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Professional women bring many coveted qualities to the dating club, not the least of which is a substantial disposable income which can make for a comfortable dating life. Other than this, such women are likely to be smart, confident, aware and thus likely attractive as partners. So if you are looking to date professional single women, here are some avenues worth exploring.

The workplace

Religiosity is on the decline in most parts of the world. Reasons for this may be the stuff of discussions among sociologists and religious leaders, but that the hold of religion is weakening worldwide is only too evident in popular culture and social practices. Barring some fundamentalist societies and countries with state religions, most places in the world are moving to a secular way of living. But what about societies where people reject any form of religion?

Very often people from different walks of life have different lifestyles – like educationists and accountants tend to keep to a regular schedule, the lives of artists and innovators are marked more by spontaneity as well as alternate periods of frenzied creation and then ample leisure. If you are interested in meeting and dating a pianist in particular, here are a few things to keep in mind.

The prospect of dating a scientist for most people does not conjure up highly thrilling date evenings. And yet scientists are intelligent, curious and most often undemanding, qualities which are important for a mutually satisfying relationship. So if you are thinking of dating a scientist, here is a brief guide to on how to go about it.

Dating for introverts can very often be an intimidating experience since romantic relationships – especially new ones –  involves reaching out to others. For someone who is naturally shy like you, the whole routine of making small talk with unfamiliar people, getting out of the comfort zone and making the first move can be quite unnerving if not downright frightening. But here are few ways you can break into the dating scene with relative ease and privacy.

Intellectual compatibility may not rank as high as chemistry or good looks among popular factors supposed to influence choice of a partner, but there is a sizable portion of the dating pool who wish to meet singles with a comparable level of education or at least intellectual awareness. If you are a globe-trotter and wish to meet educated singles, here are ten cities you can explore.

Going out with friends forms the core of a social life for most singles. A circle of friends means dropping in at bars, cafes and parties where one can meet friends of friends and thus get to know new people. However if you are the introvert sort with hardly any friends or simply too busy to make the effort, it does not mean that you stand to lose out on dating too. Here are a few ways you can meet women even when you don’t have a large social circle to bank on.

Go online

The World Health Organization warns that obesity has reached epidemic proportions globally, with at least 2.8 million people dying each year as a result of being overweight or obese1. While the rapid increase in the average body size of men and women in developed countries has received considerable attention and even led to revising many health and nutritional guidelines, in many other cultures obesity rates continue to be high as a result of cultural dispositions. Here are some countries where being fat is considered attractive, especially in women.

Well-read people make some of the most interesting companions – they not only make for delightful conversations but can even bring a fresh perspective on life and some of its issues. If you are widely-read yourself or simply like the company of well-read people, here are a few tips on meeting and dating those who have broad intellectual horizons.

Join a book club

One of the best ways to meet a compatible partner is to look for a person with whom you share your most passionate interests. For many people this happens to be traveling – there is something about visiting new places that taps into one of the primal human urges and at the same time gives one a fresh perspective on life. If you feel the same way, here are some ways you can meet and date someone who loves to travel as well.

Join a travel club


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