10 useful tips on creating your internet dating profile


With so many internet dating web sites and millions of users, it's hard to get noticed by the hottie you find yourself attracted to. Here're some tips to increase your chances of success manifold, in internet dating. 

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1. Make your profile stand out

Make your profile stand out in the midst of thousands of 'me too' internet dating profiles. It is usually a good idea to search for profiles of your own sex, to gauge the competition. You could even learn a thing or two from viewing profiles of other people. Use humor in your profile. It works very well. Women especially love men who can make them laugh.  

2. Be honest

Be truthful about your situation. Don't hint that you're a millionaire if you're not. You'll just attract the wrong people and waste your time. If you're married or have kids, say so in your dating profile.  

3. Don't appear desperate

Don't appear like you're really desperate for a date and have no standards at all. Set a partner criterion that isn't too broad. If you're looking for partners between five feet and six feet two and religion, ethnicity and race doesn't matter, it means you're only looking to get laid. At least, that's what you're conveying.  

4. Write about yourself

Provide enough information about yourself. What are you like as a person? Which movies do you like? What sort of books do you read? Fiction or non-fiction? Mention your hobbies and interests in your dating profile.  

5. Mention what you're looking for

Write about the sort of partner you're looking for in terms of outlook, appearance, religious beliefs etc., if they're important.  

6. Be positive in your profile

Be positive in your profile. Often people will write, 'No freaks' or ' No messed-up people'. This isn't the way anyone would see himself or herself. It shows that you're cynical and see people in a negative light. Be non-judgemental and show that you are so. Be receptive to bringing new people into your life. 

7. Choosing your dating profile user name

Your user name plays a critical role. It is the difference between people clicking on your profile name and viewing your profile or moving on to the next one. Avoid using your full name. You could use your first name with some numbers after it. Something that shows you're romantic or have a sense of humor would work if these are the qualities you possess and want to project. Blatantly sexual user names are best avoided unless you're signing up with an Adult dating site where people usually come looking for casual encounters, flings and sex.

8. Don't be afraid of the Internet

Even in today's times many people are afraid of using the internet for creating dating profiles or searching for prospective dates. As long as you follow basic safety norms, there is no reason to be paranoid. The internet gives some degree of anonymity. Use this till you're reasonably sure who're you're dealing with.

9. Internet dating profile pictures

The picture is probably the single most important aspect of your profile. Pictures are known to increase profile views and messages received more than anything else. Use a recent picture. Be fair to the people who may want to get in touch with you.

If the real you is different from the picture, your date may be disappointed. You can always use some image editing software to enhance the picture, though. This is something most people in show business do for their portfolios, ad campaigns and movie posters. Let your picture portray someone who's positive and receptive. Smile!

Avoid webcam shots. They turn out lousy. Group shots are a no-no. it shows you weren't serious enough to even get a picture taken. Use a close-up, not a long distance shot. Most dating sites will remove your image if it's a sketch or a cartoon character. So there's no point going that way. Use nudity only if it is, permissible as per the terms of service of the dating site you're signing up with and make sure it's tasteful. Also consider that the images you use can go into circulation elsewhere also.
10. Log in often

After you create your profile, log in often. Most internet dating websites sort listings by last logged in date. That way your profile is seen more often.

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