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You seem to have it all –  a successful career, sparkling wit and personal appeal – and yet why is getting to meet a likable date such hard work. Dating experts often speak of looking at places where there is a larger pool of potential dating partners for greater success. So if you are a guy and still unattached, the following list can be useful in deciding where to look since these US cities have a higher number of women as compared to men.

One of the most significant factors which determine success in dating is the size of the dating pool. The larger the pool of potential candidates, the higher the possibility of landing a date. So if you have been sitting idle on Saturday evenings despite having virtually all that it takes to attract a date, perhaps you have been looking in the wrong places. If you are a woman, here is a list of 10 cities in the US where men outnumber women and you could get lucky.

Singles vacation destinations are marked by a colorful nightlife, wide-ranging recreational options and even day-time activities that would bring men and women together. So if you are available and eager to check out the hottest guys on the planet, head for these vacation spots.

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In these times of a sluggish economy, most life gurus say that it makes sense to be frugal – try to live on less rather than fall victim to foreclosures or work yourself to death in order to earn a few dollars more. However most men find that frugality comes as a mixed blessing – while it leaves them with more time to enjoy a social life, it actually restricts the number of ways and women they can hang out with. So what really frugality while dating imply and does it really work as a turn-off for women?

For all singles interested in a relationship, one of the biggest hurdles is deciding what to look for in a partner. Most of the times, what someone wants depends on the kind of a relationship – casual or long-term – he or she is looking for. Or perhaps the checklist depends on the person’s individual’s likes and dislikes. Despite this unavoidable personal bias, here is a list of essential qualities that you should look for in a partner.

Social networking is now a way of life and sites like Facebook have revolutionized the very dynamics of inter-personal relationships. Sometimes however, what gets posted on these sites may appear far from flattering to your person and character. So go through the following points and consider if your Facebook profile is killing your dating potential.

Being an ideal partner often involves meeting varied and sky-high expectations. One is expected to be smart, attractive, well-employed, mentally at peace and of a fun-loving disposition to have a successful love life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was somebody who could love you for your essential self and not for his or her idea of the perfect lover? Here is how to find our own true love – someone who would love you just the way you are and not look for anything more.

“Am very shy and cannot talk with girls,” writes an anonymous reader to an expert advice column in a magazine. He is not alone. Shyness is common to most people and all have experienced it at some time or other. During childhood or teenage or adulthood, one may have experienced the mortification of being tongue-tied and awkward before others. But it may be a serious condition for some, as they may find shyness a problem for normal socializing, communicating and activity.

Getting smart, good looking people to date can be a matter of luck at the best of times. However, once you have crossed 40, dating options seem to drastically shrink in range. All the interesting ladies out there either seem to have a wedding ring on their fingers or appear to be already taken. It is enough to drive a single man back to his beer-mates and a sorry game of darts.

The most confident and attractive men may sometimes find it difficult to get a date or even approach a girl. There are some who get it all wrong when it comes to enticing a girl. Either they use a wrong pick up line or adopt an ineffective strategy, thereby spoiling it all for themselves. In order to get girls to like you, you need to improve the real you and learn the tricks of the trade.


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