10 Ways to Charm a Girl on the First Date


A first date is always a crucial affair, more so when you feel that she is someone whom you would want to know better. This is because first impressions can either make or break a budding relationship. So explore the following tips and go all out to charm your girl on the first date.

Be well groomed

Begin with the basics and see that you are well-groomed. Nothing will catch a girl’s eye as quickly as a well-dressed, neatly-turned out man. While this implies that the externals should be spiffy, it also means that you check yourself for clean breath, and fresh body odour, and ears and nostrils trimmed of hair.

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Dress according to the occasion

A first date is generally a light affair, when two people are just getting to know each other. So if you are meeting in a café or an art gallery or simply going out for a movie, come dressed in smart casuals. Your date will feel that you are easy to be with, but not a shallow personality. While jeans and jackets are trendy, it is a good idea to avoid torn or grungy outfits, unless, of course, you specifically know that your date digs such styles. However, if you are meeting for a dinner date, you can arrive in semi-formals or even designer casuals. Keep the tuxedos and suits for more formal occasions like weddings and anniversary celebrations.

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Chivalry is not dead

Good manners go a long way in making a first good impression. Pick your date from her house, if possible and be sure to arrive on time. She will feel extra special and know that you are not like the other jerks, who keep their dates waiting. Remember to hold open the door for her, or pick up her things, even if you can see that she has dropped them knowingly! It is always gratifying to know that chivalry is not dead and what’s more, she is sure to be charmed by your gentlemanly ways.

Bring a gift

Be sure not to arrive empty-handed. Pick up any small gift when you arrive for your date and your girl will be charmed by the gesture. A bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates are time-honoured first-date presents, even though you can be more adventurous and go for a silk scarf or a nice trinket. However, do not bring too expensive or ostentatious a present, as she may think you are either desperate or a show-off.

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Think of unusual date ideas

You can be innovative in picking first date ideas. Traditional first dates usually mean a dinner and a movie, but if you can surprise your girl with something new and fun to do, then she is sure to be impressed. Take her out on a picnic that you have packed or have a blast at the amusement park.  Or if you know that she is the outdoor type, go rock climbing and share the amazing view from the top. Your date will not only appreciate that you have creative ideas, but also be charmed by the fact that you went an extra mile in planning something new.

Ask your date about herself

Nothing bores a girl so much as man who keeps on droning about himself – his work, his achievements and his possessions. Instead, ask your date about her family, her friends, work, hobbies and interests. These questions will keep the conversation going and help to tide over awkward pauses, if any. If you feel sure of yourself, ask interesting things like where she sees herself in another ten years, or what she would choose if she could take only three things if she was stranded on an island. However, be careful not to appear too prying and be sure to take a hint if she seems unwilling to talk about her family or her job. Also steer clear of controversial topics, since a first date is not the right occasion to air your political or religious convictions.

Pay attention to your date

Listen actively to what she has to say and maintain eye contact when she is speaking to you. Seldom is anything so irritating to a girl, as when her date lets his gaze stray to the long, stockinged legs at the next table. Also avoid fiddling with your phone or checking the time too often. When you pay attention to what she has to say, she will not only be charmed by your consideration, but also feel valued and respected, which is essential for any serious relationship.

Show consideration to others

A girl with her wits about her, will keenly watch how you behave with others. While your pretty manners with her may flatter her into being momentarily charmed, if you are rude with the waiter or argumentative with the movie-hall usher, she might be intelligent enough to see these as indicative of a selfish personality. On the other hand, if you are polite to others around you, she will respect you as a mature person who has self-assurance enough to be considerate to others.

Be yourself

Let your true personality guide you in what you say and do on your first date. Nothing is so pathetic as a guy who is faking it, for it reveals immaturity and a huge lack of self-confidence. Be your own true self and she will surely be attracted to the person you are.

Drop her home

If all has gone well on your first date, be sure to drop her home. This will make her feel extra-special and she will be charmed by the tender romance of the gesture. Don't try to talk her into having sex with you on the first date, even if the chemistry is definite. It will make it seem like that's all you're looking for.

So if you feel that your date is the stuff dreams are made of, remember that the first meeting is your most important chance to charm her. Stick to the above pointers and before long, your date will be swept off her feet and eager to meet you for a second time.