10 Holiday Destinations to Meet Guys on Vacation


Singles vacation destinations are marked by a colorful nightlife, wide-ranging recreational options and even day-time activities that would bring men and women together. So if you are available and eager to check out the hottest guys on the planet, head for these vacation spots.

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  1. Miami

    Miami is an excellent choice not only for its blue beaches and rocking nightlife but more importantly for its ease of access. You do not need to be away for more than three or four days to have your fill of this singles’ paradise. Here the beaches are strewn with bronzed guys in swimming trunks and once you have had your fill of man-gazing on the South Beach, you could head for some great surfing or boogie away the night at any one of the nightclubs that line the beach. Don’t miss the hot parties that are regularly hosted at luxurious clubs like Bed and Mansion. A lot of attractive guys can be found at such parties. There are also a variety of shopping options for women who like to shop for the latest fashions and the bars that line the beach add an extra dose of entertainment to the typical day on the shore.
  2. Las Vegas

    The Sin City figures on the list of every single woman’s dream vacation spots. This is not only because of all the amazing shopping that you can do here, but more so because of the exotic pools throughout the Las Vegas Strip which are the haven for hottest singles, including men. At these "see and be seen" hot spots in hotels like Hard Rock, the Venetian's Tao Beach and the Palms you can check out the studs while sipping cocktails from bars in between dips. And if lucky you may even strike up an acquaintance with one of the millionaire men who routinely come here to spend their fortune in the casinos of the city. Las Vegas is a gambler's paradise. Many wealthy men can be found here playing poker or blackjack.
  3. Cabo lan Lucas

    Popularly known as Cabo, this beach town is located at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula in Mexico. Cabo is especially popular with college-going young men and women who arrive here during the spring and summer breaks. If you're still in college or a professional school, head here during Spring break. If you are not in school, then summer may be the ideal time to indulge in some male-gazing. During this time, the city is packed with singles, parties and entertainment and regularly features wild, tequila soaked bashes as well as excursions on the city's sandy shores. Keep your eyes open for single men on a holiday.

  4. Ibiza

    If you can afford to fly out of the country to Europe, head for the parting capital of the world at Ibiza in Spain. This hotspot is popular with young singles from all over the world who gather here for endless nights of fun, music and spirits. At this exotic island, you can take part in wild foam parties or simply lounge about the beaches which are full of young men swimming, surfing or acquiring an attractive tan. And when the night falls, be sure to sample the thumping beats of the numerous party spots, particularly Privilege which is believed to be the largest nightclub in the world. You're sure to find some interesting and adventurous men.
  5. Margarita Island

    If you have a thing for Latino guys, check out the Margarita Island in Venezuela which is reputed to be one of the best places to find hot single men. This gorgeous island is a magnet for hunks, beaches, bars where you will never lack for things to do. During daytime you can head out to Caribe Beach to explore the sights of Venezuela and meet new people, and then come back to hit the town for all-night parties where many hunky men can be found.
  6. A cruise

    A cruise is one of the best ways to meet men especially for women who are concerned about their safety in a strange land. If you are looking to stay near home, book yourself in a Caribbean cruise while if you are interested in exploring distant shores, a Mediterranean or Nile Cruise can make for unforgettable holidaying experiences. Apart from offering a wide variety of recreational options, cruises allow you to meet new people at a more relaxed pace and get to know them well. However be careful of the kind of cruise you choose or you might end up  as a single women accompanying about a million older couples celebrating their golden wedding anniversaries.
  7. Goa

    This beach city on the western coast of India has long been reputed as the rave capital in this part of the world. Goa has an incredible variety of attractions ranging from palm-lined beaches, nature reserves to great seafood and fantastic shopping for Indian handicrafts. Above all, the young singles crowd here is one of the hippest on earth. However you need to make safety a priority since in recent times drug and land mafia have been responsible for a lot of trouble. A lot of couples turn up here for their annual vacations. Single men and women taking a sabattical also spend time in Goa.
  8. Jamaica

    Here single women from all age groups can hope to meet guys who are available for a little bit of fun and games. The Hedonism Resort is particularly popular with single women and here you can go skinny dipping on the beach or playing naked twister with someone you have recently met. Such resorts also organize theme night parties of oldies music and dancing so that single women in their forties and above can feel quite at home while partying the night away.
  9. Amsterdam

    If you have had enough of bronzed beach guys, how about taking a trip to Amsterdam, one of the earliest European countries to be progressive about sex. Here after you have taken in the historical sights of the city and tasted its famous Dutch Cheese, you can go on a tour of the various sex shops and the Condomerie which is stocked wall to wall with condoms of all shapes, colors, flavors, and sizes. And when night falls, you can live it up at the numerous clubs of Amsterdam known for their vibrant nightlife.
  10. Palm Springs

    And if you are a guy looking for the best vacation spot to meet a same-sex lover, you can head to one of the most popular destinations for  gay travel in US, Palm Springs in California. This place especially comes alive during the winters when men from up north and other places in the world arrive here to sample the beaches, bars and other entertainment spots exclusively for gay visitors. In fact Palm Springs  is also a popular draw for fans of casino gaming, golfing and hiking and the city has enjoyed a considerable spike in popularity and trendiness in the past few years.