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Physical characteristics, for good or bad, have always been a significant factor in the choice of a partner. If most men are choosy about the looks and figures of their girlfriends, many women are equally careful not to be seen with men shorter than they are. Explanations for this have ranged from evolutionary genetics like height associated with better health and potential for procreation to the modern notion of height discrimination or the phenomenon where men of lower than average height are shown to be less successful in career and relationships in popular culture.

Good looking men do not qualify for tourist attractions in the same way that hottest women or bikini destinations do. And yet any list of the countries with the grooviest guys is sure to send single women scuttling to their travel agents to plan their next vacation. To help them here is a brief account of the five countries with the best looking men on the planet.

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How often have you noticed an attractive girl sitting two places away from you and wished you knew how to chat her up? It is not that hard to get talking to a girl but you must know how to catch her attention without coming across as cheap or desperate. Here are a few ways to start a conversation with a girl and keep it flowing.

Act promptly

Despite love being the be-all and end-all in popular culture, casual dating is fast catching on. Spiraling divorce rates and to some extent tightened purse-strings brought on by the recession have made singles wary of committing themselves to long-term relationships where the cost of a breakup can be immense, both emotionally and financially. So if you are a guy and looking for a no-strings-attached thing, here are a few ways to meet girls who are game for a casual relationship.

Popular hangouts

Singles bring all sorts of expectations and priorities to the dating game and one of these could well be child-free dating. So if you are a woman who doesn’t want to have kids and are looking to date men who feel likewise, here are a few ways you can meet potential partners.

Have realistic expectations

Body language is perhaps the most important form of non-verbal communication between humans. You can use gestures and body postures to convey feelings and intentions that are difficult or awkward when spoken as words. So if you wish to reach out to women, the right body language can go a long way in making things easier and making them notice you.

Men and women these days take more time than ever, to commit themselves to marriage. A host of reasons have led to this trend - mostly because of greater professional opportunities, wider relationship options and a growing incidence of failed or unhappy marriages.So if you find yourself ready for marriage but still looking for Mr. Right, take heart. Here are some tips on finding single men who want to get married, and where to look for them.

One of the worst things that the modern fashion and entertainment industry has imposed on society, is a false notion of beauty, especially female beauty. Every day, media sources bombard viewers with images of reed-thin women, getting the best out of life and society, to the extent that being fat is equated with being ugly and stupid.

A rising divorce rate and the tendency to marry late have opened up dating possibilities for the 40 plus group like never before. Men and women who are comfortably settled in their professions have greater resources at their disposal and can spend more on dating. But often they don’t know where to look. So if you are seeking 40 plus men to date, here are the top ten places you should check out.

God made woman to be with man. So eventually everyone finds someone or the other. Looking across the street, you will find couples walking hand in hand, sitting and chatting or just plainly staring into each others eyes in bliss. At one point all these people must have been alone, right? But today they have someone. One week is a short time, but love stories can happen any moment. Love rarely 'just happens'. We have to make things happen, with a little help from lady luck! So go, make your love story and give it your best shot!


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