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Christian Dating

Mistakes are a part of humanity as a whole and serve an important role in making every individual who he or she is. Being a born again Christian who has lived a part of your life in a way that you now consider to be wrong is akin to recovering from alcoholism or getting a divorce and remarrying in a way; it's for the best but it's not always incredibly easy. Dating as a born again Christian can present you with unique opportunities and challenges which will take some careful consideration to wade through in order to come out on top.

While there is no telling what makes for an ideal relationship, if religion is very important to you and you share the same spiritual philosophy and values with your partner, it is that much easier to have a happy life together. So if you are a Christian woman and are looking to meet a potential partner, here are ten top places where you can come across single, Christian men.

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Religion is not merely concerned with the definition of God and rituals for worship. A far more basic aspect of religion is the delineation of an ideal way of life – ranging from its moral foundations to various institutions like marriage, family, economy, law and so on. Thus every religion has in its own way laid down precepts governing personal behavior like sex and choice of partner. Pre-marital sex has been an important site of discourse since it embodies this conflict between personal desire and institutional requirements like marriage.

Being one with your religion and showing true devotion towards it can make dating somewhat of a hassle, as finding a match in a society which considers purity to be totally subjective and sees spirituality as something to be thought about only when one doesn't have other things to do is quite arduous. When your religion is off the mainstream and considered by some to be “cult-like” it can make dating even more frustrating.

Shared values in life make one of the strongest bonds in a relationship. And chances of this are stronger when two people belong to the same faith or at least have most spiritual values in common. So if you are a single Christian man and looking for a partner who shares your religious values, here are some ways you can meet women at Church.

Be honest with yourself

It was only a matter of time before the popularity of online dating was followed by the arrival of niche dating sites. One such category to have garnered a lot of interest in recent times is that of Christian dating sites. So if you are a Christian single and keen to meet partners with similar religious background, here is a review of dating websites for Christian singles.

Sexual identity has, since the very beginning of human society, been an issue fraught with complexities. Every majority world view over time has tried to align the notion of sexual identity and choice with political and power compulsions. And even though in the late twentieth century, the LGBT community started getting the right to live and love as they chose, there was also the birth of an opposing movement in the form of gay conversion camps.

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