Best Cities in the World to Meet Wealthy Hispanic or Latino Men


During the heyday of Renaissance, Spain and Portugal were among the first countries to set up their economic colonies in various parts of the world. Till this day, many men of Hispanic ethnicity continue with the spirit of enterprise which has made them successes in professions and businesses. Here are some of the best cities in the world to meet wealthy Hispanic or Latino men.

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Madrid is the financial hub of Spain country and in fact one of the most important centers of business and finance in southern Europe. It attracts one of the largest volumes of foreign investment in the entire Iberian Peninsula and major financial institutions, both national and international, have their headquarters or regional offices in the city. Bankers, investment consultants, wealth managers and insurers thus make up one of the most successful sections of Madrid’s population, often taking back six-figure paychecks together with great perks While traditionally Madrid has relied on finance and manufacturing for its economic strength, in the recent decades, the service sector has emerged as one of the biggest driving force of the city economy. Tourism, leisure, health, financial and information technology-enabled services have made a significant impact on the economic landscape of the city, bringing in new jobs and pushing up salaries. The service sector is in fact one of the best-paid in Madrid today and if you are looking to meet successful Hispanic men, you would do well to keep an eye out for the rising professionals of this sector. However if you want a surer chance of meeting wealthy singles, it would be a better idea to frequent places where they live. In Madrid neighborhoods like the Salamenca as well as the Paseo del Prado are among the richest neighborhoods. And even if you cannot afford a pad here, try to become familiar with its coffee shops, specialty stores or parks where many of the local singles are bound to visit sometime or other.

Buenos Aires

The capital and largest city of Argentina, Buenos Aires is also the second-biggest metropolitan area in the entire continent. The economy of Buenos Aires owes a significant extent of its earnings to the city port which is why many of the wealthy men here are likely to be associated with shipping business. Other than these those associated with the functioning of the port like engineers, navigators, managers, highly-skilled technicians are likely to be among the best-paid professionals in the city. However it is the service sector which is the biggest segment of the city economy. The service sector is not only well-developed but quite diversified too and ranges from financial services to media-based like advertising and tourism-based like the hospitality sectors. Among these the financial service sector is the largest and contributes to 31% of the city's economy. A great way to meet the successful professionals of Buenos Aires would be to frequent the cafes and watering holes of the Central Business District where most of the offices, financial institutions and businesses are located. San Nicolas, Montserrat, Retiro and Puerto Madero are some of the most significant areas of downtown Buenos Aires which is also known as the City Center. Yet another segment of well-to-do men in Buenos Aires belong to the old moneyed families who have made their wealth from land. Many of the farms in the Pampa Húmeda, are owned by rich land-owning families who may be found frequenting country clubs, fashionable resorts and social dos where the elite of the country gather.

Mexico City

While America is still home to the largest number of billionaires in the world, the richest man on the planet comes from Mexico City. However not everyone in this place can aspire to the $69 billion worth of assets like Carlos Slim Helu and yet Mexico City is home to many successful professionals and businessmen. Apart from being the richest city in the whole of Latin America, the Greater Mexico City had in fact a gross domestic product of US$390 billion in 2008, making Mexico City urban agglomeration the eighth richest metropolitan area in the world3. To a great extent the economic growth of Mexico City is the result of economic reforms ushered in by President Carlos Salinas de Gortari which in turn brought about a shift in Mexico City's economic base, from manufacturing to services. Thus the wealthiest men in Mexico are the high-salaried professionals in the financial or services sector as well as businessmen, who like Carlos Helu, made the most of decentralization policies. Apart from the gleaming offices of the Zona Rosa business district and the swanky nightspots of Condesa and Roma, most of Mexico City’s wealthiest men can be found in exclusive neighborhoods like Lomas de Chapultepec and Polanco.

San Jose, Costa Rica

since the name of the country Costa Rica translates as the ‘Rich Coast’ in Spanish, it is not surprising to find that its capital city San Jose is not only a coastal paradise but one of the best places to find well-off men of the Latino ethnicity. Tourism is the biggest driving force of the Costa Rican economy; In fact Costa Rica is the most visited nation in the Central American region and among the first countries in the world to promote ecotourism. Thus if you are looking to meet successful men in San Jose, zoom in on those who belong to the tourism and hospitality industry. They could range from owners of hotels, resorts and travel agencies to interpreters, chefs, guides and adventure sports professionals who make a good living from tourism. Traditionally though the economy of Costa Rica has relied on the exports of two major cash crops – coffee and banana. Thus another group of wealthy men in San Jose would belong to the traditional landowning families of Costa Rica; however you may have better chances of meeting them at the rich coffee estates and banana plantations in the country. Try to gain access to exclusive country clubs and recreational facilities where members of this class are likely to hang out. In recent years, along with tourism, the economy of Costa Rica has been propelled by growth of the financial and information technological services sectors. Since the government offers tax exemptions for those willing to invest in the country, several global high tech corporations have already started developing in the area and are exporting goods. These include chip manufacturer Intel, pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline and consumer products company Procter & Gamble. Thus today San Jose has a vast army of young aspiring professionals who are well-educated, qualified and making their way up in sectors like financial services, electronics and information technology.


