How to Meet Men When you are a Single Mom

Dating at the best of times is a demanding activity. But when you are a single mom and juggling work, home, kids, their school and hobby classes, you may find your social life going for a toss. However with a bit of advance planning and lots of phone calls, here are a few ways you can have both a family life and a personal life as a single mom.

Rope in friends and family

As a single mom, you cannot afford to while away time at bars and nightclubs, waiting for a guy to buy you a drink. In fact it is best if you sound out family members and close friends that you are open to dating once again. You will not only have the advantage of meeting someone in a safe and familiar setting but knowing your personality, your friends and family will make every attempt to set you up with someone compatible.

Look around as you work out

Even if you are a busy mom, you must be doing something to keep yourself fit. So the next time you walk into the gym, skip your aerobics classes and move to where the weights are so that you can check out the guys working out there. On the other hand if you don’t have the time or money to burn on expensive gym memberships, simply go for a run or walk your dog in your neighborhood park. But remember to do so early in the mornings or late evenings when you are likely to come across men who have proper day jobs. Apart from the fact that you will be getting to meet health-conscious singles, you will also be doing a favor to your own body by taking in some exercise.

Do something to de-stress

Kids, career and housework can get too much for any woman – which is why it is so important to have a relaxing or enjoyable hobby. If you are too busy to pursue a hobby on your own, sign up for a special interest class. Most of them allow its members to meet just once or twice a week and in any case you can go for them over the weekend. Do or learn something that interests you and will not require too much concentration. If you are one for the outdoors, join a hiking or trekking society or if you like to mess around with paints consider pottery-making. The biggest advantage of such classes is that you not only get to do something fun but meet new people with mutual interests. Learning a new dance like salsa will not only release those endorphins but also give you the delicious chance to hold the good-looking fellow student.

Check out the men’s section at department stores

With kids at home, you are sure to go shopping some time or other. Hang out in department stores around the sections where men’s accessories and apparel are stacked. Or browse through the sections like electronics and home improvement. Bide your time and then ask a nice-looking guy if he would help you to pick out a tool set for basic repairs. If he seems puzzled by your request, mention that you are a single mom and need to be prepared for the usual plumbing and wiring issues. Or if you are feeling more adventurous, compliment a dapper-looking shopper on his sense of style. If he is single and willing, you will surely find much more to discuss over a cup of coffee.

Pick up groceries

If you are someone with kids, your local grocery store is one place which is sure to see a lot of you through the week. And yet don’t be quick to discount the socializing possibilities of this humble venue. The next time you visit your nearest grocery store, look for men who are doing their own weekly shopping. If you find someone attractive buying veggies, you could try to look confused and ask his opinion on what will go into the Mediterranean salad – sun-dried tomatoes or the cherry tomatoes. If a guy is shopping for fresh produce, most likely he is health-conscious or even perhaps a good cook. Either way it is good news for a single mom who would love to be pampered by a hot delicious meal cooked by someone else. 

Do the culture circuit

The next time your kids clamor for a movie or a picnic, why not take them to the theater, a painting exhibition or a museum instead? Not only will you be introducing your kids to a history of their country, culture and arts, you are more likely to meet wmen of an artistic bent of mind or at least more culturally aware. And as opposed to the museums and art galleries of the older kind, nowadays these venues have workshops and activity centers especially for kids. Thus while your children are discovering the joys of origami, you can take a quick trip around the venue and get chatting with a like-minded single as well.

Familiar outings with a twist

If you must visit zoos and amusement parks on holidays, you can explore ways to turn these into socializing opportunities too. As your kids are busy on the rides or at the ice cream parlor, look for any single dads hovering around. Get chatting with him and if he turns out to be single, suggest that all the kids take the next ride together. Likewise, do not miss get-togethers for parents at school or if possible volunteer during school trips where you can meet another single parent. This way you can get to know whether a guy is date-material without wasting time at bars and cafes.

Speed dating parties

If you are really pressed for time, maybe speed dating parties should be your choice of scene. So hire a babysitter for the evening and sign up for a speed dating event hosted at a reputed place. Here eight to ten minutes is all you have got and so the chemistry has to just right between you and your partner. On the flip side however first impressions rule which may not allow you enough time to really know each other. But then that is what speed dating is about and may be the best bet for busy single moms like you.