How you Can Know Everything about a Guy on the First Date


In these times of speed dating and fast food, one rarely has the inclination to invest six months in a relationship only to find out that he’s not the right guy after all. So if you are meeting a date for the first time and wish to know if he’s partner material, here are a few signs to watch out for.

He lets you pick the place

Safety is a paramount concern when it comes to girls going out with a new guy and any man with the least bit of common sense would know that. So if your date asks where you would like to go, it indicates that he is both aware of and concerned with your comfort. One the other hand, if you find that your partner has already picked a place not even bothered to enquire if you are OK with the venue, it is a sign that cares little about someone else’s point of view.

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He lets you take part in the conversation

A first date is usually a trying time for both partners and a guy may talk too much to hide his nerves. However no matter how fluent a speaker, your date should pause now and then and allow you to have your say. If he does this, it means he likes to share his mental space and thoughts with someone and would make a partnership of equals. However if the guy keeps on and on about his work, his friends, his favorite movies, it is a definite red flag, indicating that there is room enough for only one person in the relationship – him. Also fast talkers and those who move their mouth a lot while they talk are likely to be spontaneous, energetic and sociable. Slow talkers on the contrary are the careful and dependable type – they might not have romantic surprises up their sleeve, but they are also likely to keep a promise once made.


He likes team sports

One of the most popular topics of conversation among guys is sports and once you ask your date his favorite kind of play, you might get to know about an important aspect of his personality. Those guys fond of team sports like football and basketball are social but may be competitive too. On the other hand, solo sportsmen like runners and swimmers indicate a more private personality who likes to spend time alone. As for guys who are not into sports at all, they are more likely to be thinkers – creative, independent and often sensitive.

He has an eclectic mix of friends

A guy who has wide variety in his social circle with friends from college, work and gym means that he likes reaching out to strangers and is comfortable with change. However if you discover that most of your date’s pals hail from his schooldays, it could mean he takes time to trust somebody but once he accepts somebody in his life is likely to be loyal and available for a long time to come.

He has a bad habit

While not all of us are perfect, being hooked to gambling, smoking or alcohol can tell you that a guy is not in control. Gambling indicates a desire to take risks and while this may sometimes make him fun to be with, it is a sign that he does not think of the consequences of his actions. Guys addicted to smoking or drinking may be suffering from anxiety or lack of confidence.

He compliments a particular kind of outfit

A guy’s appreciation of what you are wearing can also give away a good deal about him. If he prefers you in a casual dress, jeans or a summer frock, it means he is an earthy laid-back guy who dislikes ostentation and frills in his women. Again if he is impressed by the high-end brands you are wearing, it indicates a craving for status and a tendency to display his financial prowess. However such guys are also more likely to make money even though it may end up being  rather high on their priorities.

What a guy orders at a restaurant

What a guy orders at a restaurant could again speak volumes about his character. If he goes  straight for  filling homely meals like bacon/steak and potatoes, it indicates a steady, no-frills personality but which may also be distrusting of change and newness. On the other hand, if your date has a Zen for exotic cuisine and searches out new eating places in town you can be certain that he is adventurous, spontaneous and more receptive of other influences. Best of all, towards the end of dinner, your date asks if you need anything else – this is not only evidence of good manners but also shows concern and eagerness to provide for you.

His favorite TV shows

A guy who can sit through five back-to-back sitcoms indicates that he likes to use humor as a means of defusing stress. But his may also be a sign of an evasive personality, one which will hide behind distractions to avoid discussing your relationship. A preference of detective series like CSI on the other hand could mean a tendency to approach a situation in a thoughtful, analytical way.

How he handles money

It is generally expected of a man to pay on the first date. If your guy does so without making a fuss or a great show of it, it means he is generous not only with his money but also with his affections and personal space. However if he insists or even expects you to share the bill, it could be a sign of thriftiness at best and meanness at worst. Again if he flashes his numerous credit cards, it is a sign that he loves to exhibit his status while a cash kind of guy is self-sufficient and independent and least likely to be caught in debt. The less said about a guy with an empty wallet on a date, the better.

Finally how a guy ends a date is crucial

If he is all over you as soon as you are in private it could indicate an insecure personality or someone who has little use for a woman other than sex. However if he asks if you are OK and wishes you good night with a warm handshake, it means a guy who is concerned about his partner but would let her take her time.

Even though it is not possible to fully know a person in just a couple of hours, certain clues in conversation and behavior can give you a fair idea about the kind of guy your date is and what you can expect from him in the days to come.