Does she love me? Signs that she loves you


In the  popular movie, 'Fiddler on the Roof', the protagonist asks his wife of 25 years, "Do you love me? Do you love me?". Her answer rambles on about the length and breadth of her responsibilities as his wife. How the fact that she cooks, cleans and looks after his household should speak for itself. And that her fidelity, among other things, should convey volumes about her love for him. But he still asks her, "Do you love me". And he is finally content only when she admits in so many words, "Yes, I love you."

So, short of following in his footsteps and asking her straight out, what are the more subtle signs that men can watch out for?

1. She tells you so

This is the most obvious and easiest one. Women are known as the more expressive of the species. Amid juggling work, home and maybe kids, if she squeezes in a 'Love you' or if she's really in the mood, 'Lurrrrve ya', you know she's out to make you feel special. 

TIP: Women love to talk about themselves! Ask her these questions and be sure that will fall in love with you if she hasn't already!

2. Her parents treat you good

You can often tell how a woman feels about you, from the vibes her parents give out. If they're barely civil, either they have something against you personally or you can start packing your bags. If they're courteous but distant, your relationship may still be on a tentative footing. If they're warm to you, it's an indication of the heat between you and your woman. And if they're effusive and treat you like a king, be sure their daughter has been saying nothing but nice things about you, an indication that she adores you.
3. You can see it in her eyes

Quite often, women's emotions are clearly reflected on their faces. If her face lights up when you walk into the room or she's waiting up for you if you're late or standing at the door to say goodbye till your car's tail lights disappear, you have that magical effect on her. 
4. Calls you up "just like that"

In the middle of a hectic day, she still calls you just to hear your voice. Or you just met and she calls you to say she already misses you. Get the message, my man. She just can't get enough of you!

5. She caters to you

It's often said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. And your woman may be no different. If she tries to cater to your palate and takes special care to cook your favorite meals, she's showing you in her own way that she loves you.
6. She tells you how content she is

Sometimes we have to look deeper for signs of love. She may tell you how happy she is being around you or the sense of contentment just being your girlfriend/wife gives her.

7. Her friends tell you so

Women often talk to their friends about their feelings. Her best friend may whisper to you that you're the best thing that's happened to her. Or her bosom buddies may tell you she's always talking of you and how good you make her feel. You can be sure she's head over heels!
8. She confides in you

She feels lighter telling you about things that are troubling her or weighing her down. You make her burdens easier to bear. She loves telling you every little detail about her day, something good that happened to her or why she's feeling particularly low. You're an essential part of her life; of course she loves you!
9. She tries to make you happy

She's a sucker for that smile on your face. She loves to do whatever it takes to see you satisfied and will go that extra mile. If she tries that little bit extra in whatever way, big or small, you can be sure she's madly in love with you.
10. She tries to compromise

There's a give-and-take called for in every relationship. If she really tries to see your point of view and is willing to meet you halfway, it's a sign of her immense love for you.
11. She tries to look good for you

She's so in love with you that she wants you to have eyes only for her. She makes an effort to keep fit and takes care of her grooming and appearance. You often find her asking for your opinion on what you like on her, and her unadulterated joy when you give her that gleam of approval. Your view counts!
12. She finds your quirks charming

Habits that annoy your family or acquaintances don't have the same effect on her. In fact she thinks your little eccentricities are quite appealing. For instance, your siblings always taunted you by saying your habit of drooling in your sleep was disgusting but she thinks it's rather cute. It's a sign of true love!
13. She tries to spend time with you

Even with all the multi-tasking she has to do, she tries really hard to put aside some quality time to be together. She basks in the pleasure of your company and says so. What more do you need? Her love couldn't be more telling than this.
14. She trusts you

You've landed a plum assignment but it also involves working longer hours with your attractive and sexy colleague. Not only does she not have a problem with it, but also she never calls you to check on where you are or how much later you're going to be. Implicit trust in your significant other is a very strong indication of deep love.
15. She has eyes only for you

It's only a normal human tendency to notice a good-looking member of the opposite sex. But if a gorgeous male specimen just entered the room and she's still engrossed in her conversation with you, that's good news. And if her eyes haven't strayed when that guy with the perfect butt just walked past, you've got it made, my friend!