10 Best Hobbies to Meet New People

Mutual tastes in music, arts, sports and lifestyle are one of the surest indicators of romantic compatibility. So it makes sense to sign up with a hobby club if you are looking to meet singles with similar interests. And even when you are not really thinking in terms of a relationship, simply hanging about with like-minded companions who are passionate about the same hobbies as you, can turn out to be a really effective way to enlarge your social circle. Here are then ten hobbies which are sure to help you meet new people.

  1. Travel

    What hobby can be more geared towards meeting new people than travel? This is one passion that will take you to some of the most beautiful places on the planet, introduce you to new cultures, foods and in all these ways give you enough opportunity to make friends from across the world. And though rising airfares and fuel costs may raise some concerns over expenses, there are many economical ways to travel as well like biking, backpacking, hitchhiking and using local means of transport, all of which may end up with you exploring a new place and a culture in a way that is impossible from behind the sterile bubble of an air-conditioned bus.

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  2. Reading

    Among common interests, books have always been popular for bringing couples closer and many a romance has begun with a love of the written word. But since reading can quickly turn into a solitary activity, it would not do to obtain a library membership or snuggle up at home with your favorite book in lap. Instead join an avowedly social platform like a book club where you can meet other members, discuss favorite authors, review new launches and if in the mood shred to pieces offerings by new writers. Also hang out at book stores and if you manage to get hold of an invitation, attend celebrity events like book reading or book launch by well-known authors. All this will throw you in touch with other people who share your literary interests and help you meet new people.

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  3. Cooking

    One of the many important ways that people connect over is food –  Sunday lunches, power breakfasts and neighborhood barbecues are all different ways that people forge ties socially or professionally. Thus if you are racking your brains on how to expand your social circle, a trip to the nearest gourmet supplies store may be the answer. The very act of hosting, dining and entertaining is a highly social experience for hosts and guests all around. After all who can pass up an invitation to dig into succulent kebabs at your Moroccan themed party or gorge on festive treats, cookies and pies during the holiday season. Then again there are neighborhood pot lucks and poolside barbecues where people come to cook, dine and socialize which is why taking up cooking as a hobby can reap you delicious social dividends.

  4. Golfing

    If you are a golfer yourself, you probably are already a member of a golf club – if not, a membership would be a great way to come across other enthusiasts of the sport. Golf clubs are again active social organizations and the perfect place to start meeting new people. You can not only come across a suitable single or an interesting companion while practicing your drive on an ordinary day at the links, but also while having a good time at socializing opportunities like dances, fetes and picnics hosted by your local golf club. Also involve yourself in tournaments outside of your local club. Even if you do not feel competent enough to participate, attend the tournaments and mix around with crowds. Golf tournaments in other cities and states are bound to bring together players and fans from various places and these make good places to meet other golfing enthusiasts. Many big cities also have their own associations for single golfers; one such, the American Singles Golf Association has different chapters for different cities where golfers meet regularly for games of golf.  Best of all, the association also hosts events and singles golf holidays.
  5. Wine appreciation

    Though drinking wine has long existed as a part of daily life, especially in Europe and other western cultures, in recent times, the practice is now recognized as a hobby for the discriminating and distinguished. There are large number of wine appreciation clubs where people come together to exchange the finer points of drinking, buying and appreciating wine. Such clubs usually meet once in a month when members not only explore the nuances of the wine of the month but also feast on the different culinary delicacies complementing the distinctive grape varietal. Apart from their regular meetings, wine appreciation clubs usually host special events throughout the year, for instance celebrating the holiday season or the launch of a special wine in the market. Subscribing to wine magazines or going on winery tours are other ways this hobby can help you meet new people.
  6. Playing an instrument

    There is something about music which speaks to people across linguistic and cultural differences. Thus playing a musical instrument is one hobby which can help you meet people from different ethnicities and cultures. So pick up your guitar or saxophone and head to venues most likely to be frequented by fellow performers and music lovers like local music festivals, the art district in your town or city, theaters, the opera and even at bars and pubs famous for live performances. On the other hand if you wish to make your hobby a more regular business, how about joining a music club in your area – you will not only get someone to accompany you on the strings but who knows maybe also to the nearest café too.
  7. Dancing

    While a musical instrument can still be played for personal satisfaction, dancing is an explicitly social hobby. There is something about a light-footed man or woman that is absolutely irresistible to members of the opposite sex. And the very look of you having a good time on the dance floor is sure to make others to want to reach out to you. So take out your dancing shoes and head to the nearest nightclub or discotheque in your city this Friday night. Alternately you can join a performing arts club which teach or hold dances on certain days of the week.
  8. Team sports

    The very nature of team sports like football, baseball, basketball and volleyball means that you are bound to come in contact with other players who are in your team or club. So look up the classified in your city or town to find out what sport clubs exist in your city and choose one which you like playing. Apart from coming together with others on the football field and basketball court, joining a sports club will also involve ample socializing opportunities with your team members, their families and friends at perhaps sports bars or training grounds.
  9. Amateur theater

    Artists have the reputation of being involved in frenzied solitary pursuits; but if you have a talent for acting, then amateur dramatics can be a found that can jazz up your social life as well. Putting up a theatrical production is a combined effort with director, actors, script-writer, costume designer and set designers all working together. This means that as a member of an amateur theatrical club, you are likely to meet a whole of new people perhaps with even different leanings – for instance someone interested in fashion and style would enjoy being the costume designer or makeup artist while a techie would go for sound effects or stage lighting. Then there are rehearsals, dialogue readings and general brainstorming sessions all of which could prove to be effective socializing opportunities.
  10. Volunteering

    Doing volunteer work is a great way of meeting people who are caring and selfless. If a guy or girl is spending his time and resources to give back to the community, it can be safely assumed that their heart is in the right pace. Thus opt for a cause that you are passionate about so that you can enjoy helping others. If you have a green thumb for instance, help out with the landscaping of the neighborhood park or if your cookies are to die for, bake a batch for the local fire station. Even if you are reluctant to commit yourself on a regular basis, you could still come up with other volunteer ideas like taking a batch of home-baked cookies to the local fire station or sheriff’s office or getting involved in the organizing of country fetes, festivals and fundraisers. And if you happen to meet a potential suitor what better bond than a mutual love for philanthropic work?

No matter what hobby you decide to pursue, you need to have the right attitude to translate an encounter into friendships and relationships. When you do meet someone you would like to go out with, adopt a pleasant, friendly attitude. Strike up a conversation based on the interest that brought you together so that you have something mutually engaging to talk about. Above all remember to project a positive, happy outlook since human nature is attracted to those who are fun to be with.