Dating Websites for Lesbians


One reason why online dating has caught on is because it allows users to look for exactly the kind of relationships they want. This is especially convenient for those looking for same-sex relationships who neither have to search furtively for partners not hang around gay and lesbian bars. Thus if you are interested in Sapphic love, here are few sites that you can explore.

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A good place to start may be with niche dating sites which are exclusively open to lesbian and bisexual members. is one such dating website aimed at lesbian singles. The relationship options on the site range from bisexual to lesbian and the visual graphics make it plain that is more a site for erotic rather romantic encounters. Apart from English, the website is also available in German, French and Italian. What sets it apart from other sites in the segment is the mind-boggling variety of relationships and encounters available to members at this site. Apart from one-to-one lesbian and bisexual encounters, one can also search for some adult fun with another couple, combinations on group sex, erotic chat or phone sex.

With a purported user base of more than 35 million, is one of the most popular dating sites geared towards lesbian and bisexual women. One of the advantages at this site is the relatively quicker profile creation process with members only having  to complete a short membership questionnaire to get their profile up and running. Unlike other sites where members are required to complete all of their profile information on signing up to the site, here they can return at a later date to update their profile and add to the information by taking a number of additional quizzes, personality tests and questionnaires. Members of also have access to a broad range of other features that help make membership of the site more exciting. Here, members can view some of the hottest images online in the site’s galleries or check out a wide range of free triple X-rated videos. They can also host their own chatrooms and invite favorite members to join them, giving them the opportunity to have a great virtual orgy without leaving their computer. Members also have exclusive access to the Gay Girl Date Shop, where they can pick up everything from vibrators to costumes at great prices.

However those who are not so keen on joining such obviously adult dating sites, a fair option is This is a lesbians only site where women to meet other women interested in fun, sex, relationships or just friendship. One of the most innovative features here is the 'fashion show' feature, which takes users swiftly through the thumbnail profile pictures of those members who match their basic search criteria. Users can then, if they wish, click on any user to look at their complete profile or get in touch with them. It's a simple idea, but it is extremely effective, especially in introducing users to new members who have just joined the site. is part of the large Cupid network of more than thirty other dating sites which means that it has all the facilities, features and advantages of the large member base that the network is known for. In fact members can request translations of messages send in any one of 5 major world languages a little expensive compared to ldate and lesbianpersonals. Then again lesbian singles can even choose dating sites that focus on roles like Butch or femme and some of these sites are as well as

However it is not necessary that women looking for same-sex love restrict themselves to lesbian-dating sites only. There are many dating sites like as well which cater to the relationship needs of the LGBT community. In fact the former has one of largest member databases and is more like a community gay portal. When you sign up, you can specify if you are male, female or transgendered. One of the best aspects about is that they allow you to search on the basis of your requirements; for instance the site a quick search as well as 'relationship' search, 'adult' search and search by member name. The relationship search lets you search on the basis of various criteria.

Then there is which has a number of interesting features that a lot of other casual dating sites forgo, including video chat, a blackbook feature which is essentially a friends list, the ability to "safely" search which shuts off viewing of explicit photos and video feeds as well as put your profile in discreet mode which will only allow people in your blackbook to view your profile.

Another dating site which offers lesbians to meet like-minded singles is which is consistently listed by Hitwise as one of the most popular in the field of online dating. The site has an extremely quick sign up process - about two minutes in all.

yet another general site where lesbian singles can look for erotic or casual encounters is Even though site title might make it seem more like an adult dating site, in fact it caters to people of all sexual orientations looking for all sorts of relationships ranging from travel partners to activity partners, friendship, dating relationship and intimate encounters.

Lesbians looking for serious relationships can try out mainstream sites which cater to the same purpose. One of these is where not only heterosexuals but gay and lesbian singles looking for a dating or long term relationship are welcome. The site has a kind of guarantee plan according to which paid members that subscribe for two months and who don't receive a minimum of four matches, receive a free membership until they do. The Duet Compatibility System definitely stands out at and it's what the entire site is based upon. After you finish creating your profile, you'll immediately see what kind of personality category you fit into, of which there are thirteen options. The personality 'type' is determined by four letters, and you will not only learn what percentage of other singles in the database share your typology but also be matched with them.

Lesbian singles who don’t mind wading through numerous profiles can tap into the vast membership of sites like and . While these do not exclusively cater to lesbian relationship needs, the sheer number of profiles here usually means that you can find someone to your liking.

Most of the guidelines that apply to straight online dating are relevant for lesbian singles too. Apart from creating a well-written profile and uploading a good picture, you  stand to get more effective results if you search by location, mutual interests, age-range and relationship needs. At the same time it is important not to put too much store by stereotypes like a butch and femme. Lesbian writers and dating experts point out that there are several women looking for same-sex love who fit somewhere in between the two extremes of butch and femme and could be identified by all sorts of labels: femmy butches, soft butches, high femmes, blue jean femmes, bois and even trannies. So if you are thinking of dating a femme or a butch woman, be open to a whole range of interests and personality types she may exhibit. She may be dressed in pants and sport a short haircut but at the same time enjoy ballet. Interestingly there may be a disjunction between how a woman comes across like and how she sees herself – for instance you may come across a woman who seems hard butch but she may consider herself as soft butch or almost femme on some days.

Finally it always helps to be conscious of online safety while communicating with someone you met at a dating site. The usual safeguards of withholding personal and financial information apply to online lesbian dating too and it is always best to correspond through email or instant messenger before talking to someone on the phone. And when you do decide to meet someone in real life make sure it is in a public place and someone close knows where you will be. All these measures will ensure that online dating is not only a convenient and effective way to meet other lesbian singles but a safe and dependable way too.