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Having a dog as pet goes much beyond indulging a preference for a four-footed companion – it is actually a way of life. Over time your daily routine, recreational options and even vacation destinations are determined by what is and is not suitable for Fido – and few people other than hard core dog lovers would understand this. This is why if you love dogs and particularly have them as pets, it would make sense to look for a dating partner who shares your lifestyle. Here are then few tips on how to meet and date other singles who love dogs as much as you do.

Being far away from your own culture can be a mixed blessing – on one hand you get to sample the different and taste the exotic but on the other, you miss the familiar ways of living and loving. In India, owing to diverse and complex social forces, finding one’s feet can be even more disconcerting for people from other countries. Here are however a few ways to meet other expats and get your social life going.

Traveling has always been known to broaden one’s mind and make for new experiences. Indeed in many cultures, travel to another continent – usually Europe – is seen as a coming of age experience, a necessary rite of passage in the road to adulthood. But if you wish to widen your social network as much as your mental horizons, travelling is a great option. Here are only some of the few ways how going on travels can help you meet singles.

Go where you would love to

Having a high-pressure job is hardly good news for your social life – you are stuck from morning till late evening at your desk and whatever is left of the night, you spend making presentations or notes for the next day. And yet some jobs can actually hold enough opportunities to help you go out and meet new people.

The last few years have seen mind-boggling changes in the field of communication technology. Cell phones, smart phones and internet applications like Skype have absolutely changed the way people communicate with each other and an inevitable effect has been on personal relationships. It is now not only possible to meet a person at the opposite end of the world but also to virtually date and even have a relationship. Curiously enough, the recent communication gadgets have had an opposite isolating effect too, that of making one more distant from the person sitting right next to him/her.

Which man doesn’t dream of having a gorgeous woman on his arms as he struts about a nightclub or an a high-school reunion. However most of the times guys find that there just aren’t enough of them going around or whoever they happen to meet is inevitably tagged by a boyfriend. The trick of course lies in looking at the right places. So here are ten spots where you stand a reasonable chance of meeting attractive women who if you are lucky may be single as well.

In popular culture, one of the staples of the attractive male physique is that of muscular guy with six-pack abs and a well-defined V-shaped upper body. There have been many reasons put forward why women drool over muscular men, ranging from the evolutionary one according to which physically strong men offer their mates the best chances of survival of their offspring to more modern notions of sexual attractiveness. If you are one of those who have a thing for muscular guys, here are few ways how you can meet and date them.

Buy a gym membership

Have you wondered at the steady stream of dates which never seem to translate into a relationship for you. You may hold a decent job and even be better-looking than many of your pals with girlfriends, but for vague reason or other, you find yourself spending weekends alone or steeling yourself for yet another blind date. If this has been going on for quite a while, here are ten possible reasons why you cannot get a girlfriend.

There are some men and women who naturally seem to belong to the center of a group. They are usually highly sociable, beloved of friends and families and even sought out in the workplace. And yet you find that they are rarely extraordinary in terms of looks or intelligence. More often they have an uncanny ability to make people feel at ease around them and attract others with their positive vibes and energy. The good news is that all this can be acquired by practice which is why if you too wish to be feted as the life of the party, here are a few tips to get you started.

How many times have you found girls complaining that all the nice guys seem to be taken. True it is hard to find caring and supportive men who are not in a relationship – but that doesn’t mean you give up the search and settle for less. If you have been with selfish, egoistic men more times than you care to remember and are now looking for someone genuinely nice, here are ten places you can check out.


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