5 Nice Ways to Dump a Bad Date


Most singles have a story or two of nightmare dates – there are long pauses, awkward moments or unbearable BO from a partner. However people usually grind their teeth and go through the excruciating dinner-and-movie routine for fear of appearing rude or insensitive if they took steps to end a highly forgettable evening. But here are some ways which can help you to dump a bad date and yet be nice about it.

Do it right away

This works best in case of a blind date or when meeting someone for the first time. As soon as you see that your partner is not at all what you had expected or if it is obvious to you that you don’t share any chemistry whatsoever, it is best to decide to end the date quickly. You can do this by suggesting you start by ordering a coffee and some light eats to go with it. After a bit of small talk, tell your partner straightaway that while it was nice meeting him/her, you have got to go now. It could be because you have a ton of stuff to do or write a long pending letter to an aunt. The key to cutting short a date like this is being light and breezy. There is no need to offer lengthy explanations about why you don’t think the two of you will click – keep it casual and smile nicely when you let them know you have to rush.

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Head for the restroom

The time-tested strategy of heading for the restroom works almost every time when you are stuck with a terrible date. In the privacy of the restroom, take around five minutes to think things through – are you having the most boring evening of your life or is it merely that your date is not what you had expected him/her to be. If it is the latter, you could try to make things work; for instance your partner may not be smoking hot but perhaps he/she shares one of your hobbies or interests. If possible, try to learn more about your partner and try to find a common ground even as you mentally make it a point of not meeting him/her again. However if you and your date are entirely incompatible, there is no point in lengthening the torture. Once you return from the restroom, mention that you were supposed to do something else later in the day and the thought completely slipped from your mind. This way you will be able to make a gracious exit without having to bother about making your partner feel bad.


Fix it up beforehand

If you don’t want your date to realize that you have just come up with a white lie to dump him/her, arrange things beforehand. One of the most popular ways is to have a friend call you with a request for help upon receiving a signal, like a missed call, from you. The best part about this strategy is that it does away with the need of something as obvious as making a beeline for the restroom. Moreover once your date sees you receiving a call from your friend right in front of them, they are less likely to think that you are faking it. And even if they do, there is hardly anything they can say when you mention that your friend or room-mate is in need for help and you have to rush.

Get out of there

If your date is drunk, creepy or abusive, there is no reason why you should put up with him/her at all. On such occasions, it is best to end a date quickly and if possible without confrontation. So when you find your date behaving obnoxiously, simple excuse yourself to go to the restroom. Once you are out of his/her sight, call for a taxi.  When it arrives, ask the waiter to hand him/her a note telling them that you called a cab, and then cross him/her off your list for good. If you are a woman, do not get in the car with this guy on any account. Instead inform the waiter, bartender, or manager that your date has had too much to drink and is unfit to drive. And then leave with the cab yourself. For this reason, whenever you go on a date, it is always advisable to carry your own credit card and have some cash on you.

Sign off

There may be times when you have managed to sit through a date but vowed never to meet this guy or girl again. If you feel that your date is expecting another meeting, it is best to nip such thoughts in the bud. And one of the most effective ways of doing this without saying anything rude is to end the date with a handshake. This is probably the best use of body language to indicate that you wish the other person well, but there is no real chance for a second date. Thank your date for a lovely evening but don't give them a hug or kiss. Most importantly, don't tell them you'll call as this sends the wrong message.

It is not necessary that you have a rocking time or go into romantic raptures on every date. However you and your partner are well within rights to expect an enjoyable evening, at the very least. When you find that that is not going to happen, it is far better to make a gracious exit rather than suffer through a boring evening or lead the other person into false expectations.