10 Signs She Wants You to Ask Her Out on a Date


Men often feel that women are far too subtle and indirect when expressing their interest in a guy. This not only leaves a man confused about her actual intentions but also hesitant to approach her in case she turns him down. And like every guy out there knows, that hurts a lot. So here are ten signs to let you know that she wants you to ask her out on a date.

She seems to be everywhere.

If a woman suddenly becomes more visible than before, chances are she is trying to catch your attention. You may meet her in the lift to your office floor, bump into her at the nearby diner and even find her standing next to you in the pub for an after-work drink. The reason behind so many ‘accidental’ encounters is probably that by making herself so visible she is giving you the chance to make the first move.

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Her body language says it all.

When a woman is interested in a guy, how she looks at and appears before him is very significant. Usually she will lock her eyes with the object of her affections and hold her gaze for more than a couple of seconds. Also she will leaning slightly towards you when talking and sit with her palms or feet facing you. She might play with her hair or an earring and stroke her earlobes as she does it. Finally she will smile a lot and look pleased if you happen to check her out.

She is open to communication.

If a woman willingly gives you her phone number or email address, you can take it as a positive sign that she is interested in you. Only girls who are eager to avoid men will come up with excuses like “my answering machine conked off last week” or “why don’t I call you back when I get off from work”. Even if she is seeing someone else at the moment, if she happens to like you, she will ensure that channels of communication between you both are open for any possibility of a future encounter.


She is never too busy.

She is never too buzy to reply to your emails or take your phone calls. If you happen to ask her about her work schedule, she will wave it away as being cool even if she may have an important presentation next week. And if you suggest getting together for a drink after office-hours, you are unlikely to hear excuses like “I have an appointment with my hairdresser” or “Just let me check my work schedule”. And even if she has an unavoidable late-evening conference, she would come up with another possibility by saying something like, “Well I can’t this Saturday but you know what, next Friday I’m free – of course if that fine with you”. Her being available for you practically all the time is a clear indication that you would get a definite yes, should you ask her out on a date.

She asks a lot about you.

A woman interested in going out with you, will use a conversation to find out more about you, your hobbies, likes and dislikes in music, movies and food. She may be curious about your family, where you went to school and even what you usually have for breakfast. All these are ways of letting you know that she would like to know you better and is game to take a casual encounter further.

She tries to find out much you are worth.

For most women, confirming a guy’s financial prospects is a crucial part about deciding who to date. So during the course of a normal conversation, you may find her asking where you work, which part of town you live in and what car you own. All these seemingly innocuous questions are vitally important in sizing you up financially and once she is happy with your answers, you know you can move in for the kill.

She is open to any plans with you.

A woman who is interested in going out with you is hardly likely to come up with excuses like “I’m afraid I’m allergic to pollen” if you suggest taking walk through the park together. On the other hand she will be completely amenable to any future plans as long as it includes you both. So if you happen to mention that you like bowling you may find her brightening up and saying, “You do? I’m crazy about it myself. We should do that some time pretty soon”.

The “time” clue.

If you know a woman quite well but still wonder if she would agree to a date, notice when exactly she wants to hang out with you. Women who see guys as no more than co-workers or buddies would usually agree to a workday lunch or even an after-work drink but nothing later than that. On the other hand, if a woman suggests meeting for a drink late evening or a movie on a weekend, usually she wants the meeting to continue longer and get to know you on a more personal level.

She is jealous of other women.

If you find a woman giving you the silent treatment when you have been joking around or having a drink with other women, it is a sure sign as any that she wants to be more than just a friend. Someone who is interested in having a dating relationship with you will be acutely wary of competition and should she catch other women angling for your attention, then she may be quite capable of getting into a jealous rage too.

She appears to be on tenterhooks.

Despite her usual engaging friendliness, if a woman suddenly appears to be on pins and needles, it probably means that she is getting worried if you are ever going to ask her out. She may be her normal cheerful self with others but nervous and fidgety in your company, especially if she feels that she has not been able to make you get her point all this while. So it may be time to close the deal and ask the question she has been dreaming long about.

None of these signs by itself can provide a definite clue to a woman’s romantic interest. She may have a naturally friendly disposition or she may be trying to get into your good books for some other reason. However taken together, the above signs are a definite indication that your female companion would like you to ask her out.