Things to Talk about with your Boyfriend


One of the most interesting aspects of a relationship is getting to know the person behind the Ray Ban shades and Levis ensemble. So if you are eager to learn more about the new guy in your life or simply trying to re-connect with your long-term partner, here are some things you can talk about with your boyfriend.


Why not begin with something most guys enjoy? Your boyfriend’s favorite sports could make for an uncomplicated yet enthusiastic topic of conversation. Interestingly, if you are just getting to know him, his love of a particular sport could also give you a valuable insight into his character. Men who are into team sports like football or basketball for instance are likely to be competitive though they might be open to work with others too. Solo sports fans like runners and swimmers on the other hand could be more individualistic and protective of their privacy.

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His friends

This is usually a safe way to get introduced to his social circle. Who his friends are and who likes hanging out with after working hours could also provide clues to his personality. If all your boyfriend’s buddies go way back to high school, it indicates a man who is fiercely loyal to his relationships, which is good news for you. On the other hand, a guy who makes friends wherever he goes - the gym, office, vacations – is more easy-going and welcomes change.


Most people love talking about their childhood. You could start by asking where he grew up and how was he as a child. Once your boyfriend warms up to the topic, he might even begin discussing his family and you can encourage him further by asking about his siblings and where his parents are. However if your boyfriend has had an unhappy childhood or gone through separation of his parents, you need to tread gently here.  Change the topic once you realize that he is uncomfortable talking of his family.


Here is a topic you are unlikely to go wrong with when talking to a guy. He will launch eagerly on the merits of his brand of cell phone besides trashing the blog writer who may have disagreed with him on this. And if your boyfriend is actually into gizmos, there is no end to what he may have an opinion on – car DVDs, HD TV sets, electronic book readers, game stations and more. In fact you could even enlist his help in troubleshooting your computer problems or tweaking your cell phone to more attractive settings.


If you have already discussed sports and technology, there might be little you can get out of your boyfriend on this topic. Even then, there are guys who pursue interests as varied as bird-watching and amateur dramatics or perhaps enjoy whipping up new recipes in the kitchen. And if you are lucky, you might stumble upon an activity which you both enjoy doing which can in fact be very useful in keeping you connected to each other over time.

Work ambitions

If you have been seeing this guy for some time now, most likely you already know what he does. However get him to talk more about his professional ambitions and where he wants to be in another ten years. Very often a person may be in a job either to earn money or gain experience but deep down he may nurture the desire of doing something completely different like write a book or become a TV presenter. Ask him about these and you might just discover an aspect of your boyfriend not many people know about.


This is another area related to his work, which might make for an entertaining topic of conversation. He might tell you about the colleagues he loves working with or those who are always trying to pull him down. The boss is usually a pet object of hilarious imitations and much enjoyable name-calling. On a more serious note, if you are planning to consider having a long term relationship with this guy, it might help to get a sense of how he is as a professional and who he works with.


Most guys will eagerly tell you about the vacations they have taken unless he is a complete workaholic in which case you shouldn’t be with him anyway. Your boyfriend may have ventured no further than the beaches of his neighboring state or he may have already covered half the world. To make the talk more interesting, go beyond asking where he went to the most enjoyable thing that he did and the new people, cuisine or cultures he encountered.

Health and fitness

While men vary in their attitudes to health issues, most have become aware of the necessity of following a nutritious diet and balanced lifestyle. Ask what your boyfriend does to keep fit and de-stress himself. It may be no more than ensuring a proper breakfast every morning and limiting himself to a single drink on weeknights. However if your boyfriend turns out to be a fitness freak, you may have just found yourself a new gym/walking/jogging partner.


This usually never fails to bring a gleam in a man’s eyes. Compliment your boyfriend on his car and ask him to tell you something special about it. Even if you are barely able to grasp the finer points about ignition, chassis, battery cable terminal , never mind. He will continue to wax eloquent about his ride and its accessories until you gently nudge him to finish his coffee before it gets cold.

Life goals

As you get to know him better, ask your boyfriend to share his dreams for the future – where he intends to settle down, any charity or cause he wishes to take up or a learn something new when he has more time to spare.

Popular media is replete with representations where men dread having a “talk” with their partners. But having a meaningful conversation need not only be about analyzing relationships. Rather if you can get your guy to talk of the things he loves, you might be surprised that he could have so much to share.