Ashley Madison in Australia

Ashley Madison was launched in Australia in April 2010. It now also offers its services to the Australian market. Ashley Madison specializes in making extra marital affairs possible. They have many attached men and women who are looking for an affair on the sly. This has come in for considerable criticism in the past, especially given the huge success that Ashley Madison has had in this. Their slogan ‘Life is Short, Have an Affair’ is telling in itself. 

Founder Noel Biderman has maintained that their website is only a platform for extra marital affairs. The website was launched in Sydney last year and following the launch, Biderman said 36% of their members in Australia were female, a larger percentage than in other markets was. 

Extra marital affairs are nothing new to Australia. In a television program titled ‘Who's your daddy?’ that was aired in 2004 by Australia Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), it was revealed that in 2003, 3,000 DNA paternity tests were commissioned by Australian men. In close to 25% of the cases, it turned out that the child they had raised was fathered by someone else. 

Given the facts, it is hardly surprising that men too have signed up in large numbers at Ashley Madison.