How to Meet and Date Someone Who Loves to Travel


One of the best ways to meet a compatible partner is to look for a person with whom you share your most passionate interests. For many people this happens to be traveling – there is something about visiting new places that taps into one of the primal human urges and at the same time gives one a fresh perspective on life. If you feel the same way, here are some ways you can meet and date someone who loves to travel as well.

Join a travel club

If you are an avid traveler, chances are that you go on regular vacations or weekend trips. If you have been doing this on your own, all this while, how about joining a travel club? You will not only be able to leave the hassles of planning transport and accommodation to the professionals but may get to meet some very interesting singles on your trips organized by the travel club. In fact these days there are travel clubs which specifically invite singles – as a result there are singles cruises, singles trekking excursions as well as other kinds of singles vacations. At this point it would be good to ask yourself if you like travelling in general or are passionate about some particular kind of activity. Perhaps you are looking for a companion who would willingly accompany you on a special kind of travel experience like walking tours across the mountains of Ireland or kayaking in the rapids of upper Ganges. If so, it would make sense to approach niche travel groups or adventure sports clubs which specialize in these types of vacations and where you may come across a single to share your passion with.

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Other travel resources

Travel clubs that operate in the major league are often rather expensive – you may need to shell out annual membership fees apart from the costs of a particular vacation. If your resources are limited, you can look at other travel resources – for instance you can patronize a travel magazine with lower annual subscription or join an online travel network which is virtually free. The most reputed travel names like Lonely Planet and National Geographic have forums and message boards where travelers from around the world share their experience. Other than these there are a plethora of travel-club sites on the internet where prospective travelers come together to exchange notes, discuss on destinations, travel routes and look for travel companions. Then there are the websites of commercial travel agencies where past and current clients may be looking for someone to travel with.  In fact commercial travel-mate sites on the other hand will, for a fee, pair you up with a travel buddy best suited to your travel schedule as well as your personality and interests. Even if you are primarily looking for a date and not a travel companion, all these resources could be highly effective in meeting singles who love travel as much as you do.

Pursue travel-related hobbies

If however your primary interest is meeting another single, then you can broaden your search from travel resources to other interests. Take up hobbies which involve exploring other regions and cultures. You could for instance join a wine-appreciation club whose members may leave for a Napa Valley excursion one year and the French wine trail the next. Similarly culinary travel has come up in a big way and many food clubs organize vacations where members can go on a gastronomic adventure or explore the unique culinary culture of particular region. Then there are art-appreciation clubs which may plan day trips to famous museums or galleries in a nearby city or wild-life clubs which include bird-watching tours and whale-watching tours in their itineraries. Even if you are interested in something as different as beer, you could still sign up for a brewery tour or if History more your thing, you can go along a walking tour through a historical town. All these hobbies involve traveling or at least getting out of the rut of daily life. Taking up such interests will not only expand the pool of prospective dating partners but you can even combine two interesting pursuits into one.

Online dating sites

Part of the huge popularity of dating websites owes to the fact that these have made looking for like-minded partners easier than ever. So if you are crazy about experiencing new places, mention the fact on your dating profile and invite singles with similar interests to get in touch with you. In fact if a shared interest in travel is of overriding concern with you, then you can even look for niche dating websites which brings together singles passionate about travelling. Other than dating websites, there are many popular social networking portals with members forming special interest groups and blogging about shared interests. So joining such a website may help you to come across people with similar hobbies like traveling and if lucky you may even find someone single and eligible who can be more than a travel companion.

Keep an open mind and set off

Very often, the easiest place to find a travel partner is on the road. When traveling solo, people are naturally drawn to each other and especially so if their destination happens to be the same. Look out for bulletin boards at hostels and other tourist centers where travelers usually post notes or exchange information about they are headed to, when and how. Who knows you may stumble upon a like-minded companion on your travels despite your best effort at finding one before you set off.
Even when you have reached your destination, you can still meet singles who are into the same things as you are. In Thailand for instance, it’s popular for travelers to take massage and cooking classes, which can run anywhere from an afternoon to a week. Other options include jewelry making, yoga, or meditation. So as you are working on other participants in massage courses, or sampling each other’s food in cooking classes, there is every likelihood of meeting an eligible single from amongst them.


There are many volunteer programs abroad where you can combine your love of travel with some meaningful endeavor. This could range from teaching English at a village school, bathing elephants, or simply doing office work in a non-profit. And just like at a paid job, hanging out after work for a drink or two may help you get in touch with other singles, both local or expat like you. And what better way to find a partner than being united in a good cause as well as a common interest in travel.