In the past few years, Chile's financial sector has grown quickly, primarily due to a banking reform law approved in 1997 that broadened the scope of permissible foreign activity for Chilean banks. this has meant boom time for Santiago’s finance industry so much so that the premier financial district of the city is colloquially called Sanhattan; this area is not only home to many new and very expensive offices, restaurants, hotels and banks but two of the tallest buildings in South America, the Titanium La Portada as well as the  Torre Gran Costanera, are located there. The mining industry is another productive aspect of the country’s economy which is why many wealthy men in Santiago come from the ranks of mining barons, mine owners as well as corporate executives as well as highly skilled engineers employed in the mining companies. Santiago has one of the most colorful entertainment scenes in the continent and after darkness falls, many of its wealthy men can be found chilling out at swanky hangouts of the city. In Santiago these would be cocktail bars like the Liguria Bar, sports bars like Pub Licity or fine dining destinations like Baires in Santiago's hip Barrio Brasil.

San Francisco

Located on the Pacific shore, the city of San Francisco is one of the most important centers of commerce, entrepreneurship and culture on the western coast of United States. The city has long been a draw for the immigrant Hispanic communities. According to the newest estimates from US Census, 15.4% of the county’s residents are of Hispanic or Latino origin2 . One of the best places to meet wealthy men in San Francisco would be the Silicon Valley, so named because of the dense concentration of internationally renowned high-tech companies in the area, the best known among which are Google, Apple, Facebook, HP, Yahoo, Oracel, Cisco, eBay and Adobe. This implies large number of skilled and high-tech professionals who easily make more than a million in a year, either as salaried employees or from their own enterprises. Hispanic men who are the denizens of Silicon Valley would thus be some of the richest in the city. Unlike the Indians and Whites, the Latino community is not easily associated with the super rich geeks, but every once in a while a guy like Eduardo Saverin comes up to cock a snook at stereotypes and figure as one of the richest Latinos in the world. Apart from this, San Francisco is also one of the most important centers of finance, enterprise and commerce on the Pacific Coast in United States. In fact Montgomery Street in the Financial District of San Francisco is known as the ‘Wall Street of the West’. All these indicate the presence of a large concentration of finance professionals in the city including bankers, investment consultants, hedge fund managers and CPAs, among which a healthy number would belong to Latino ancestry.


Phoenix is the capital of the state of Arizona and an important center of trade, commerce, culture and industry in the Southwestern USA. As such Phoenix can be trusted to have ample number of men who are rich and successful in society, a good percentage of who are likely to be men of Latino ancestry. This is because according to the 2010 US Census, in Phoenix, 40.8% 3 of the population belong to the Hispanic or any other Latino ethnicity while for the whole of Arizona, the figure is 30%.  Traditionally the economy of Phoenix has been land-based and in fact real estate but in recent times the corporate sector has acquired a significant presence in the job market and is one of the best employers in the city. One such success story from the Hispanic community in Phoenix is Arturo Moreno who made his fortune by entering into a partnership with Outdoor Systems founder William Levine in 1984 and then selling off his stocks to Infinity for $8.7 billion in 1999. Moreno  became famous as the first Hispanic to own a major sports team in the United States when he bought baseball’s Angels from Disney in 2003. If you are looking to meet similar Latino wealthy corporate and businessmen in Phoenix, the places to explore would be at the swankiest bars in the downtown business areas like Ritz Carlton or at the corporate conventions that keep taking place in venues like the Phoenix Convention Center, the Desert Willow and the Black Canyon convention centers. Other than these, successful Hispanic men can also be found supporting their community at many of the Latino festivals that are hosted in Phoenix like Tempe Tardeada, Chandler’s Mariachi Festival, and Hispanic Heritage Day at Arizona Diamondbacks, Fiestas Patrias at the Musical Instrument Museum as well as Mexican Independence Day celebrations.


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