How to get an eHarmony discount or promotional coupon code


eHarmony promotions are always in demand! eHarmony's paid membership begins from as little as $59.95 which isn't much really because eHarmony really plays Cupid by comparing the personalities of members and trying to get them to others who're on their wavelength in every possible way.

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Ever so often we get mail from people asking us how they can get discounts from or coupon codes for eHarmony dating. Apparently many find eHarmony an attractive dating site but consider it a wee bit expensive and are looking for discounts even before they sign up. Well, we have good news and we have bad news. The good news is that you can get discounts on eHarmony memberships. The bad news is that not everyone can get them. Back to the good news again. We're outlining how you can boost your chances of getting a coupon code that works with eHarmony.

There are people who look for eHarmony promo codes and don't even sign up with them which is ironical because signing up, initially is absolutely free. You don't have to pay a dime to eHarmony. I'm surprised by the number of guys who don't even do this and then search the internet for promotional codes and great deals from eHarmony. The best way to get an eHarmony coupon is to sign up for their free trial. After you sign up for their services, you can do a search online for their discount coupons. Bookmark this page and come back often. Most days you'll find a discount coupon here. It's not so frequent, I admit. If it was, it would lose its value. Besides you won't see any coupon codes of eHarmony floating around on the internet because eHarmony as a website is targeted only at people looking for more meaningful relationships.

After you've signed up, it would be in your interest to upgrade your membership if it's not too expensive for you. If not, eHarmony will send you mail from time to time, reminding you that you've enrolled with them and that there are singles waiting to hear from you. Now, it is possible that eHarmony picks you for one of their promotional offers. The subject of their email could be:

Communicate for free...Now through Monday
{eHarmony} Get 3 Months for 60% Off
{eHarmony} Get 3 Months for the Price of 1!
{eHarmony} Save an Extra 20%!

Once you get picked, don't waste time. Go ahead and upgrade your membership. These offers don't last...don't look the gift horse in the mouth...go ahead and upgrade! Good luck! So, take our word for it. sign up with $EHARMONY-TXT$ for a free trial today.