How to Meet and Date a Biker


Like all niche culture groups, bikers have come to be associated with certain stereotypes of dress and lifestyle. The truth however is that most bikers are normal people who have everyday normal feelings and routines. What sets them apart is that urge to ride on two wheels, and that urge can be very strong. So if you are ready to ride into this way of life, here are some tips on meeting and dating a biker.

Who are you looking for?

In popular media, a biker is shown to dress and behave in a particular way – however the first thing to remember is that there are different kinds of bikers. On one extreme is the hardcore biker that lives and breathes on two wheels, and is ready to drop everything at the idea of a long cross-state bike run. On the other end of the scale is the weekend prep who only rides if the weather is perfect and has a group of buddies to show off to. In between is the biker who loves riding but has a day job and likes his/her respectable social network as well. Keeping in mind that the biker community is a varied one will not only help you to understand them better – instead of making uninformed generalizations – but more importantly seek out the kind of biker you wish to date.

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Frequent the right places

Once you are clear about which kind of bikers you would like to date, you are better placed to search the places where such guys and girls hang out. In order to meet the hardcore bikers, find out where the biker bars or pubs in your city or town are and then make it a point to be seen there. Yet another way of running into a long time biker is to mingle with participants of a bike run as they stop to take a break. These are usually biker friendly cafes run by people who are keen bikers themselves. Overnight stops are usually at designated places in a city or town with shower, garage and trailer facilities where bikers can do some maintenance work on their bikes and also get their sleep. Such stops usually have burger vans and cafes nearby where you can again hang out to meet avid bikers. Then there are biker clubs which mostly welcome members who have a serious and abiding interest in the biking lifestyle but once you are in, you are sure to get access to a wide range of meets, bike runs and rallies not always open to outsiders. On the other hand you can also frequent bike rallies or charity events in case you are looking for bikers with a more flexible lifestyle. Alternately there may be some bars and pubs in your city which host a bikers’ night on a certain evening of the week – this would also be a great place to hook up with bikers if you happen to live in a city where the biking culture is not really big. In any case watch out for guys and girls around you who commute to work on bikes or regularly subscribe to biking or even auto magazines. These people are usually the ones balancing a sedate working life with a passion for bikes and could make great dating partners if you don’t want to go the whole hog.

Log in

Like other niche dating groups, bikers too have several online dating resources these days. There are a large number of dating sites which cater to lovers of the biker lifestyle and could help you meet the biker girl or guy of your dreams. Apart from helping you to get in touch with potential dating partners in your geographic location, such dating sites are also useful resources on bikers’ rallies and meet-ups taking place in and around your city or town which can turn out to be virtual goldmine for biker singles.

The biker ethic

No matter what type of biker you meet and start dating, keep in mind that their passion brings them a feeling of freedom that they can't get anywhere else. Such men and women feel caged in a car or truck and the only way they feel really alive is to have the wind rush all over their bodies as they ride their bikes on the road. So when dating a biker, try not to curb this desire for freedom, or you might find yourself standing alone as he or she drives away. Also bikers are a tight-knit community. And essential part of the biker code is to help each other out. When a biker finds one of their community members broken down by the side of the road, he or she will always stop and offer help. Even if they can do no more than offer moral support, bikers believe that it is better than riding on by. So when dating a biker, you will have to make certain allowances for his/her biker friends. This is an activity which largely depends on mutual help and support and as such bonding is an important aspect of the biker community.

Biker style

The desire for freedom for bikers is more often than not externally depicted in their personal style. Bikers are commonly seen in leather boots and jackets with all those cool run pins and patches. But deep down, biking is much more than wearing a certain type of clothing or accessories – it is a state of mind. Being a biker means that you do not go along with the normal flow or care about what people think, except those who are your true friends.   Bikers live their lives the way they want to. And it is this which is often externally manifest in a certain type of clothing or their desire to look a certain way.

Bikers love the freedom riding gives them which is why the more serious bikers make it a point to use their bikes in daily life as well. So when dating a biker, going out with probably mean riding a bike with your partner. While this may seem fun to you during good weather and you intend to ride through the countryside, keep in mind that your biker date may wish to take the bike even on other occasions even if it is just over to friends for a BBQ or to the movies. For him or her, it is just a lot more enjoyable and feeling free where as you may not appreciate riding a bike in a cocktail dress or in your Jimmy Choo stilettos.

Sexual freedom

Then again, for some the biker lifestyle” or more specifically the “Old School Biker Lifestyle” is partly about being free in ever since of the word and this may include being sexually free. Thus if you are the kind of person who believes in exclusive dating or at least mutually monogamy in a relationship, see that you and your biker partner are on the same page.

Finally bikers come with their own lifestyle and ideals. If you are the kind of person who appreciates freedom on different levels, dating a biker may turn out to be a highly satisfying experience.