How to Meet and Date Women Who Want to be Stay-at-home Moms


Heightened stress that comes from juggling a career and family has convinced many women of the benefits of staying at home and bringing up kids. Rising family incomes and greater awareness of the value of a mother’s contribution to running a family have made the transition easier. However for guys with regular nine-to-five jobs, it becomes difficult to come across stay-at-home moms to date. Here are a few tips in meeting and dating women who would rather be stay-at-home moms rather than professionals.

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Hang out where the girls do

Women who wish to be stay-at-home moms are unlikely to be found in professional conventions and business lunches. Rather frequent places which provide skills for women to become stay-at-home moms. These could be schools and institutes offering short courses in child care, nutrition or home science. Also cooking classes, gardening classes and grooming classes may be great ways to meet women who are looking to be housewives. Women who wish to be stay-at-home moms know that they need to find a rich husband to meet their needs and thus are likely to be acquiring the right skills for attracting a suitable partner. Also shopping malls, beauty salons and restaurants famous for nice brunches are other places where such young women may be found hanging out.

Frequent kid-friendly places

You are most likely to meet stay-at-home moms in kid-friendly places. One of the best bets is of course your neighborhood park. Hang out at the kids’ playground or at the toddlers’ play areas or go running along jogging tracks which border these playgrounds. Better still walk your dog or your neighbor’s pooch in the park and you are sure to attract kids, not to mention single aunts or elder sisters who do not mind becoming moms one day. Yet another great place to meet stay-at-home moms would be a big toystore or bookstore which have special areas for kids to read, listen to music and play. The mothers and caregivers are usually found browsing through other sections or perhaps sipping coffee in the café area. If possible, hang out at these stores during special days when they are hosting a story-telling session or other kiddie events. For the same reasons, the library is another place where you are likely to meet stay-at-home moms who are either choosing books for their kids or catching up on their own reading. The library offers a better place to strike up a conversation as compared to a bookshop since bawling kids are unlikely to be present here and you will have more privacy. Your local church is also a great way to interact with women who wish to be stay-at-home moms. Get involved in watching the little ones in the nursery during church service or help with teaching programs aimed at young children. This will give you a chance to interact with women who like taking care of kids and if you are lucky, you may find an attractive single among them.

Use opportunities presented by kids in your family

If you already have a kid, then you have far greater opportunities to meet women who are stay-at-home moms or would like to be so. You can volunteer to schools and nurseries to be a teacher’s help or act as a coach to the kids’ soccer teams. Alternatively you can offer to drive your kids and their friends to piano lessons or any other such classes and back. Getting involved with kids and their schedules will give you ample opportunities to socialize with their caregivers, and if lucky you can find a stay-at-home mom who is single as well. Even if you don’t have kids of your own, you can ask a nephew or a niece if they need help driving them around or if they would like you to coach their baseball team.

Go online

One of the most effective ways to meet women who would like to be stay-at-home moms is to go online. This is especially true if you have a regular day job and find it difficult to get away during mid-day or early evenings. Sign up with a reputed dating website, create a biography and add a photograph. Start searching by entering the appropriate keywords. You can narrow your search by indicating the number of miles away you'd be willing to travel and including the town you live in. Along with dating portals, you can also explore social networking sites which will help you find other people with similar interests including women who want to be stay-at-home moms. Then again spend some time surfing mommy blogs and sign-up via email or an RSS reader to receive regular updates. Leave comments for various posts and contact the author who is most likely to be a stay-at-home mom herself or would like to be so.

Consider the limitations

When dating a woman who wants to be a stay-at-home, don’t expect her to engage you in long, intellectually stimulating conversation. Her interests would probably have more to do with shopping, cooking, organizing play-dates rather than geophysics and astronomy. If she is already a stay-at-home single mom, then your dates may be cut short once in a while and you may even feel that half her mind is at home. Also if you are planning on a committed relationship, consider the fact that you will have to take the entire financial responsibility of running a household and a growing family.

Enjoy the positives

However what you may lose out on the intellectually compatibility of your dates, you will probably make up with family values. Since a stay-at-home mom holds family above everything else, she is likely to make a great partner in a committed relationship. She is likely to be devoted mate, someone who will go to great lengths to keep you happy. Apart from exclusive attention, you are also likely to benefit from a clean, well-kept household and welcomed with hot, home-cooked food at the end of the day.