Ideas for dating - Where to go on a first date


The first date determines whether there will be a second date, if at all. If the date turns into a long relationship or perhaps marriage, the first date will always be cherished.

Successful first dates should revolve around common interests and hobbies. Before asking your newfound girlfriend/boyfriend out on a date, it is wise to find out a little bit about the person, like their hobbies, interests, family background etc. Based on any shared interest or hobby you can decide upon the venue.

In the initial stages of getting to know your date, there may or may not be a lot of conversation. Going for a movie is generally a popular choice for a first date, because in case it's hard to make conversation, at least you'd have watched a good movie. Here are some ideas...

1. Restaurant

Going to a restaurant for a dinner is known to be the most popular choice of venue when on a first date. Choose a restaurant with a suitable ambience. No live band should be playing in the background if you and your partner are the type of person who rather listen to each other's voices than the sound of music. For the romantic at heart, a dimly lit place, with limited seats and offering the choicest spread of intercontinental cuisine, can be an ideal beginning for the first date and probably many more in the future!

2. Concerts

It could be either an indoor place playing country music or an opera concert or your favorite rock or rap artiste playing in an outdoor stadium. Bonding over music that interests both is sure to set the right note for a great evening.

3. Go bowling or play pool

If eating out in a restaurant on a first date is not something that excites you, then choose a place which offers both food and games. Playing pool or bowling preceding a dinner will give you ample time to know each other better.

4. A boat cruise

If you happen to stay in a city or town which is blessed with a beautiful sea, lake or any kind of water body, then splurge on a moonlight cruise or just go boating in a canoe or a row boat. Talking to your girlfriend under the moonlit sky, with the warm sea breeze caressing both of you, can evoke a sense of romance even in the most staid person.

5. Art gallery or museum

If you share a passion for art or architecture, then visiting an art gallery or a museum may be a learning experience. You may not only learn about the nuances of the art works (which you may have otherwise not discovered alone) but also discover the finer traits in each other!

6. Discotheque

If you love dancing and your date does too, then hit the discotheque on your first date. If you are a music lover but prefer to enjoy it only when played in low decibels, then choose a hotel with a dance floor and which plays old romantic numbers. Waltzing to the timeless music of the bygone era can be a great way to increase the bonding between you and your partner!

7. Get sporty

If your date shares your craze for squash or basketball, then take him/ her to a game at a nearby stadium or play a game of squash at a club. It is believed that active outings make great first dates; it not only helps you to stay in shape but may raise the levels of intimacy.