How to Find and Meet Women who Don't Want Kids


Economic independence and greater awareness of the possibilities of life has freed up women from dating only to get married and have a family. Even those women who are looking for a committed relationship may not be all that eager to have kids with their partner. It is quite simple finding such women, even if their pool is relatively smaller than other groups. Here are a few places you can look up in order to meet women who don’t want kids just yet.

Professional gatherings

A large percentage of women who prefer to remain child-free do so on account of furthering their career or other professional goals in life. As such one of the best places you can meet potential dates are at professional gatherings or places of business. So the next time you get ready to attend a business convention, conference or even a workshop on life skills organized by your company, make an extra effort to look good. It is quite likely that one or two of the attractive participants may be single and quite willing to discuss the state of the economy with you over a cup of coffee. The added benefit of finding a partner at such places is that being professional women, they are likely to be smart and financially well-off too.

Your workplace

You may have known your co-workers for years without seeing the remotest possibility of getting hitched with anyone. But don’t discount the socializing potential of your workplace just yet. Maybe there are attractive single women in other departments of your company or those working for other companies in your office building. The best way to keep an eye out for prospective dates here is to be more visible. For instance go out to the nearest diner on your lunch break instead of having it at your desk. When your company is planning a social do, offer to help with the organizing bit. This way you will meet other employees you don’t come across as part of your usual routine. Also, don’t make excuses to rush back home if co-workers invite you for a happy hour since you never known who may meet at the nearby bar or café.

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Hobby clubs

People who have passionate about a hobby implies that they have both the resources and the leisure to lavish on their interest; so it is quite likely that they are child-free and want to remain that way. If you are already not a member of a special-interest club, join one which revolves around activities you enjoy. It could something as varied as a book club, a bridge party, an amateur dramatics society or a club dedicated to extreme sports. This will significantly widen your circle of contacts and if lucky you may chance upon a like-minded partner among co-enthusiasts of your hobby.

Sign up for a course

If you’re current hobbies do not interest you any more, how about learning something new. You could sign up for a language or short business course at an evening college; if you wish to go for something lighter, look for classes on dance, art-appreciation or culinary skills during after-office hours. Since such courses run late into the evening, they are likely to attract participants who don’t have to rush back to a family. Also these are likely to involve child free people who are intellectually-oriented and more interested in things like travel, art, workshops and the like. Joining clubs or institutes that focus on these kinds of things may put you in contact with child free people. More importantly your focus will be on learning something new and interesting and this will make your personality more attractive and appealing to prospective partners.

Go out more often

Make it a point to have an active social life, even if you have not yet met a partner who matches your priorities. Attend a concert in the evening or go to a late-night performance of a famous play. Spend a day at the museum or take that wine-appreciation tour that you have always wanted to do. The classic venue of bars/nightclub is another great way to meet women who prefer to be footloose and free. Join a travel clubs which organizes tours to all over the country and in foreign destinations too. All these interests and activities which require one to stay away from home till late into the night or for long hours are most likely to attract people who have ample amounts of leisure and personal space.

Look into the right age groups

In some cases, looking for older divorced partners with grown-up children is the best thing next to child-free partners – that is if you don’t mind the likelihood of ending up as a step-parent. Usually divorced women into their late forties and beyond have already gone through the stage of parenting and don’t intend to become one again. And even if they had never married or been a parent, they are unlikely to want kids at this stage of life.

Go online

Dating websites are one of the best resources if you are looking for partners from particular groups. Browse for dating sites which cater to child-free singles but be careful to choose one that is reliable. If you can’t get enough positive feedback on such sites, go for the long-running and reputed ones – these not only have a larger data base of singles but also various tools which will help you to clarify your priorities right from the beginning. Usually at the time of creating a profile, users are required to express their thoughts about having a family and here you can specify that you are looking for child-free partners. Apart from this, you can also join a chat room or virtual group that is dedicated to bringing people together who don’t have kids. The internet has endless possibilities for socializing and interacting – the only things you should take care of are your personal and financial safety.