Age gap dating

Zebrafish could answer why some women prefer older men

London, Feb 27 : A scientist in New Zealand has turned to zebrafish in an effort to find out why some females are attracted to older males, and is spending thousands of dollars on the study.

More than half of UK women want a toyboy

London, Dec 22 (ANI): More than two thirds of women in Gloucester, the  “cougar capital” of Britain, admit being “cougars” - older women who date toyboys.

Female celebrities turning into cougars seeking ‘lots of great sex’

Melbourne, Aug 15 (ANI): High-profile older women are rapidly taking up the role of cougars, flooring their men with their charm and sensuousness.

I don't notice 60-year age gap between us, says Hefner's fiancée, 24

New York, Jan 5 (ANI): Hugh Hefner’s new fiancee, Crystal Harris, who is 24 years old, has said that she hardly recognizes the 60-year age gap between herself and her husband-to-be.

84-yr-old Playboy founder Hefner engaged to 24-yr-old ex-playmate

London, Dec 27 (ANI): Hugh Hefner may be 84 years old now but he knows how to bounce back in love, and announced that he is set to get married again.

Single Cougar Women and Where to Find them

Women have come a long way since the only assets that could be traded to assure them a comfortable life were their looks and youth. Now on the other side of the relationship business, there are many among mature successful single women who are looking for younger male partners to have a good time, an arrangement which suits both parties equally well. So if you are a young man who would like to have a relationship with a single cougar woman, here are a few places where you can try your luck.

Older men now ‘more likely to hit love jackpot’

Melbourne, Nov 8 (ANI): Older men are now more likely to hit the love jackpot, according to new statistics.

Experts say there are 17 per cent more single women than single men over the age of 50 in Queensland.

10 Advantages of Marrying an Older Man

The incidence of young women marrying men much advanced in years is nothing new. In fact the patriarchal underpinnings of society make it easier for older men to have young brides rather than for mature women to find social acceptance with far younger male partners.

'Cougar' phenomenon just a myth

Melbourne, Aug 18 (ANI): The so-called "cougar" phenomenon-where old ladies date men a lot younger than them-has been declared a myth in a major study of profiles listed on lonely hearts' websites.

'Financially independent women more likely to make cougars'

London, July 4 (ANI): Demi Moore and Madonna can make perfect examples of celebs having real-life relationships with younger men, but the "cougar effect" is more than a Hollywood-fuelled fad, suggest Scottish researchers.

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