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Dating is a complex enough phenomenon is mainstream society but if you happen to follow an alternative lifestyle, finding friends and partners can become even more difficult. And yet, living, talking and socializing among people with similar approach to life can be highly satisfying, enough to make a long and tedious search worthwhile. So if you are a naturist yourself and wish to meet men and women who believe in this life, here are a few avenues you can explore.

If there's one group of women that makes themselves nearly impossible to date it's the feminists. How can a guy be expected to find true love with a woman who thinks he's a chauvinistic, wage stealing, power hungry, archaic disgrace of a slob? Yes I know that “girl power” girls are really in a fight for equality as opposed to superiority, but sometimes that kind of thing can be hard to differentiate, particularly for a man who's spent his whole life learning a certain way of thinking and acting that in some ways goes squarely against feminist ideals.  

Ever wondered why your dates don’t go further than the first meeting. Or perhaps women inevitably excuse themselves after ten minutes of talking to you. Most likely you come across as an uninteresting person – nice but not really capable of setting fire to the soul. If you suspect this is the case, read on to know about what you could do if most women find you boring.

One of the most terrifying questions that face  almost all singles on the brink of a relationship is that whether the person they are dating is right for them. More often than not, it is the little signals in a relationship and a niggling doubt that can send warning signals blaring in your ears. Here are some questions which can help you to find out if you are dating someone completely wrong for you.

Mutual tastes in music, art and lifestyle are one of the surest indicators of romantic compatibility. So it makes sense if you are looking for singles with similar literary preferences. And even when you are not really thinking in terms of a relationship, simply hanging about with a like-minded companion who appreciates the same authors that you do can turn out to be a really enjoyable date idea. Here is a little bit more on how you can meet and date people who read a particular author.

While there is no telling what makes for an ideal relationship, if you happen to share the same spiritual philosophy and values with your partner, it is that much easier to have a happy life together. So if you are active practitioner of your faith yourself or simply wish for a partner to have the same values as are upheld in your religion, here are some ways you can meet and date someone suitable.

Your place of worship

As personal relationships become more self-serving in these times, there is an opposite and equally strong desire to find someone with whom you can just be yourself and yet feel fulfilled. If you believe you are in search of someone like this, read on for a few tips on how to find your soul-mate.

It is not unusual to come across guys who claim to be perplexed by what women want from them. Some days wives and girlfriends seem to be fine with who their men are while on others they will try their best to change the men in their lives. Likewise if you find women difficult to figure out, here is a list of the ten top things that women want in men. 

You know - and your friends tell you too - that you are smart, attractive and good at your work. But despite so many obvious qualities, you are still single while those far less eligible than you are getting on with their second babies and suburban homes. Even though you never wanted to settle down to a quiet married life, perhaps you wonder now and then if you are going wrong somewhere. Perhaps it lies in the huge checklist of must-haves that you consult before deciding to date anyone. So read these signs and find out if you are being too picky with dating men.

Women are lucky to live in an age where being single does not automatically mean that she has a problem. They can take their time in looking for the right guy and wait till he comes along. But when you have spent way too much time and money on dates and begin to wonder if there are actually any nice guys out there, maybe you are doing something wrong. Here is a list of the ten biggest mistakes that single women make when it comes to dating and relationships.


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