How to Meet and Date Rich Men in Nova Scotia, Canada


Nova Scotia is the second-smallest province in Canada but the beauty and diversity of its maritime culture makes this one of the best places to live in the country. if you are based in this part of Canada and eager to date the well-off singles, here are a few tips on how to go about it.

Wealth of the Sea

The fishery was pillar of the economy since its development as part of the economy of New France in the 17th century, based on the fish stocks off the Scotian Shelf.; however, the fishery suffered a sharp decline due to overfishing in the late 20th century. even then Fishing continues to be a cornerstone industry sector in Nova Scotia. Today, the export value of Nova Scotia fish and seafood is close to $1 Billion, with products exported to almost 90 countries worldwide1. Nova Scotia produces one quarter of Canada’s seafood, the largest proportion of any province.. Shellfish such as lobster, scallop and snowcrab now account for almost 50% of the total catch. Other important species include haddock, herring, and pollock. Lobster fishing boats in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia are a common sight. currently the Nova Scotia seafood industry is being visibly transformed from a resource-driven sector to one which is more market-driven and sustainable. The industry is also diversifying through the catch of non-traditional species such as sea cucumber, kelp and sea urchins. Many Nova Scotia companies are also engaged in aquaculture, or commercial fish farming, concentrating on salmon, trout, mussels, scallops and oysters. There are close to 400 aquaculture sites around the province. no wonder then The fishing industry is a principal employer in many parts of Nova Scotia where Direct and indirect employment is in the range of 30,000 people. for all these reasons, in this province some of the most eligible dates can turn out to be owners of fishing fleets, boats or professionals associated with the fishing and fish farming sectors.

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Get to know the Energy Majors

Since 1991, offshore oil and gas has become an increasingly important part of the economy. The Oil and Gas sector leads Nova Scotia’s exports, at $1.25 Billion in 20072. And 40 trillion cubic feet of offshore natural gas potential remains – one of the top natural gas basins in North America. There has also been an upsurge in exploiting renewable energy sources in Nova Scotia, driven in part by regulations requiring 18.5 % of electricity be produced from renewable sources by 2013. Nova Scotia not only has some of the best wind potential in Canada, but also the greatest tidal energy potential in the world. Nova Scotia is home to 400 energy service companies, many with first-class capabilities in training, engineering, construction and specialist services. thus if you are keen to meet some of the best paid professionals in the state, it would be a good idea to mingle with engineers, corporate and entrepreneurs associated with Nova Scotia’s energy sector.

Mine the Resources of the Land

In 2007, the forestry industry in Nova Scotia generated more than $900 Million in exports – over 17% of the province’s overall exports3. Approximately 65% of these went to the United States, the remainder to the United Kingdom, Europe, South America, Asia and other global markets. Nova Scotia has three pulp/paper mills, a hardboard mill, paper packaging, wood pellet producers and several hundred sawmills. The forests also provide over 1.5 million Christmas trees each year and 118,000 litres of maple syrup.

Apart from forestry and forest-related production, mining is another important sector which depends on the huge natural resources of the province. Mineral exploration, production and related manufacturing provide more than 6,300 direct and spinoff jobs in Nova Scotia. Mining, especially of gypsum and salt and to a lesser extent silica, peat and barite, are important economic activities – in fact gypsum provides about 38% of the value of the province’s mineral production. It is the province’s most valuable mineral export, selling principally to markets in the eastern United States. thus the owners and executives of the logging and mining companies as well as engineers and hi-tech professionals associated with the industry are likely to make some of the most generous singles in the social scene of this beautiful maritime province.

Meet the High-Fliers

Nova Scotia’s defense and aerospace sector make up an important segment of the provincial economy. Till date, 45% of Canada’s military assets reside in Nova Scotia. Aerospace and Defense firms presently employ about 6,000 skilled and experienced workers and generate approximately $600 Million in annual revenues4. When combined with military spending, the sector contributes over $1.5 Billion to the province. International firms with a significant presence in Nova Scotia are: Lockheed Martin Canada, Pratt & Whitney Canada, L-3 Communications Electronic Systems, Composites Atlantic (EADS Group), General Dynamics, MacDonald Dettwiler & Associates, CAE Inc. and Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems. So if fancy a potential partner with intellectual and professional skills besides earning a fat paycheck, explore the social hotspots in Nova Scotia where the scientists, doctors and engineers hang out like the cafes of Aerotech Business Park adjacent to Halifax Stanfield International Airport is home to many of these facilities.

Swish Set of the Service Sector

The service sector is the great intangible driver of the Nova Scotia economy. It accounts for close to 80% of total employment, 20% of international exports and 7% of GDP5. Halifax, Nova Scotia is the growing financial hub of Atlantic Canada, with over 1,200 financial services firms and 14,000 employees. Both the Royal Bank of Canada and the Bank of Nova Scotia trace their origins to the province. The Bank of Nova Scotia is now Canada’s largest international bank. In recent times Nova Scotia has also emerged as the location of choice for customer care and business process outsourcing industries. About 19,000 are currently employed in over 50 Nova Scotia call centers. Apart from finance, information and telecommunications, other sectors which hire the best-paid professionals in the province are architecture, construction, engineering, geomatics, education and training, energy and environmental services, entertainment, health care, management consulting, legal and other business services. thus if you wish to be dated by young, successful singles in Singapore, one of your best chances lies in exploring professionals associated with the service industry located in cities like Halifax.

Frequent Upscale Hangouts

When the wealthy singles of Nova Scotia are not adding on to their millions, they can be found living it up at the poshest bars and clubs of the province, most of which are located in the capital of Halifax. Taboo Nightclub is the swankiest place here - with its lavish decor, multiple bars, and spacious dance floors, it is the 'place where the swish set are most likely to hang out. The Fireside and The Bitter End are other classy venues in Halifax. However some believe that the party at Reflections lasts much longer than most bars in town, and goes much harder too. No other Halifax bar has as many beers on tap as Maxwell’s Plum English Pub whose drink menu features no fewer than 60 different imported beers from around the world. though Lower Deck is more popular than classy, upstairs in the refurbished eighteenth-century building is the upscale but casual Beer Market, a perfect environment for well-to-do businessmen and professionals to enjoy nachos or a bacon-wrapped tenderloin with cozy booths and windows overlooking the Halifax Harbor. Most notable Nova Scotia nightlife outside of Halifax is found in smaller university towns like Wolfville, home to Acadia University. Despite its name, The Library Pub is anything but quiet, with an extensive drink menu and meals prepared with organic Annapolis Valley produce. Antigonish’s Piper’s Pub is the most popular watering hole in the town though Alcove Bistro and Lounge sometimes attract a well-to-do clientele too like on weekends.


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