What are Polish Women like - Dating Girls from Poland


In recent times, Poland has been in news for some startling demographic facts. Poland has a high rate of suicide among men after twenty-five. As a result of this and other reasons there are more women than men in Poland. In some areas of the country the difference in sex ratio is as high as 7%. So if you are keen to meet women from East Europe, it would be a good idea to head to Poland. Before that though, go through an overview of what Polish women are like.

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The Catholic influence

Poland is a Catholic majority country though officially, there are 138 types of religion registered in Poland. Thus most women here are brought up in Catholic families even if they don’t go on to become practicing Catholics in adulthood. The influence of the Church is present in many aspects of daily life, especially in the rural areas. Going to church on Sundays is still very important while events like communion are greatly significant in the lives of young girls and they eagerly look forward to such occasions when they can be the center of attention. Because of the influence of Catholicism, you can expect some women to be quite conservative when it comes to sexual relations. They may be open to dating with you but not necessarily getting intimate. And even though these days, young women are increasingly liberal about social and religious mores, it is better to remember to keep the Polish traditional upbringing when interacting with women here.

Brimming with grace and beauty

Polish girls are known for their beauty, grace and femininity. Their striking physical appeal got global attention when in 1990 when Agnieszka Kreglewska became not only Miss Polonia but also Miss World. Polish women pride themselves on their taste in clothes and fashion as well. With the fall of economic barriers, Polish women now find it easier than before to follow the latest trends from the world of fashion and style.

Trained in traditional duties

Like other East European cultures, Polish society too has traditionally worked along separate gender roles. While men were expected to work outside and earn a living, women were expected to keep home and bring up children. Women in Poland continue to be brought up in the traditional way where they are made to learn cooking, cleaning, sewing, darning and other household duties. Even when growing up, girls are expected to help their mothers with the housework and especially pitch in during large family gatherings when there is a lot of cooking and washing up to be done. However since difficult economic conditions have compelled many women to take up jobs outside home, it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to manage both the professional and domestic spheres. Poland is at that stage of social development where more and more women are working outside – whether by choice or compulsion – but most men are yet to wake up to the necessity of taking on equal responsibility in the household as well.

Active minds

Yet another demographic trend in Poland reveals more number of women in higher educational institutions as compared to men. Thus Polish women are more often than not well-educated and even with a college degree. So if you happen to strike up an acquaintance with a woman here, make sure that you engage her in an interesting conversation. The Poles usually love a good discussion and once the women realize that you are game, they can display equal fervor in carrying on a conversation. Show that you are attracted to her intellect rather than just to a pretty face. However the language might be a problem since people in Poland do not speak English as widely as in other parts of the world. In fact many men and women above thirty may have had access only to Russian while studying. Pick up a few words and phrases in the local language and your female Polish friend will be greatly impressed by your interest.

Want to be treated with respect

Because of the lack of similarly educated men from their own country, many Polish women are open to dating and marrying foreigners. Other than this, difficult economic conditions in their own country make the prospect of living in Western Europe or the United States far more appealing. All these reasons have led to an increasing number of dating sites which claim to find suitable Polish women for single men from foreign countries. However it is best to be careful while signing up with such websites or dating agencies since many have been found to be involved in scams.  Also when you meet a Polish woman, don’t assume automatically that she sees you as a passport to the West. Treat her with respect and dignity and she will be far more willing to spend time with you than her own countrymen. Polish men have been traditionally conditioned to see their women merely as wives and homemakers and not take them as seriously. Also problems like unemployment and rampant alcoholism among Polish guys further raise the value of foreign men for single women in Poland. So if you are a foreigner and show the right degree of respect and care, you are sure to win the hearts of smart and pretty Polish women.