companies are still headquartered in the city like Bulmer and Lumb Group as well as the British Wool Marketing Board. In other words, the city may still home to several families who had made their money in the heyday of the textile industry. Thus when in Bradford, try to get acquainted with wealthy industrialists or movers and shakers of the corporate world. A good place to come across them would be places of business like banks, convention centers and trade fairs which bring together the biggest and budding successes of the commercial landscape of the city. You could also check out historical landmarks like the Wool Exchange or Little Germany, a splendid Victorian commercial district just east of the city centre. Bradford also has a number of architecturally historic hotels like The Victoria Hotel and the Midland Hotel which were built to accommodate visitors to the city during the height of the woolen trade and even now continue to host the crème de la crème of the business travelers.

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Get to meet the finance fat cats

The thriving economy of Bradford since the eighteenth century has ever since attracted a large range of financial services to the city, making it one of the most important centers of finance and business in the West Yorkshire region. After the decline of the wool manufacturing industry post Second World War, the focus of the economy shifted to the finance service sector like banking, insurance and legal services. Today Bradford is a major center for telephone banking in the country and houses several regional offices of multinational banks and companies, notably in finance like the Yorkshire Building Society and Provident Financial. One of the city's biggest employers is Provident Financial plc, a financial services group that specializes in Home Collected Credit and owns Vanquis Bank which offers credit cards. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index. The city thus has an entire army of finance professionals including bankers, brokers, hedge fund managers and investment consultants who not only advise the millionaire industrialists on their assets but themselves take home some pretty fancy paychecks. The main financial district of the Bradford lies in the heart of the city and is known as the City Center. So the next time you are looking to be treated to an expensive dinner, frequent the upscale bars and hangouts of the finance district or important business hotels like Jury’s Inn which is part of the new Southgate commercial complex.

High-end Retail addresses

In recent years, retail has emerged as one of the significant components of Bradford’s economy. The city is home to several swanky shopping districts many of which include high-end brands and as such attract the rich shoppers from and around the city. The Kirkgate Shopping Centre has been a focal point for the city's shoppers for many years and it has recently has undergone a multi-million pound refurbishment. currently, the center includes Primark, New Look, River Island, Bank, W H Smith, Boots, Deichmann and F. Hinds in its 65 shops, as well as an indoor market and 550 car parking spaces. However the new kid on the block is Forster Square Shopping Park which opened in 1995 and has caught the attention of the wealthy shoppers in the city. the Shopping Park is adjacent to the Forster Square Railway Station and includes over 20 large retail and food units including Next, TK Maxx, Harveys, Asda Living, Outfit, Peacocks, Clarks, JD Sports, Currys, DFS, Subway, McDonald's and Costa Coffee.

Upscale Entertainment Centers

Bradford is an important hub of the entertainment industry in this part of the UK. . In June 2009 Bradford was designated the world's first UNESCO City of Film for its links to the production and distribution of films, its media and film museum and its "cinematographic legacy". The city is home to many theaters some of which are of immense historic value while others are equipped with cutting-edge technology. Apart from hosting permanent and temporary exhibitions on permanent exhibitions focusing on photography, television, animation, video-gaming, the internet, the National Media Museum has three cinemas, including an IMAX screen and hosts two film festivals each year, including the Bradford International Film Festival. The Leisure Exchange in the city centre has a 16 screen Cineworld and at Thornbury, on the outskirts is the Odeon Leeds-Bradford with 13 screens. The historically significant Alhambra also has a smaller studio theatre in the same complex as does The Theatre in the Mil, at the University of Bradford, which presents student and community shows and small-scale touring professional work. The Bradford Playhouse is a privately run venue with a medium-sized proscenium theatre and a small studio. St George's Hall is a concert hall dating from 1853 making it the oldest concert hall in Britain and the third oldest in Europe. All these venues mean that Bradford’s social and cultural calendar packed with exclusive events being hosted at its famous theaters. So look for operas, premiers of movies, television series and award shows which the rich and famous are sure to attend. Post-premiere parties or post-award functions are in fact ideal venues to mingle with all those guys who appear to be loaded.

Frequent Swanky Hotspots

The presence of young successful professionals as well as a thriving entertainment industry means that Bradford has a vibrant and colorful nightlife. Options range from fine drinking establishments and traditional pubs to ultra chic concept bars. Nightlife in Bradford has traditionally centered on Manor Row and Manningham Lane. More recently, several clubs and pubs have opened in the West End of Bradford, around the Alhambra Theatre, turning what was previously a fairly quiet area into one that is often crowded and vibrant at night. For a really exclusive place you can head to City3Bar at the Hilton - the wine bar/coffee shop feel of this contemporary Bradford bar make it the perfect choice for drinks at any time of the day. However if you are keen to meet wealthy singles with a taste for exotic cuisine, this is the right place since Bradford is known as the Curry Capital of Britain. Award-winning restaurants can be found throughout the city, with cafe style favorites like the Karachi, to impressive restaurants such as Mumtaz in Bradford and Aagrah in Shipley as well as luxury dining destinations like Saffron Desi, an impressive restaurant with luxurious interiors and a special VIP suite.