Finding a date

Finding a date, where to look for eligible singles.

Being jobless makes it difficult to find a date

Washington, May 30 (ANI): A new survey has revealed that when it comes to finding a date the worst situation that can happen is being jobless.

Cambridge student's mum puts up ad to find 'blonde date' for busy son

London, May 18 (ANI): A University of Cambridge student's mom has taken the reins of finding a date for her son, who's busy with school work.

What men look in women and vice-e-versa while partner-hunting

London, May 3 (ANI): A new research has found that men look for women who are attractive while women go for men who have money in their bank when it comes to choosing a mate.

Now, find love with the help of dating assistants

Melbourne, May 3 (ANI): An online service has come has proposed that it can help men successfully land a date with an "attractive woman" at a cost of 9.50 dollars/hr.

Why being single is better than being in a relationship revealed

London, April 29 (ANI): Being single is not that bad and many singletons on Twitter have given reasons on why that is with the help of a gripping new hashtag whybeinarelationsipwhen.

Women prefer partners to be 5 inches taller than them

London, March 11 (ANI): A survey has revealed that most women want their partners to be at least 5 inches taller than them.

Almost one in five respondents said that a gap between four and six inches was the best match in the couple's height and five inches was the ideal, the Daily Star reported.

How playing cupid can bring you happiness

Washington, Feb 11 (ANI): A new study has found that when two people are set up by a mutual friend, the person who will be the happiest at the end will be the match maker.

2 young girls reveal qualities for perfect boyfriend

Washington, Feb 7 (ANI): Two extremely young girls have found the recipe for a perfect man.

Six-year-old Blaire is absolutely boy crazy and likes to think of Justin Bieber as her future boyfriend, while nine-year-old Brooke reckons that Blaire should aim for someone who is better than the singer and not always getting into trouble.

Fear of remaining single leads people to settle for less in relationships

Washington, Dec. 4 (ANI): Researchers have found that fear of remaining a single is a meaningful predictor of settling for less in relationships among both the sexes.

UK woman puts up 'lost boyfriend posters' in order to find love

Melbourne, November 26 (ANI): A women has come up with a very unique idea to find love by putting up "lost boyfriend posters".

The woman who is only known as Isabella, has put up various posters that feature the face of Hollywood heart-throb Ryan Gosling, with a caption that asks for the actor himself, or lookalikes, to give her a call, reported.

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