Tips on how to get a boyfriend - where to look for the perfect boyfriend


Studying in a girl’s school and moving on to a girl's college, Anna had never really developed a friendship with boys. When her friends discussed their boyfriends, she used to meekly wonder, "Have I missed the boat? Is it too late for me to have a boyfriend?" Time is definitely not a stipulating factor for a girl to have a boyfriend. For a person like Anna, finding a boyfriend becomes a prerogative of sorts, probably to prove a point to her peers.

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But how does one get a boyfriend or where does one look for the perfect boyfriend? If these questions dog you as much as it affects Anna’s mind, then read further for a few handy tips on where to find the perfect boyfriend.

Before we delve any further regarding the guidelines on getting a boyfriend, make sure you know what type of a guy you are looking for.

Make a list of traits that you are looking for and prioritize them according to looks, intelligence, sense of humor, mannerisms, respect and regard for other people’s feelings etc. Not necessary that these traits fall in this pattern. Once you are certain about the kind of guy you want, start looking at these places to meet the probable candidates:


For those who are academically inclined and are looking for a similar trait in their mate, then a library should be the first place you should head for.


Perspiring bodies and guys pumping iron can be an ideal location to look for a boyfriend. Apart from sweating out on a treadmill, remember you must be on the lookout to spot the man of your dreams. Don’t let go of any opportunity that crosses your way. Strike a conversation with your prospective boyfriend, ask him to share the secrets of his well-toned body. Boys who are fitness freaks can talk incessantly about their fitness and dietary regimen. Discussing such topics will prove to be a good way of striking a friendship.

Hobby class

Joining a hobby class in your neighborhood to make good use of your spare time, is a good idea. But apart from learning a craft, you can also use this occasion to hone your skills in getting a new boyfriend. A pottery class or learning music or any musical instrument can be an ideal way to meet boys who happen to share the same interest. If a boy and girl share a common interest/hobby, their level of intimacy can definitely increase faster than those who have uncommon interests.

Book reading sessions

Look for a listing of book reading sessions in your local newspaper. Don't always wait for your favourite author’s book reading sessions, try to attend as regularly as many as you can as this is the best place to meet like-minded people who share your views about a particular author, or books in general.

At work

A workplace or office is the most common ‘arena’ to find a perfect boyfriend. Since you are already familiar with your colleague’s habits or behavior, the task of deciding the right person to fill the ‘boyfriend’ post may not be too tough. Moreover, you have the freedom to pick and choose from a whole gamut of your male colleagues. A colleague who comes closest to your idea of a perfect boyfriend should be opted for. Start talking to him about official matters and slowly steer the conversation to his interests/hobbies, the places he likes to hang out at etc. Once the ice is broken, muster the courage to ask him out for a date!

Non-profit organizations

Working for a non-profit organization in your free time, can be a great way of contributing a little to your society and the country as a whole. But how about using this opportunity to contribute something to yourself, like adding a boyfriend to your otherwise routine life, which revolves around your job/college and catering to society's needs? Boys are equally aware of the evils that dog our society and like girls, prefer to work in non profit organizations during their spare time. So this becomes a perfect venue for a girl to find a boyfriend who not only shares her views but also possesses a strong sense of commitment and values.

Coffee shops

Having a cup of coffee should be the last thing on your mind when visiting a coffee shop! A coffee shop is a favorite hangout for young eligible singlesof today. Sit in a discreet corner at Starbucks with a mug of café mocha in your hands and scan the room for boys who come close to your expectations of a perfect boyfriend. If the guuy you zero in on is sitting idle like you, walk up to him and offer to buy him a coffee. Talking about each other over cups of this caffeineated beverage could start the budding of a new friendship.


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