Dating Websites for Christian singles


It was only a matter of time before the popularity of online dating was followed by the arrival of niche dating sites. One such category to have garnered a lot of interest in recent times is that of Christian dating sites. So if you are a Christian single and keen to meet partners with similar religious background, here is a review of dating websites for Christian singles.

Since online Christian dating is a niche area, it makes sense to look at sites which specifically cater to the relationship needs of Christian singles. Apart from dating, long term relationships and marriage, users at Christian dating sites can also search partners for friendship, pen-pals, Bible Study and other forms of church-based social interaction. However in most cases, heterosexual is the only type of relationship offered on the site and all adult content is prohibited. Also most of the Christian dating sites and in particular the Catholic dating sites, include a section in profile creation on your religious beliefs and how crucial is their presence in the partner you are looking for. This section includes questions on the practical side of your faith for instance whether you are you a born-Christian or a convert, how often you attend mass, your parish, your favorite devotions, prayers, sacramental and so on. In case of Catholic dating sites, there may even be a section on doctrine and teaching where you need to come clear on whether you accept the Church's teachings on Eucharist, contraception, sanctity of life, papal infallibility, premarital sex, Immaculate Conception, holy orders and other such issues.

One such dating site for Catholic singles is Bigchurch. The site claims to have more than 300,000 active members which, if confirmed, makes it one of the largest online dating sites in the Christian dating niche group. the presence of multiple language options like English, Spanish, Portuguese and Tagalog implies that the site is capable of attracting users from several international locations too. on the other hand claims to be single largest dating site devoted to the relationship needs of Catholic singles Members of appear to be primarily in the age group of 20 to 40 years, looking for relationships with people who hold similar Catholic values. Yet another unique aspect of is their Temperament Test which includes around 107 multiple-choice questions on how you would naturally tend to react to a series of circumstances. Upon completion of the Temperament Test, your results will be viewable within your profile by other singles who have also taken the test which in turn means that you can only see someone else's test once you have taken one.

Then there are sites devoted to the relationship needs of singles who are followers of The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints. One such dating site is encourages its members to search partners for long term relationships even though friendship and dating are other options for members seeking to make a connection on the site.
However the site does not allow adult content not does it have room for same-sex partnerships. is quite serious about enabling its members to find their perfect match and this is evident from their compatibility tool known as COMPASS which stands for Comprehensive Marriage Preparation Assessment. This is actually made up of two parts; the first is the Relationship Readiness Report which evaluates whether you are ready – on multiple levels – for a committed relationship. The second part is made up of the Compatibility Report which compares your personal preferences and life goals to those of other members of the site to help you decide which members of the site might be most suitable for you to date.

Yet another dating site in this niche group is Among the aspects which seem to work for are its large member base and a moderate volume of activity on the site. Then there are a couple of interactive features like a Color Coded Personality Profiling as well as a two-way compatibility tool called Ideal Matching.

However there are many Christian dating sites which are not restricted to any particular denomination and are open various singles with a common Christian background. One of these is bills itself as “an online community created specifically for Christian singles”. Users at this site can look for partners to date, pursue a common activity or even to nurture a long term relationship all within the Christian faith. Apart from a compatibility tool known as Compass Matching, has yet another interesting feature known as the Color Coded Personality Profile. This involves taking a test which would assess the type of personality you have and mark it according to a color code, thus not only helping you to know yourself better but also to search more effectively for partners who are compatible, personality-wise.

The website of claims to have started as far back as 2002 and unlike many of the Christian dating portals, this is owned and operated by practicing Christians. One of the most interesting aspects of is an advanced search option based on Quick Matches, according to this, the site chooses profiles of those who are similar in age, region, Christian faith as well as their reasons for being on the site and sends the matches to a member. is mainly meant for singles who are serious about finding their mate in life; as such the site does not encourage searching for partners in indulge in hook-ups or casual affairs. Extramarital relationships through the site are strictly forbidden which is why the marital status options are limited to single, divorced and widowed. One of the best things about is that it welcomes singles from all sections of the wide spectrum of Christianity. Thus a user can come from a Catholic, Roman Catholic, Evangelical, Protestant, Greek Orthodox, Jehovah’s Witnesses, or any other religious faction; Then again is not simply restricted to browsing for potential partners. The site has Hobby interest groups through which members can match up with other Christian singles with similar interests.

While such niche dating sites are great way to connect to singles who not only follow a similar religion but even a specific denomination of Christianity, there are also many mainstream dating sites which can help you connect with a Christian single of your choice. is today known to have one of the largest member databases where you can look for singles from a particular religious background. The same is true of the vast where its vast network of dating portals can help you connect to singles with other specifications apart from religion. For instance if you are looking for a Christian single who is interested in same-sex love, you may not have much success on Christian-dating sites; instead you may be able to find potential partners on larger mainstream sites which have members across varied criteria.

Then again the kind of relationship you wish to form could be an important factor in the choice of a dating website. eHarmony for instance is popular among singes who are looking for serious relationships; they have an elaborate compatibility test which despite being rather complicated and expensive, attracts a fair share of singles. At such sites you can mention your preferences in terms of religion in your search criteria and then narrow down the results to members who catch your eye.

No matter what site you finally sign up with, it is important to keep in mind certain rules about safety while dating online. Since you cannot be completely sure about the identity and authenticity of other members, you would do well to keep personal details like your full name, email address and home telephone number to yourself. Above all don’t give out financial information or enter into monetary transactions with people you don’t know well. Remember that dating sites function to help you find potential partners – decisions like whether and where you would like to take it further should be ideally taken in real life and after face-to-face meetings.