How to Meet and Date Health Conscious People


As the number of lifestyle diseases multiply, a healthy way of living becomes more important than ever. Indeed researchers have found that your chances of staying fit dramatically increase if your partner follows a healthy lifestyle too. So if you wish to remain fit and hearty, here are a few tips on meeting and dating health conscious people.

Check out the gyms

Gyms are one of the best places where you can meet singles interested in fitness and general health. And even though those serious about their workouts are usually focused on their own activities, some may be open to meeting other health-conscious people who are also interested in staying in shape. Unlike a public location like a park or coffee shop where you may see the person only once, members of a gym are likely to be regulars. This repeat contact gives you the chance to develop a relationship with a guy or girl over time and to create a foundation of friendship before you suggest a date.

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Browse through the supermarkets

Your neighborhood grocery store or supermarket may seem an unlikely place to meet someone interesting and yet the sections stocking fresh produce are likely to attract the health conscious singles in your community. Everyday scientific evidence brings up more evidence that the farm to plate diet is one of the healthiest. Thus if one is to consume fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains, one needs to stock up on such produce and what better place to buy them than the local supermarket.

Patronize organic food stores

If you are looking for a partner who is seriously into health food, a good option would be to become a regular at organic food stores. These places stock foods which are grown without the aid of harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers and are thus carry more benefits for both consumers and the environment. So even if you will be paying a little extra for organic food, you can be assured that it is the least contaminated kind of produce. However with this option like the previous one, there is no guarantee that anyone you may fancy will be available for dating. You will have to come armed with a good deal of patience and if lucky someday you may get chatting with someone about the benefits of organic pears over conventional ones and find out that the person is indeed single.

Explore the outdoors

Once you have found a partner who values good health like you do, there are any number of dating options you can choose from. For the health conscious, some of the most delightful dates are those which are spent out of doors. You can go walking, hiking or biking with your date through the mountain trails or over the countryside. If you both are water-birds, you can look for lakes where swimming is allowed. Indeed on a beach date you can combine swimming, sunbathing, seafood and even throw in a quiet bonfire for some delicious moments of intimacy. On the other hand if you both are high-adrenaline junkies, you could even sample extreme sports like scuba-diving and bungee-jumping. Though adventure sports are not the sole domain of health conscious people, you need to possess a certain level of fitness and physical stamina to try them out.

Cook your own food

A lunch or dinner date at home could make one of the best ways to get to know a partner when you both are health conscious. You could invite your date to specially cooked dinner at home or simply surprise him/her with a light lunch that you have rustled up. You can make the meal as simple or elaborate as you choose – only see that the ingredients are fresh and you use healthy techniques like steaming and grilling instead of deep-frying. Indeed you and your partner can cook up a storm together in the kitchen – this will not only help each of you know more about healthy menus and cooking techniques but also make a delightful way of coming close to each other. In fact preparing a meal together can be a highly sensual experience, what with the play of colors, smells, textures and tastes all combining into a feast for the senses.

Plan dates wisely

If you are dating a health freak and are not so conscious yourself, you need to plan dates carefully. Whenever possible, go to restaurants and eating joints where the ingredients are fresh and the menu is healthy. If your idea of a good lunch is restricted to potato fries, greasy bacon and endless cans of soda, a health conscious partner may think twice before going out with you. In all probability he/she would order a salad and a lightly grilled fish before rounding off with a decaf. At the same time, health conscious people may be unwilling to stay out till late at night, not only because they have to get up for their six o clock run the next day but because late nights are bad for health on the whole. So if you are a party animal yourself and think nothing of dancing till the wee hours of dawn, you may find your style slightly curbed by your date. Also your partner is likely to stay away from heavy smoking and drinking and if you value your health as well as the relationship, you would be wise to do the same.

However this does not mean that date ideas for health conscious couples are boring. You can take a walking tour or a vineyard and even get back bottles of red wine which are supposed to be full of antioxidants. If you miss late nights at discotheques, seek the healthier option of taking a dance lesson for couples – you not only burn calories but get to be intimate and have fun too. Alternatively take along your partner for a class such as yoga or Krav Maga that challenges mind, body and spirit. Classes like these not only promote bonding but more importantly allow you to see how your date does outside of his or her comfort zone and whether this person is resilient, patient and willing to take on new challenges in the long run.