10 Talents that Will Help you Meet and Date Women

While most people around us are striving for money or good looks, the ones who achieve real social success are often the genuinely interesting personalities. This could be because people are jaded by the mainstream norms of beauty and financial success and instead are attracted to those who possess varied and interesting talents. Here are then ten talents that will help you meet women and even prove in handy while dating them.

  1. Speaking a foreign language

    A facility with languages is one of the most common traits of highly popular people and if a woman hears you speaking to the maitre de chef in French at a fine dining destination, she is bound to be impressed. You can use your language skills to meet women at international conventions, parties, on the campus and during overseas travel. Apart from the fact speaking a foreign language requires certain level of intelligence, it is also a sign of worldliness, one which distinguishes the much-travelled sophisticate from someone who has never been out of his home state. However be careful to reveal your skill in a matter of fact way ‘cause if you go out of your way to flaunt it, you may come off as a show-off or worse, desperate for approval.

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  2. A well-read personality

    This again is a huge plus if you want a smart woman to date you consistently instead of just having a one-night stand. Women who are successful professionals will expect their companions to be smart and intellectually aware as well. After all, a relationship can last only so long merely on the basis on sexual chemistry. Moreover if you want to be introduced to her family and friends, it would certainly help to come off as woman who is not only good looking but has a well-rounded personality too. However since reading can quickly turn into a solitary activity, it would not do to obtain a library membership or snuggle up at home with your favorite book in lap. Instead join an avowedly social platform like a book club where you can meet other members, discuss favorite authors, review new launches and if in the mood shred to pieces offerings by new writers. Also hang out at book stores and if you manage to get hold of an invitation, attend celebrity events like book reading or book launch by well-known authors. All this will throw you in touch with single women who share your literary interests and help you meet new people.
  3. Playing a musical instrument

    Easier to pick up as compared to a new language, playing an instrument still requires some degree of dedication, a fact which is unlikely to escape a woman. So while other men might view your ability to strum a guitar or play the saxophone as just one of many skills that a guy can pick up, women are more likely to see it as an expression of an artistic sensibility lurking deep inside your masculine self. What’s more, this talent can also open up dating opportunities since cultural festivals, clubs, musical gigs and friendly gatherings are all occasions where you can show off your skills and attract women.
  4. Dancing

    Most women love to shake a leg with their partners on the dance floor. This makes men with dancing skills some of the hottest items on the dating scene. Some men on the other hand might feel that is the hardest of all skills to acquire, maybe because of the combination of the social and artistic element involved in dancing. They may be too shy to try or feel that they are going to trip their partners. However it’s quite simple really – you just need to follow the rhythms of the music with your body and keep eye contact with your partner. All of which are sure to make her go wow with you moves.
  5. Personal fitness

    Women these days are becoming increasingly aware of the health benefits of regular exercise. So try to pick up skills that will bring you in touch with touch with women interested in healthy living – this could include being a personal trainer, a tennis coach, a nutritionist, masseuse or a talent for New Age practices like Yoga, Tai-chi, Pilates and meditation. And while you do a great job of improving their health, be sure to lend a sympathetic ear to their professional and personal confidences as well. Before you know it, you may have turned into a companion from a hired professional.
  6. Cooking

    It is quite impossible to come across a woman who isn’t going to be just a bit pleasantly surprised on hearing that a man knows his way about in the kitchen. Even better, associated activities like shopping for cookware or browsing through fresh produce aisles in supermarkets can open up opportunities to chat up women who are doing their grocery-shopping. In fact gourmet food stores can turn out to be highly sociable places where you can invite suggestions from a pretty and seemingly single girl on what would go better in a Greek salad – fresh cherry tomatoes or sun-dried tomatoes. And apart from the fact that your cooking skills will impress your partner, you will be eating better-tasting and healthier food yourself.

  7. Wine appreciation

    Though drinking wine has long existed as a part of daily life, especially in Europe and other western cultures, in recent times, the practice is now recognized as a hobby for the discriminating and distinguished and is thus an especially useful way to impress sophisticated women and those of refined tastes. There are large number of wine appreciation clubs where people come together to exchange the finer points of drinking, buying and appreciating wine. Apart from their regular meetings, wine appreciation clubs usually host special events throughout the year, for instance celebrating the holiday season or the launch of a special wine in the market. Subscribing to wine magazines or going on winery tours are other ways this hobby can help you meet new people.
  8. Fixing the dishwasher

    Learn to fix the dishwasher, the microwave, the washing-machine or a plain leaky faucet. While you may be an expert on the mating habits of Siberian cranes and can write the most sophisticated of computer program codes, if you are unable to repair a leaky faucet in your date’s apartment, you are unlikely to get much far with her. In fact a talent for mechanical skills can help you meet girls too – at craft classes and home improvement shops you can find many women, looking to pick up practical skills as well someone who can guide them through the world of tools and screws. So familiarize yourself with the basic handyman skills and once you are able to set right a faulty light switch, you might be able to impress her as serious boyfriend material.
  9. Conversation

    If there is one thing that is guaranteed to open up a woman’s heart to you, it is your ability to converse. You may not have enough money or killer looks but if you know how to talk and more importantly listen to her, you can easily know what she wants from men in general and you in particular. In fact a talent for sparkling conversation can multiply your dating opportunities since women are naturally attracted to men who are well aware and cosmopolitan in their outlook.  The only catch is that being a good conversationist takes some practice but once you master this skill, you have virtually all you need to impress a woman.
  10. Charming the little ones

    Gone are the days when childcare was the sole preserve of women. If you are a man and have a talent for handling kids try and look for opportunities that can get you employed as a nanny, au pair or home tutor. With rising divorce rates, there are bound to be single, professional moms desperate to look for someone to take care of their children. And even though you need to have a professional mindset in the beginning, with a little bit of luck you can work your charms on a single and successful mom together with the kids.