How to Meet and Date Rich Men in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK


Newcastle is the commercial and financial hub of North East England. The saying ‘Carrying coal to Newcastle’ is an indicator of the importance the city held during the heavy mining and manufacturing sectors during the Industrial Revolution. And even though much of that is now history, Newcastle still maintains a significance in the regional economy. So if you find yourself in this part of the country and are looking for eligible dates, the singles of Newcastle could offer a sporting chance.

Meet the Knowledge Professionals

Newcastle played a major role during the 19th-century Industrial Revolution, and was a leading centre for coal mining and manufacturing. However heavy industries in Newcastle have declined in the second half of the 20th century and now the city’s economy is strongly service based. Key employment sectors include finance and business services, education, health, retail and the visitor economy. The financial and business services sector is on one of the biggest employers in the city, accounting for around 22 per cent of all jobs with the likes of Barclays Bank, Ward Hadaway and Eversheds having a strong presence in the area. 57% of employees are in knowledge intensive businesses as compared to 54% national average1. Additionally Newcastle is recognized as UK’s best hub of green technology services and for its commitment to environmental issues, with a program planned for Newcastle to become "the first Carbon Neutral town. All this implies a huge army of professionals in the city, most of who are likely to take back pretty pay packets. thus one of the ways to meet eligible singles in Newcastle would be to explore the cafes and bars of places where most of the offices are located like Central Business District which is in the centre of the city, bounded by Haymarket, Central Station and the Quayside areas. Haymarket is the northern edge of the city and is the location of Newcastle Civic Centre, Newcastle University, Northumbria University, Haymarket Bus Station and the City Pool – all institutions likely to employ young aspiring professionals.

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Chat up the Industrial Big-wigs

Ever since the Middle Ages, Newcastle has been a thriving commercial centre. The wool trade was especially important, and in 1353 Newcastle became a staple town. Towards the late Middle Ages it had a thriving cloth industry as well and by 1800 Newcastle had become an important industrial and financial centre, with expanding ironworking and glassmaking industries. The River Tyne became a major focus for shipbuilding, and Newcastle’s shipyards were long among the largest ship-repairing centers in the world. Although the latter activity had declined by the late 20th century, the associated marine and heavy engineering industries remain important to Newcastle, which play an important role in servicing Britain’s offshore oil and gas fields. and again though manufacturing may have diminished in economic importance, finished products like autos and electronics continue to sell from the city. In summer 2012 supercar manufacturer Maserati chose the city to host its first and only dedicated UK showroom, prestige electronics company Bang & Olufsen. thus the corporate bigwigs, executives and entrepreneurs associated with Newcastle’s trading and manufacturing sectors are likely to throw up many a wealthy single.

Frequent Upscale Shopping Areas

For those millionaire male singles who like to sport the top brands in clothing and accessories, Newcastle has much to offer. There are several major shopping areas in Newcastle City Centre - the most significant of these is the Eldon Square Shopping Centre, one of the largest city centre shopping complexes in the UK. It incorporates a flagship Debenhams store as well as one of the largest John Lewis stores in the UK which is still known to many in Newcastle as Bainbridges. Eldon has found a place among the wealthy elite of the city because of the opening of a flagship Debenhams department store as well as other major stores including Apple, Hollister & Guess.

The main shopping street in Newcastle however is Northumberland Street which is believed to rank as one of the most expensive shopping street in the UK for rent, outside of London. It is home to two major department stores including the first and largest Fenwick department store, which houses some of the most luxurious designer labels, and one of the largest Marks and Spencer stores outside London. Other shopping destinations in Newcastle include Grainger Street and the area around Grey's Monument, the relatively modern Eldon Garden and Monument Mall complexes, the Newgate Centre, Central Arcade and the traditional Grainger Market. Outside the city centre, the largest suburban shopping areas are Gosforth and Byker. The largest Tesco store in the United Kingdom is located in Kingston Park on the edge of Newcastle. however if you are keen to meet wealthy male shoppers, it would make more sense to frequent top-end high-street retailers like L'Occitane, Cath Kidston and Liam Gallagher's Pretty Green which have all opened new flagship stores in the city centre. In addition, Monument Mall is currently under redevelopment and its retail mix will focus on luxury brands like Armani Exchange as well as dining destination under celebrity restaurateur Jamie Oliver.

Get to know the sporting professionals

One of the main drivers of Newcastle economy, particularly its retail and recreation sectors, has been the emergence of wealthy football clubs2. The city has a strong sporting tradition. Football club Newcastle United has been based at St James' Park since the club was established in 1892. The city also has non-League football clubs like Newcastle Benfield, West Allotment Celtic and Team Northumbria. Apart from these, Newcastle has a professional rugby team, the Newcastle Falcons which is the only one in north-east England to have played in the Aviva Premiership rugby union. They play at Kingston Park Stadium in the northern suburb of Kingston Park. With so many successful sporting teams based at home, Newcastle is a thriving base for high paid footballers, well-to-do sportsmen and other professionals associated with the sector like managers, physiotherapists and agents. So make sure to be a frequent visitor to numerous stadiums in Newcastle like the St James’ Park or Kingston Park which are known for hosting high-profile games in the city.

Look for some Academic Comfort

Newcastle has long been an important education centre and a budding knowledge based industry in the services sector has opened up further lucrative prospects for the city’s educators and researchers. The University of Newcastle upon Tyne was founded in 1937 as King’s College by the merging of Armstrong College and the College of Medicine, both of which were attached to the University of Durham. Further education is also provided by the Municipal College of Technology, Rutherford College of Technology, and a college of education. The Royal Grammar School, founded in the reign of Henry VIII (1509–47), was incorporated in 1600, and Dame Allan’s School was endowed in 1705. So academics, researchers and professors in Newcastle may make for suitable partners if you are looking for a life of comfort. While the paychecks of academics cannot compare with those of software moguls and financiers, still a cushy job and lots of leisure time might just well be the perks that count when you are looking for a fulfilling romantic relationship.

Explore Swanky Hangouts

Bars and watering holes continue to be among the best places you can land a date. And upscale bars are where the moneymaking guys come down to chill out with a martini or some good ol’ Scotch. In Newcastle There are concentrations of pubs, bars and nightclubs around the Bigg Market, and the Quayside area of the city centre. However if you are keen on meeting the really wealthy singles, head to the swanky places on Collingwood Street, which is popularly referred to as the 'Diamond Strip' due to its concentration of high-end bars. Neville Street, the Central Station area and Osborne Road in the Jesmond area are some other areas of the city where pubs and cafes draw a well-heeled crowd. In recent years "The Gate" has emerged as a popular recreational destination for the yuppies of Newcastle; this is a new indoor complex consisting of posh bars, upmarket clubs, fine-dining restaurants and a 12-screen Empire multiplex cinema where you stand a good chance of mingling with wealth potential dates.


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