What are Hong Kong Women Like - Dating Girls from Hong Kong


The financial nerve center of Southeast Asia, Hong Kong is also known for its fast-paced, glitzy consumerist lifestyle. These factors attract a large number of people to Hong Kong from around the world which is why it has a significant male expat population. If you too have just landed or are thinking of visiting Hong Kong, here is a brief pointer on what its women are like.

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Pretty and petite

One of the biggest reasons why foreign men may be attracted to women here is because of the latter’s slender beauty. The prettiest of women from Hong Kong like their counterparts in Singapore, China and Korea have petite frames which are well complemented by their smooth skin and satin-like hair. Add to these the element of exotica that these women possess and very few men would be able to resist the former’s grace and beauty.

Economically empowered

At the same time, it is not merely beauty that women in Hong Kong are known for. As compared to their counterparts in Taiwan and mainland China, women here have more educational and career opportunities. To a certain extent, this is a legacy of Hong Kong’s colonial past which brought about a more Westernized ethos, particularly in education and economy. Also the materialistic culture of Hong Kong encourages all members of the society including its women to be part of the skilled labor force. Thus more and more are ready to join the professional sector and enjoy the lifestyle that a cushy job makes it possible to afford. It is estimated that women in Hong Kong make up around 48% of the labor force. They are mostly employed in the country’s thriving financial, retail, tourism or services sector. Indeed the presence of a large - around three hundred thousand strong – population of domestic help actually enables the qualified women of Hong Kong to devote more time to their profession as well as recreation. So if you are expecting to get to known shy and submissive women here who will think nothing of letting the men in her life take the major decisions, you better think again. Women here no longer look upon marriage as the only way to have economic security and would rather be professionals themselves than have to depend on a husband for the necessities and comforts of life.

Very fashionable

Hong Kong has a markedly materialistic culture where financial superiority and earning power is often the judge or an individual’s position and power in society. This materialistic culture goes hand in hand with an obsession for consumption which often revolves around marathon shopping expeditions, buying the latest products in terms of trends and displaying the latest purchases as a mark of superiority over neighbors and friends. Stores are often open till late at night and regularly offer deals and discounts to attract customers. Women in Hong Kong are one of the main driving forces of its consumerist culture and this is evident in their love of shopping. They go out shopping on weekends, weekday nights and any other time that suits them. Clothes, accessories, cosmetics, footwear and gadgets are some of the things that women here don’t mind splurging on. So if you wish to make a good impression on your lady friend from Hong Kong, offer to accompany her one of her shopping expeditions. But if you are planning to buy her something here, consider well since every conceivable product can be purchased in Hong Kong. Rather bring a gift which is a unique product of your own country or city and she is likely to be impressed. However if you are thinking of entering into a relationship with her, be careful since women here can be very high-maintenance; in fact the more attractive and successful your girlfriend is, the higher you may have to spend on her. Some of the places where you are likely to find women hanging out at swanky places like Central, Pacific are or even the much-favored Stanley Market for casual stuff.

Concerned by gender ratio

In recent times women in Hong Kong have been feeling the effects of a widening gender gap with the result that there are more women than men here. In 2003, the number of males was 998 for every 1,000 females 1; however three years later in 2006 there were 912 men for every 1,000 women in the city. By 2036, it is though that, the gap will widen to a 763:1,000 ratio - and these figures do not even include the hordes of foreign domestic helpers working in Hong Kong, most of who are female. The main concern for women of Hong Kong is the lack of partner that such demographic trends predict. The women most affected by the decline in males belong to the most marriageable, ranging in age from 25 to 44. There are now 907 men for every 1,000 members of this age group, but the disparity will increase to 664 men for every 1,000 women by 2036. What has really exacerbated the situation is the recent trend of Hong Kong men preferring to marry women from mainland China over the city’s women. Last year, 28,000 Hong Kong men tied the knot with mainland women, an 80% increase since 2001, while 6,500 women chose a mainland partner. Overall,  35% of the marriages registered in Hong Kong involved a mainland spouse. Thus apparently while being a woman in Hong Kong is a mixed blessing. While she has access to wider education , professional and lifestyle opportunities, her relationship options are shrinking. One of the main reasons for the trend of Hong Kong men marrying women from mainland China is that they are more subservient as compared to Hong Kong’s women. The latter having gained financial independence and social self-assurance are reluctant to tie themselves to men who despite all the financial advances of Hong Kong society still hold traditional Asian expectations when it comes to marital partners.
According to these wives are supposed to be deferential to their husbands. So if you are a foreigner, you stand a great chance to impress Hong Kong women, provided you know how to impress and date them.


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